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Dictionnaires des Parlementaires Francais

Title:  Dictionnaires des Parlementaires Francais (1789-1889)

Location:  Northwest Ohio Book Depository; Microfilm 328.44 .R63d

Format and Number of Reels/Fiche/Cards:  Microfilm, 2 reels

Publisher:  Library of Congress Photoduplication Service

Content Description:  A biographical dictionary of French governmental and parliamentary officials who served between May 1, 1789 to May 1, 1889. The entry for each person includes office(s) held, services to the government, political acts, parliamentary votes and excerpts of important letters or documents. This dictionary is continued by a paper publication, Dictionnaires des Parlementaires Francais 1889-1940.

Language(s):  French

Arrangement:  Alphabetically by the person's last name. There are five volumes on 2 reels. Reel 1 includes Volume I (A-Cay), Volume II (Cay-Fes), and Volume III (Fes-Lav). Reel 2 includes Volume IV (Lav-Pla) and Volume V (Pla-Zuy).

Index/Bibliography:  None

Subject Categories:  History; Political Science

Keywords:  france, french, senators, government, parliament, biographical, biography, officers

Time Period:  18th century; 19th century