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December 2010: Volume 29, Number 3

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Centennial Perspectives: BGSU Athletics Bibliography

The Center for Archival Collections is the repository for the official records of Bowling Green State University.  Books, theses, articles, programs, and photographs are just some of the materials available to researchers interested in this fascinating aspect of BGSU history.  We are happy to provide guidance and assistance to those pursuing this research.

Starting Your Research

Begin by getting background on your subject, to help you put the information you find into a historical context.

Overman, James R.  The History of Bowling Green State University.  Bowling Green, Ohio:  BGSU Press, 1967.
    Covers the first fifty years of BGSU history.

Givens, Stuart.  The Falcon Soars. Bowling Green State University: The Years of Growing Distinction, 1963-1985.  Bowling Green, Ohio: BGSU Popular Press, 1986.
    Covers the time from the 50th to the 75th anniversary of BGSU.

Hess, Gary R. Bowling Green State University, 1910-2010; a Legacy of Excellence. Virginia Beach, VA: Donning Company Publishers, 2010.
    Covers the 100 year history of the university.

Hostetler, Adelia. A History of Women’s Sport at BGSU, 1910-1972. (Thesis, M. Ed.) LD 4191. O6 no. 5101

Parks, Janet, Ann Bowers and Adelia Hostetler Muti.  Forward Falcons: Women's Sports at Bowling Green State University, 1914-1982, 2010.  Available from Order

BG News Index, 1920- present.
    Notes: Reports of game previews and results and most photographs were not indexed. For reports on a particular team or sport, scan the sports page throughout the season. Researchers should be aware that club sports, intramurals, and smaller varsity teams get irregular coverage. Further, coverage of women's sports was almost completely neglected until the 1980s.  Common search terms to use:  athletics, sports, coaches, names of sports or individuals.

Key Yearbook
    Each year features a section on athletics. Details and depth of coverage vary.

Highlights of University Archives Records

Records, Department of Athletics.
     See Reference Desk for assistance in locating specific items.  Among these records are the following:

Press Guides and Programs
    Organized by sport and time period.

     Anderson, Harold. Scrapbooks. University Archives.

     Cooper, Sam. Scrapbooks. University Archives. Swimming coach and active with Ice Horizons

     Team rosters for BGSU varsity sports. Research by students.

Other Athletics-related manuscript collections in the CAC:

BGSU Oral History Collection (MS 449). Includes interviews with Iris Andrews, Bruce Bellard, Sam Cooper, Don Cunningham, Robert Keefe, Doyt Perry, 

Clucas, Charles. Interview. (MMS 1317) Captain, 1920 football team

Cunningham, Don. Cunningham Family Papers. (MS 1000)

Fearnside Family. Papers, 1900-1960. (MMS 915) Includes information about Henry Taylor Fearnside, active in BGSU Athletics 1932-1934.

Gordon, James. Jack Vivian Photograph Collection, 1968-1969. (MS 1130)

Keefe, Fran. Oral Interview. (MMS 1802). Wife of tennis coach.

Lake, Ivan (MS 96). Tennis, Football. Coined team name “Falcons”

Parks, Janet. Scrapbook. (MMS 1816f). Women’s tennis, 1976 season.

Perry, Charles E. (MS 995).  Football athlete, administrator, benefactor.

Perry, Doyt.  (MS 757). Football coach and athletic director

Skibbie, Gus. The Early Story of the First Three Intercollegiate Sports at BGSU. 1915-1942. (MMS 1339)

Cataloged Works: Highlights

In addition to the University Archives described above, the following are a sample of the materials available in the CAC collections that deal with athletics:

Beyerman, Fred G. Looking Back Forty Years. (pUA437)

Black Former BGSU Athletes and Graduates: Black History Month Project. 198? (pUA 1791)

BGSU. Athletic Department. Bowling Green State University Intercollegiate Athletes killed in World Wars I and II and honored in Memorial Hall. 198? (pUA 791)

BGSU. Athletic Department. Information for Prospective Walk-On Athletes. 1998 (pUA 1624)

BGSU. Athletic Department. Intercollegiate Athletics at Bowling Green State University. 1999. (pUA 1625)

BGSU. Athletic Department. Proposed Initial Steps in the Development of a Gender Equity Plan for BGSU/Intercollegiate Athletics. 1996. (pUA 1475)

BGSU. Athletic Department. Sustaining NCAA Division I-A status into the 21st century : a vision and strategies…1995. (pUA 1474)

BGSU. Athletic Department. Title IX In-house Audit. 1995 (pUA 1473)

BGSU. Athletic Hall of Fame. Records, 1964-1989. (pUA 917)

BGSU. Falcon Club. Annual Report (pUA 718)

BGSU. Intramural Handbook. 195? (pUA 304)

BGSU Miscellaneous Sports Statistics, 1914-1975. (pUA 1618)

BGSU. School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. Women’s Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 1970. (pUA 533)

BGSU. Varsity BG Club. Records, 1941-1988. (pUA 419)

BGSU. Women’s Intramural Association. 1961 (pUA 529)

Celebrating Gary Palmisano and BGSU Soccer. 1998 (CAC video 52)

Coffey, J. Russell. Reminiscences, 1948-1970. (pUA 1376) Faculty in HPER

Cunningham, Don. BGSU Athletics—The Early Years. (pUA 936)

Cunningham, Don. Interview. 1990. (CAC Tape set 20)

Falcon Club. Newsletter. (pUA 197)

Lane, Paige. A Rockin’ History of Falcon Track and XC (videorecording). (pUA 1882)

Steiner, Matt. Our story : The History of Bowling Green Athletics is Stored in Two Rooms in Anderson Arena. 2000. (pUA 1472)

Women and sport; before, during, and after Title IX : an interdisciplinary symposium celebrating the past, present and future of women's sport, February 2-6, 2005, Bowling Green State University [program and related materials] (pUA 1787)

Online Resources

BGSU Athletic Hall of Fame Athletes, Coaches, Falcon Fans

Named Athletic Fields. Includes biographies of honored persons

BGSU Club Sports. Non-varsity competition.

Bachman, Carl. A 5-sport athlete in the 1920s.

Cooper, Sam. Swimming Coach

Cunningham, Don. Sports Information Director

Ellis, Crystal. Basketball Athlete

Komives, Howard Basketball athlete

Leudtke, Dorothy. Coach 33 years

Otten, Don and Mac, basketball athletes

Sawdy, Allan Sawdy. Trainer 1944-1966

Share, Charles. Basketball athlete

Gus Skibbie. Athlete in football, baseball, tennis, track (1926)

Sink, Sid. Track student athlete, coach

Steller, Warren. Coach of 3 sports

Thurmond, Nate. Basketball athlete

Villapiano, Phil. Football athlete

Wottle, Dave. YouTube video of 1972 Olympic gold medal race.

1983-84 Hockey Team (National Champions)

1980 U.S. Hockey Team Gold Medal game YouTube video.

--Lee N. McLaird