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Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, 1547-1625 (Great Britain)

Title:  Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, of the Reigns of Edward VI, Mary, Elizabeth and James I, 1547-1625 (Great Britain)

Location:  Jerome Library Main Microforms; fiche 942.008 G78ca

Format and Number of Reels/Fiche/Cards:  Microfiche; 200 fiche

Publisher:  Microcard Editions

Content Description:  An annotated list of State papers, 1547-1625. These papers deal with domestic affairs, mostly court cases on treason. Some of the abstracts are lengthy.

Language(s):  English

Arrangement:  Chronologically, in 12 volumes

Index/Bibliography:  Each volume has a general index

Subject Categories:  History; Political Science

Keywords:  Britain, Great Britain, England, King Edward VI, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, King James I

Time Period:  Prehistory - 16th century; 17th century