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Underground Newspaper Microfilm Collection, 1963-1973

Title:  Underground Newspaper Microfilm Collection, 1963-1973

Location:  Jerome Library; film PN 4784 .U53 U49

Format and Number of Reels/Fiche/Cards:  Microfilm; 147 reels

Publisher:  Bell and Howell

Content Description:  Filmed copies of almost 600 underground newspapers from around the world. Includes both little-known publications and more famous titles such as: the Berkeley Barb, the Black Panther, Gramma, and Off Our Backs.

Language(s):  English, Dutch, Spanish, German, French, etc.

Arrangement:  Alphabetically by title and then chronologically by issue.


1) Underground Newspaper Microfilm Collection. (REF PN 4784 .U53 U49 Index). This guide includes both an alphabetical list of the newspapers and a geographic index to the list.

2) Alternative Press Index (INDEX AI 3 .A27), 1969 - present. This indexes alternative newspapers, newsletters, etc. Articles from some of the titles in this collection are indexed in this publication.

3) All titles have been individually cataloged. For a complete list of titles, click here

Subject Categories:  History; Journalism; Multicultural Studies; Political Science; Women's Studies

Keywords:  underground, press, journalism, newspapers, alternative press, counterculture

Time Period:  20th century