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Early American Imprints 1801-1819

Title:  Early American Imprints, 1801-1819: Shaw-Shoemaker Bibliography

Location:  Northwest Ohio Book Depository; Print 015.73 E12. A few documents have been separately cataloged. They are listed at the bottom of this page.

Format and Number of Reels/Fiche/Cards:  Microcards; thousands of cards

Publisher:  Readex Microprint

Content Description:  Reproductions of books, scores, almanacs, pamphlets, etc. published in the United States between 1801 and 1819. Periodicals and newspapers are not included. The collection is based on Shaw and Shoemaker's American Bibliography (see below).

Note that these microcards are in the Northwest Ohio Book Depository. In order to use a document your request must include both the title,Early American Imprints 1800-1819, and the document number for the specific document you want which you will find in the books listed below.

Language(s):  Many languages

Arrangement:  Organized by the number assigned to the document in Shaw and Shoemaker's American Bibliography. In order to request the microcard(s) that include a book, you'll need the number from Shaw and Shoemaker's American Bibliography

1) American Bibliography; A Preliminary Checklist for 1801-1819, by Ralph R. Shaw and Richard H. Shoemaker. (Reference Z 1215 .S48 v.1-22). Each volume covers one year. Within each volume, books are arranged alphabetically by author. Volume 21 is a title index to the entire bibliography. Volume 22 included corrections and an author index for the entire set.

2) American Bibliography, a Preliminary Checklist, 1801 to 1819: Ralph R. Shaw and Richard H. Shoemaker: Printers, Publishers, and Booksellers Index, Geographical Index, compiled by Frances P. Newton. (Northwest Ohio Book Depository, Z 1215 .N58 1983).

Subject Categories:  The Arts; History; Literature; Multicultural; Religion; Women's Studies

Keywords:  u.s., usa, united states, books, pamphlets, publications

Time Period:  19th century

Documents From This Collection That Have Been Individually Cataloged:

A journal or historical account of the life, travels, sufferings, Christian experiences and labour of love in the work of the ministry, of that ancient, eminent and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, by George Fox.. (Jerome Library Main Microforms; card 289.6 F791j).

A topographical description of the state of Ohio, Indiana Territory, and Louisiana [microform] : comprehending the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, and their principal tributary streams ... and a concise account of the Indian tribes west of the Mississippi : to which is added, an interesting Journal of Mr. Chas. Le Raye, while a captive with the Sioux Nation, by Jervis Cutler. (Jerome Library Main Microforms; card 977 C989t).

Memoirs and adventures of Captain Matthew Phelps [microform] : formerly of Harwington in Connecticut, now resident in Newhaven in Vermont : particularly in two voyages, from Connecticut to the river Mississippi, from December 1773 to October 1780 / compiled from the original journal and minutes kept by Mr. Phelps during his voyages and adventures, and revised and corrected according to his present recollection, by Anthony Haswell. (Jerome Library Main Microforms; card 976.2P539m).

A description of Weir's Cave, in Augusta County, Virginia [microform] : in a letter from General Calvin Jones, to Mr. ******* in North-Carolina / communicated to the editor of the Star, Raleigh, North Carolina. (Jerome Library Main Microforms; card 975.591J76d).

Travels in the United States of America, in the years 1806 & 1807, and 1809, 1810, & 1811 [microform] : including an account of passages betwixt America and Britain, and travels through various parts of Britain, Ireland, & Canada : with corrections, and improvements, to 1815 / by John Melish. (Jerome Library Main Microforms; card 917.3M523t).

Report of a missionary tour through that part of the United States which lies west of the Allegany Mountains [microform] : performed under the direction of the Massachusetts Missionary Society / by Samuel J. Mills and Daniel Smith. (Jerome Library Main Microforms; card 976M657r).

Travels through the western interior of the United States, from the year 1808 up to the year 1816 [microform] : with a particular description of a great part of Mexico, or New-Spain : containing a particular account of thirteen different tribes of Indians ... / by Henry Ker. (Jerome Library Main Microforms; card 976K39t).

A geographical description of the state of Louisiana, the southern part of the state of Mississippi, and territory of Alabama ... [microform] : presenting a view of the soil, climate, animal, vegetable and mineral productions : illustrative of their natural physiognomy, their geographical configuration, and relative situation : with an account of the character and manners of the inhabitants : together with a map from actual survey and observation, projected on a scale of ten miles to an inch, of the state of Louisiana and adjacent countries /cby William Darby. (Jerome Library Main Microforms; card 976.3D213g).

Notes on a journey in America [microform] : from the coast of Virginia to the territory of Illinois : with proposals for the establishment of a colony of English / by Morris Birkbeck. (Jerome Library Main Microforms; card 917.7B619n).

The emigrant's guide to the western and south western states and territories [microform] / by William Darby. (Jerome Library Main Microforms; card 976D213e).

The Emigrant's guide, or, Pocket geography of the western states and territories [microform] : containing a description of the several cities, towns, rivers, antiquities, population, manufactories, prices of land, soil, productions, and exports / compiled from the best and latest authorities. (Jerome Library Main Microforms; card 976E53).

Geographical sketches of the western country designed for emigrants and settlers [microform] : being the result of extensive researches and remarks : to which is added, A summary of all the most interesting matters on the subject, including a particular description of the unsold public lands collected from a variety of authentic sources : also, a list of the principal roads /by E. Dana. (Jerome Library Main Microforms; card 976D167g).

Hints to emigrants, or, A comparative estimate of the advantages of Pennsylvania, and of the western territory, &c. [microform] / by John Lorain. (Jerome Library Main Microforms; card 974.8L865h).

Information and advice to emigrants to the United States [microform] : and from the eastern to the western states / by John Melish. (Jerome Library Main Microforms; card 917.3M523i).

New states and territories, or, The Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, North-Western, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, in their real characters, in 1818 ... [microform] / by Andrew Miller. (Jerome Library Main Microforms; card 977M647n).

Interesting extracts, from the journals of the Rev. John Wesley. (Jerome Library Main Microforms; card 287.1W513j).