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American Fiction, 1851-1875

Title:  American Fiction, 1851-1875: Based on the Bibliography by Lyle H. Wright.

Location:  Jerome Library Main Microforms film PS 643 .A5 v.2

Format and Number of Reels/Fiche/Cards:  Microfilm; 405 reels of 35mm microfilm.

Publisher:  Research Publications.

Content Description:  The collection contains 2,824 works of adult fiction (novels, short stories, travel accounts, etc.) written by Americans and published in the United States between 1851-1875. The collection is based on American Fiction, 1851-1875; A Contribution Toward a Bibliography, by Lyle Henry Wright. (REF Z 1231 .F4 W92 1965). This is volume 2 of a collection that includes american fiction 1774-1900.

Language(s):  English.

Arrangement:  The reels are arranged by the number given each work by the publishers of the collection. For the location of individual items see the indexes below.

1) American Fiction, 1774-1900: Cumulative Author Index of the Microfilm Collection. (Ref Z1231.F4R4x). An author index to the works of fiction in the three volumes of this microfilm collection. Organized alphabetically by author, each entry includes author, title, publication information and a volume number (I, II, or III) immediately followed by the accession number of the work.
2) Index to [the] microfilm publication American fiction. (Ref Z1231.F4W91968x v. 2). Arranged by reel and author, this list includes the author, title, and abbreviated publication information of each work.

Subject Categories:  Literature; Multicultural Studies; Women's Studies

Keywords:  American, America, United States, fiction, short stories, novels.

Time Period:  19th century