Ethnic Cultural Arts Program

Our Mission


ECAP facilitates the production of Multi-Ethnic and Multicultural arts events through the utilization of a competitive funding/grant request procedure. Endeavors that involve audiences across disciplines, age, class, and include a range of race and ethnic orientations are preferred.



“Arts” is defined as any project that features performances or exhibitions that include but are not limited to theatre, folk and traditional arts, design arts, media arts, visual arts and crafts, music, literature, and dance. ECAP’s definition of “Ethnic” is broad and we will consider all applications that adhere to our mission of promoting cultural diversity and awareness. We are particularly interested in encouraging the work of underrepresented ethnic groups in the United States such as African Americans, Latino Americans, Native Americans, and Asian Americans, as well as marginalized groups traditionally defined by language, customs, or social views. “Ethnic Arts,” then, consists of performances or exhibitions as listed above that directly address the identities and concerns of such groups.


  • ECAP-promotes events by non-BGSU professional artists that involve audiences across disciplines and across age, class, gender, sexual and racial identity. 
  • ECAP-focuses its attention on the distribution of resources among a diversity of ethnic orientations. 
  • ECAP-seeks to expose the BGSU community to outside artists and provide it with high quality ethnic arts projects through an emphasis on assisting organizers with event promotion, planning and execution. 
  • ECAP-is committed to the university’s mission of creating opportunities for student learning beyond the classroom experience. To that end we support educational excellence by providing informative and inspirational cultural arts programs that both complement and enhance student’s curricula.
  • ECAP-supports activities on the BGSU campus and in the city of Bowling Green; activities in the wider community can be supported if they connect in an obvious way to BGSU and the local community.

Committee Members:

  • Dalton Jones, Ethnic Studies
  • Frank Goza,  College of A&S
  • Phil Dickinson,  English
  • Myra Merritt,  College of Musical Arts
  • Jacqueline Nathan,  Fine Art
  • Bradford Clark,  Theatre
  • Valeria Grinberg Pla, Romance and Classical Studies
  • Gordon Ricketts, Arts Village
  • Per Broman, Musciology/Composition/Theory