Ethnic Cultural Arts Program




All BGSU and Firelands College organizations, offices, departments, programs, and units are eligible to request funding through (ECAP) for multiethnic and/or multicultural arts events.

Applicants may request grant amounts of up to 50% of their project budget.
A maximum of $3,000 applies to all requests.

ECAP will prioritize proposals that show evidence of a broad base of financial support from other campus organizations as well as outside funding.

 ECAP funds supports a variety of activities:


Transportation -to bring professional artists on campus

 Lodging, Meals, and Honoraria,

 Event Production-projectionist for film screening, accompanist for vocalist/instrumentalist

 Event Promotion-flyers and brochures as well as advertisement

  Funding will NOT be provided for:


Equipment -supplies, materials or assistance normally obtained through University, College, or Department budgets

 Programming-that would normally occur within a University unit

 Events-that have taken place prior to the specified time frame

 BGSU-student employment, faculty salaries, or release time

 Hospitality-expenses, food, beverages for openings, receptions or benefits.

 Interest-expenses paid on loans or debts.

 Scholarship-assistance for academic credit.

 Applications-for projects primarily for academic credit.

Fund Raising-efforts, such as social events or entrepreneurial activities.

 Applications-for projects that primarily present political, denominational, religious or sectarian ideas, or projects that enhance the property of religious institutions.

 Arts activities-that are essentially recreational, therapeutic or a vocation.

 Applications-for arts activities that have already occurred.

 Applications-for travel by applicant.

 Applications-from organizations that have not submitted final reports for the preceding fiscal year.

 Requests-for artists fees when information about the artists and samples of the artists’ work have not been included in the support materials.