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United States Serial Set

Title:  United States Serial Set

Location:  Jerome Library Government Documents Collection. U.S. Serial Set on microcards (1817-1878) is in the Government Documents stacks at Y 1.1/2:. CIS U.S. Serial Set on microfiche (1875-1926) is filed at the end of the Government Documents microfiche cabinets.

Format and Number of Reels/Fiche/Cards:  Microcards; 80 boxes of microcards. Microfiche; approximately 50,000 microfiche

Publisher:  Microcards: Readex Microprint. Microfiche: Congressional Information Service

Content Description:  These collections are reproductions of volumes from the United States Serial Set. The Serial Set is a compilation of House and Senate documents and reports. Among the publications included are annual reports of executive agencies and a wide variety of executive agency publications, and other documents submitted to Congress.

The microcard Serial Set covers the 15th - 53d Congresses (1817-1878). The microfiche CIS US Serial Set covers the 44th - 69th Congresses (1875-1926).

Language(s):  English

Arrangement:  Arranged in serial number order. The microcard collection includes serial numbers 1-1662. The microfiche collection includes serial numbers 1663-8826.


1) Lexis-Nexis Congressional. One section, labeled Historical Indexes indexes the Serial Set in addition to other Congressional materials. (This database is also available off campus)

2)CIS US Serial Set Index (Government Documents Reference Z1223.Z9C65 1975, parts I-XII includes a title/name/subject index, an index of persons or organizations cited, a list of titles in report or document number order, and a shelflist of volumes in serial number order. Part XIV indexes the more than 50,000 maps in the Serial Set. This index covers 1789-1969.

3) Guide to American Indian documents in the Congressional Serial Set, 1817-1899, by Steven L. Johnson. (Reference KF 8201 .A1 J63). Organized chronologically. Indexed by subject.

Subject Categories:  History; Political Science

Keywords:  america, american, united states, congress, senate, house of representatives, government publications, government documents

Time Period:  19th century; 20th century