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March 2010: Volume 29, Number 1

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Bowling Green State University at 100: Faculty around the Clock

This issue of the Archival Chronicle Gallery features faculty at work and at play, in celebration of Bowling Green State University's first 100 years. The photographs in this issue are housed in the University Archives at the Center for Archival Collections.

The Faculty at Work

English Department, 1940English Department, 1944
English was the founding department for many courses of study that are separate majors today.  Speech, Journalism, and Theater all began as courses while Rea McCain was department chair.  The view at left shows the members of the department in 1940.  By 1944 (right), the department had nearly doubled in size, thanks to a wartime enrollment bolstered by the V-5 and V-12 military programs which brought servicemen to campus for advanced training.  Dr. Gay Wilson Allen (seen at center, rear, with the mustache) was a senior faculty member here for many years, pursuing research on Walt Whitman.  His work drew the attention of eastern universities and he eventually joined the faculty at Columbia University and was influential in establishing Whitman's work as a field of academic study.

The cultural revolution of the 1960s affected faculty as well as students.  At right is an early 1970's view of senior faculty members of the Department of Mathematics in informal discussions and exhibiting a much more relaxed dress code than was possible a generation earlier.

Mathematics faculty
As early as the 1920s, Dr. Edwin Moseley  was taking his Biology students on field trips to discover the relationship between what they learned in the classroom and what they could learn from observing nature in person.

Above, Dr. Moseley makes a point to his note-taking scholars, and at right, leads them through a rich environment as the seasons change.  Despite Moseley's reputation as an eccentric, he produced some serious original research on drought cycles using tree-ring growth patterns, and on many other topics in his field of study.

Dr. James Paul Kennedy was a versatile musician in his own right, but it was as a choral director that he probably affected the greatest number of students.  His chorus' performing tours became legendary, and students and junior faculty recalled specific incidents or helpful advice for decades.

The Faculty at Play

Theater - Faculty production of Androcles and the Lion

In the days when there was a senior class play, there was also a faculty production, often presented in conjunction with Homecoming activities.  At left, two unidentified faculty members give their impression of exuberant alumni getting ready for the Big Game.  At right, a production of George Bernard Shaw's Androcles and the Lion calls on the talents of faculty of all ages.

An impromptu jam session among faculty of the School of Music (seen here in the 1960s) was one of the ways they learned to work together and to explore  possibilities for future development of the curriculum.

Thanks to the work of the Music Department in the 1940s, everyone's Christmas season was more entertaining.  The gymnasium was the setting for large choral and instrumental performances until the construction of West Hall.  Today, the auditorium in the College of Musical Arts provides much better accoustics.

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