Mobile Platforms and Library Resources

Mobile Platforms and Library Resources

Several of the Libraries' tools and databases offer special mobile platforms.

This list will be updated as more resources are configured for mobile devices.

Links to individual databases' mobile platforms will also be available in the full resource descriptions linked from the Libraries' "All Research Databases" page.

We are excited about our mobile resources and hope you will take advantage of them! However, we also caution that web development for mobile devices is still an emerging standard. The Libraries are unable to fully test our databases on all mobile platforms the way we try to test our databases on different computer platforms. The same level of access to these resources may not be available through mobile devices as is available on regular computers. Patrons using different mobile devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, Droid, Blackberry, etc.) and different carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc.) may have different user experiences with these platforms.

The Libraries encourage you to report problems you experience using our databases’ mobile platforms to the Research & Information Desk. Please be aware, however, that we:

  • cannot guarantee all devices will work as expected with every resource,
  • may not be able to fully resolve every reported problem, and 
  • may ask you to continue your research on a computer in order to get the best results from a database.

If you have additional questions, please contact Amy Fry, Electronic Resources Coordinator, University Libraries.