University Libraries

UL Student Employee Computer and Other Equipment Use Policy


State directives and University policies prohibit personal use of any government property for personal gain.  University property, equipment, supplies or facilities are for University employee use related to duties assigned as a direct result of employment.

All University Libraries (UL) student employees are subject to policies in the BGSU Student Handbook which, under the Code of Student Conduct, lists prohibited offenses against property subject to sanctions, including theft or abuse of computer facilities and resources:

•     Unauthorized entry into a file to use, read, or change the contents, or for any other purpose.

•     Unauthorized transfer of a file.

•     Use of another individual’s identification and/or password.

•     Use of computing facilities and resources to interfere with normal operation of the Bowling Green State University computing system.

•     Use of computing facilities or resources in violation of copyright laws.

•     Any violation of Bowling Green State University’s Network and Computer Policies.

Information Technology Services policies, including the Network and Computer Policies cover unauthorized possession, use or theft of computer or computer-related property, unauthorized copying, deletion, or use of software or placement of data, among other infractions and apply to computers and related equipment located in the University Libraries.

UL departments/units have specific policies related to the use of computers and other equipment.  Your supervisor will provide you with the policies in the department/unit where you are employed.


Adopted by UL Council January 17, 2006