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Travels in the Old South I, II, II

Title:  Travels in the Old South I, II, III

Location:  Jerome Library Main Microforms; Individually cataloged

Format and Number of Reels/Fiche/Cards:  Microcard; approximately 10,000 cards

Publisher:  Lost Cause Press

Content Description:  Reproductions of 1,174 travel accounts, geographies, atlases, surveys, statistical accounts, and descriptions of the animals and plants of the old South. There are also a few travel accounts of countries such as Cuba, Canada, and Mexico and of other parts of the United States such as Ohio. The collection includes books about Native Americans, slavery, and biographies or memoirs of various men and women. These works were published between 1527 and 1860. The works were described in Travels in the Old South, a Bibiography, by Thomas D. Clark (REF Z 1251 .S7 C4 v.1-3). Some volumes described in this set could not be located by the publisher and therefore are missing from the collection.

Language(s):  English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Latin

Arrangement:  Each title has been separately cataloged.


1) Each title has been separately cataloged. To see a list of title, perform a keyword search on "travels in the old south"

2) The subject index in Travels in the Old South, a Bibiography, by Thomas D. Clark (REF Z 1251 .S7 C4 v.1-3) may be used to identify specific titles in this collection. This bibliography includes four volumes, but only books from volumes 1-3 have been reproduced for this collection.

Subject Categories:  History; Multicultural Studies; Women's Studies

Keywords:  travel, travelers, visitors, south, united states, america, description

Time Period:  Prehistory - 16th Century; 17th Century; 18th Century; 19th Century