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Title:  Herstory

Location:  Jerome Library; film HQ 1154 .H47 reel 1-23

Format and Number of Reels/Fiche/Cards:  Microfilm; 23 reels

Publisher:  Women's History Research Center and Bell & Howell

Content Description:  Newsletters, journals and newspapers published by and about women's groups. Includes publications about women's liberation, professional women's organizations, women's movement and women's issues. Some titles are from the mid-1950's, but most were published between 1968 and 1974. Publications come from many countries.

Language(s):  English, French, Spanish

Arrangement:  Organized by publication type: newspapers, journals, and newsletters. Within each type the collection is arranged alphabetically by title and then by issue date.


1) Herstory (REF HQ 1154 .H47x). This guide lists the titles in the collection and the issues available for each title.

2) At the beginning of each reel there is a list of the publications on the reel.

Subject Categories:  History; Multicultural Studies; Women's Studies

Keywords:  history, herstory, women, woman

Time Period:  20th century