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Course-Related Instruction & Individual, Small Group, and Departmental Consultations


Course-related Instruction

We offer customized course-related instruction for most BGSU classes. This type of instruction works best for classes with research assignments when students perceive a real need for the information. Librarians can work with your class at an in-person instruction session; they can work with your class in an online environment (via Blackboard discussion groups), or they can prepare library support materials for your class's assignment. If your assignment requires using many different sources or if you request library instruction for the same course each semester, librarians can design a Web page specifically for your class. Visit this semester's list of class web pages for examples.

To schedule a an in-person session, contact your department's Library Instruction Liaison well in advance to have a better chance of getting the dates and times you would like. If you are unsure whom to contact, call the Library Teaching & Learning Office at 419. 372-2362 to be referred to the appropriate librarian.


Individual, Small Group, or Departmental Consultations

If you are new to campus or simply want to brush up on BGSU's library resources, schedule an appointment with the Library Instruction Liaison assigned to work with your department. Our librarians are able to tailor individual consultations to meet your specific needs--reviewing a familiar database with a new interface, introducing new electronic resources in your discipline, or previewing an assignment you're preparing for class. These consultations can take place in the library, but if it's more convenient for you or your department, the librarian can come to your office or department's conference room.


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Marcia Suter, Interim Library Instruction Coordinator