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Internships and Special Projects at the University Libraries

Opportunities in the departments, branches and special collections

Center for Archival Collections (CAC)
The CAC offers educational opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. Most are through the history department at BGSU, although students from the library programs at Wayne State and Kent State, the Departments of History at the University of Toledo, Heidelberg and Defiance College have been sponsored. These educational opportunities run the gamut from readings courses to semester internships. Emphasis is on archival administration and the student is exposed to all aspects of archival work: appraisal and acquisition, arrangement and description, reference and access, preservation, and outreach, with both readings and hands-on experience. We follow the guidelines of the academic program in which the student is enrolled.

Library Teaching & Learning (LTL)
LTL is the library department providing oversight for reference and instruction. Interns in LTL have the opportunity to participate in the unit's public service work or its collection development or instruction work. At the Reference/Information Desk, interns have opportunities to gain public service experience, including but not limited to conducting in-depth references interviews, working with a broad range of patrons and reference questions, becoming acquainted with electronic and print reference sources, and acquiring contemporary reference knowledge and skills. Interns may also participate in LTL's collection development or instruction projects, depending upon their interests, experience and the requirements of their program.

Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives (MLSRA)
Depending on the student's academic preparation and interests, the MLSRA offers several internship possibilities, including bibliographic access, collection assessment and development, and reference. Bibliographic access includes sound recordings cataloging for a variety of popular genres as well as art and world music, database maintenance issues, and name authority work. Collection assessment and development projects are tailored to the student's background and may include analysis of holdings in specific genres, time periods, or instruments; working with donations; attending record shows; in addition, work with ephemeral and vertical file materials may be considered. Reference includes an overview of both art and popular music reference sources and participating in MLSRA reference service.

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