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University Libraries Collection Development Policy

   Policy adopted August 1996

   Selection Guidelines for Monographs




The University Libraries have set up an approval plan to supply monographs, chiefly for undergraduate curricular needs. The approval plan is complemented by funds made available to departmental faculty to recommend materials for purchase; it is expected that these recommendations will reflect faculty and graduate-level research needs. Librarians will make further selections to fill in gaps.


  Multiple Copies

Only one copy of a title is normally purchased for the general collection; this does not preclude purchase of different editions of a title. Possible exceptions are:

  • when a book is placed on reserve.
  • when an item receives very high use.
  • when a volume is received as a gift.


  Paper/Hard Bound Books

Paperbacks when available are supplied for the approval plan; hardbacks are preferred for firm orders. Gifts may be added in either form.



Textbooks are very selectively added to the general collection on the basis of currency, comprehensiveness, and when they provide the best or only treatment of a needed subject. Otherwise, textbooks, including accompanying manuals, workbooks, and other auxiliary materials, are normally not purchased for the general collection. Books used as textbooks for specific courses are not generally acquired for the general collection.



Materials are acquired in microformat either because of cost, for backup, or for preservation reasons. Microforms for the general collection are housed in the microforms areas in the Jerome Library and the Ogg Science Libraty. Fiche is generally the preferred format.


  Popular Press Books

Books published by the Popular Press (Bowling Green State University Press) are added to the general collection where items fall within subject area collection development policies.


  BGSU/Local Authors

Books written by Bowling Green State University employees or alumni are added to the general collection as needed to support the curriculum. Archival copies of books by Bowling Green State University authors, primarily current faculty, are placed in the Center for Archival Collections. Books by authors from the city of Bowling Green and surrounding area will be added to the collection as needed to support the curriculum.


  Leisure reading

Bestsellers and other popular works are added to the collection as needed to support the curriculum. The Browsing Collection provides materials for leisure reading; it is supported by gifts.



Missing or damaged books are replaced if the information they contain remains relevant to the curriculum and is of current or lasting value. An outdated book on a topic still relevant to the curriculum may be replaced with a newer edition of the same book or with a comparable up-to-date title. Details of the replacement policy are stated in the Guidelines for the Replacement of Missing and Damaged Books.



Non BGSU Dissertations and Theses

Dissertations Abstracts International and other bibliographic indices provide indexing and abstracting of academic theses and dissertations. Non Bowling Green State University dissertations and theses are not actively collected, but may be purchased at the recommendation of faculty members.

BGSU Dissertations and Theses

One bound copy of each Bowling Green State University master's thesis and doctoral dissertation is deposited in the general collection. The Center for Archival Collections preserves a microfilm security copy.