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Oral History Collection (U.S. Senate)

Title:  Oral History Collection (U.S. Senate)

Location:  Jerome Library Main Microforms; fiche JK 1161 .O7

Format and Number of Reels/Fiche/Cards:  Microfiche; 58 fiche

Publisher:  Scholarly Resources, Inc. for the U.S. Senate Historical Office

Content Description:  Transcripts of oral interviews with former Senators and people who formerly worked for the Senate or for a Senator. These interviews have been collected since 1976. This collection includes only those interviews that were available at the time the collection was purchased. Additional interviews have been added since that time.

The complete list of interviews is available at the web site for the Senate Oral History Project ( This site includes a complete list of interviews, with full text of some of the interviews, and brief biographical information about each person being interviewed. The National Archives and Records Administration also maintains a page that lists these interviews (, with links to full text when available, although the NARA web page is not as complete as the Senate Oral History Project web page.

Language(s):  English

Arrangement:  In the order in which the interviews were released.

Index/Bibliography:  No printed index, but the interviews are listed on the following web pages:

1) Senate Oral History Project (U.S. Senate)

2) Senate Oral History Program (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration)

Subject Categories:  History; Political Science

Keywords:  senate, congress, oral history, interview

Time Period:  20th Century