Fall 2014 Undergraduate Catalog
Special Academic Programs and Services

University Honors Program

209E Harshman Quadrangle

The University Honors Program was established to meet the educational needs of serious, highly motivated students and to provide enrichment opportunities for the entire University community. The program offers special Honors classes, optional Honors housing, an Honors Student Association, and a caring, supportive environment in which students may grow and learn. Honors students have special opportunities for academic challenge, interaction with other motivated students and Honors faculty, and a more personalized educational experience. The Honors Program offers the support and atmosphere of a small liberal arts college within the framework of a large and diverse university community.

Honors Learning Community
The mission of the Honors Learning Community (HLC) is to create a seamless educational environment that supports the goals of the University Honors Program. In addition to direct access to Honors Program faculty and staff, membership in the Honors Learning Community allows students to attend and participate in fully-funded local and regional overnight trips to plays, museums, musicals, and community events. Likewise, community members receive free access to computers, wireless access, meeting space, and books for use in common reading book discussions. Members of the Honors Learning Community also have the opportunity to connect with the community through civic and service involvement opportunities and participate in engaging discussions with faculty and nationally-recognized speakers.

The atmosphere in the HLC is friendly, relaxed, supportive, respectful, and fun. Social, cultural, and intellectual events are offered to enhance your BGSU and on campus living experiences. This creates a living learning community comprised of academically talented students, staff, and faculty. Living in the HLC enriches the university experience for academically motivated students. It offers the best of the social aspects of living with others in a community that understands and supports the attainment of academic excellence. The Honors Program offices are located in the same residential quad, so in addition to the distinctive on-site academic and social programming you receive, you will have easy access to the Honors Program faculty, advisors and staff.

Honors Scholars Learning Community
The mission of the Honors Scholars Learning Community is to provide a challenging intellectual experience for a small group of exceptionally achievement-oriented BGSU Honors students. It is designed for those select few students who want a deeper and more conceptual university education centered on critical thinking, great ideas, and moral development.

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