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Despatches from United States Consuls in Colon, 1852-1906

Title:  Despatches from United States Consuls in Colon, 1852-1906

Location:  Jerome Library Government Documents; Mf S 4.9: Colon

Format and Number of Reels/Fiche/Cards:  Microfilm; 8 reels

Publisher:  National Archives and Record Service

Content Description:  A reproduction of consular despatches from the U.S Consul in Colon, Panama between 1852 and 1906. The despatches are reports about a wide variety of subjects, such as economic, political and social conditions. Many are accompanied by enclosures, such as copies of correspondence. Some relate to regulations, exports and imports, tariffs, cases of U.S. citizens tried abroad, and the reaction of people in the country to U.S. policies.

Language(s):  English

Arrangement:  Chronologically

Index/Bibliography:  None

Subject Categories:  History; Political Science

Keywords:  colon, panama, despatches, dispatches, state department, foreign affairs, foreign relations, diplomacy, international relations, international affairs

Time Period:  19th Century; 20th Century