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Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie

Title:  Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie

Location:  Jerome Library Main Microforms. Microcard 920.043 .A435.

Format and Number of Reels/Fiche/Cards:  Microcard; Approximately 500 cards.

Publisher:  Microcard Editions.

Content Description:  A reproduction of Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie, (the German Dictionary of National Biography). People included in this set must have died before the end of the 19th century. The signed entries are long and have bibliographies.

A full text version of Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie is on the Internet. Access is through Digitales Register, an index to both Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie and the Neue Deutsche Biographie.

Language(s):  German.

Arrangement:  Arranged in alphabetical order, by volume. Volumes 1-45 contain A-Z and volumes 46-55 are supplements. Volume 56 is the General Register, a list of all people included in this set.

1) Digitales Register, an index to the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie and the Neue Deutsche Biographie.

2) Volume 56 of the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie is the General Register, an index to the entries for the entire collection. Entries are also indexed in the Neue Deutsche Biographie, a newer set of German biographies. The Neue Deutsche Biographie is incomplete. See the catalog record for volumes received and their location.

Subject Categories:  History.

Keywords:  German, Germany, biography, biographies.

Time Period:  Prehistory-16th century; 17th century; 18th century; 19th century.