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Ogg Science Library


What is happening at the Ogg Science Library?
The Ogg Science Library closed on Friday, June 26, 2009. The books (over 79,000 titles) have been moved to the William T. Jerome Library and have been integrated into shelving on the first and eighth floors. The University Libraries will maintain its priority of providing ready access to print and electronic resources for the sciences in support of research and the academic curriculum. Reference and instructional services continue to be available at Jerome Library, and materials at the Northwest Ohio Regional Book Depository are accessed daily, Monday - Friday. Daily library operations have already moved to Jerome Library. By centralizing these collections in one physical location, users will have one-stop access to the materials.  In addition to ease of access, Jerome Library is open more than 100 hours per week, providing users with longer hours to utilize the material.

Will everything go to the Depository?
No. As in the past, only no- and low-use materials from Ogg Science and Jerome Library will be transferred to the Northwest Ohio Regional Book Depository. Additionally, articles requested from periodicals located at the Depository are delivered to users electronically.

Is there a timetable for this project?
The books have been moved to Jerome Library and are available for check out. The journal move will take place during spring break, March 2010.

Can I still get reference assistance and help with research?
Reference assistance is available in-person at the Research & Information Desk in Jerome Library. Help may also be requested via telephone (372-6943 for Jerome, or toll free at 866-542-2478), via email (, or via online chat at In-depth reference assistance is available from the Science Reference Librarian. An appointment is recommended. Please call 372-2528.

How do I get journals from the Ogg Science Library?
Request journals through the BGSU Libraries catalog. Items are paged daily and will be available for pick up at the Circulation Desk of Jerome Library. Journal volumes will circulate from Jerome for 24 hours. Articles from journals housed in the Ogg Science Library can be requested via ILLiad and will be sent electronically to BGSU constituents upon request. Please note: current science journals are housed in Jerome Library, the bound science journals are housed in Science Library. For more information about obtaining journals from the Ogg Science Library, click here.

How do I get books formerly housed in the Ogg Science Library?
Use the BGSU library catalog to identify titles. Visit the Jerome Library to retrieve books from the first and eighth floors, or request books via the catalog. Items will be paged daily and be available for pick up at the Circulation Desk of Jerome Library.

How do I return Ogg Science Library materials?
The Ogg Science Library book return slot will be available during the transition for the return of library materials.

How will Ogg Science Library space be used?
The OSL space in the Mathematical Sciences Building will be used in part by the College of Arts and Sciences.

What will happen to the satellite math and stats tutoring lab housed in the Ogg Science Library?
Please visit the Math and Stats Tutoring Center in 208 Moseley Hall or contact the Center by phone at 372-8009.

Who can I contact with questions or concerns?
Sara Bushong, Interim Dean, University Libraries
419-372-2856 –