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Arranging for a Class Presentation

If you are considering assigning your class to write a research paper which will require them to use the resources of the Center for Archival Collections, we encourage you to arrange for a class presentation and tour by our staff.

Undergraduates as well as graduate students benefit from this guided introduction. The staff explains our rules and procedures and provides an overview of the book, newspaper, and manuscript collections available for use, specifically adapted to the topics your course covers. Examples of these materials are displayed in our classroom. A tour of the facility can be arranged for small classes. Large classes can be accommodated in the Jerome Library conference room. Classes which have used this service in the past have included History, American Culture Studies, Journalism, English, Theater, Education, Art, and many others.

Please call early in the semester (+1-419-372-2411) to arrange for a presentation. We need to know the date, time and class size to schedule for the classroom. We would also like to talk with you about the focus of your course, your expectations for the assignment, and due dates. A copy of your class syllabus is very helpful.

Putting Materials on Reserve

Some assignments require an entire class to use specific resources intensively. Because CAC materials do not circulate, students must use the newspapers, manuscripts, or books in our reading rooms. Microfilmed newspapers and manuscripts can easily be set aside on a "reserve cart" for a particular class, to speed retrieval time. However, books and manuscripts suffer from such heavy use. CAC staff will be happy to provide a master photocopy of required readings taken from books and manuscripts for students to use. Additional photocopies of such materials can also be placed on Reserve.

Please call (+1-419-372-2411) to let us know about reserve materials assignments. Students need to be aware that materials must be used in the CAC during our regular hours, and that photocopies will be provided by CAC staff at a cost of $.15 per page. Note: We do not have copy card services. Copies must be paid for with cash or check.

Arranging for a Class Web Page

Assignments can be made more manageable for the student, the reference staff, and the instructor with the help of our online research aids and indexes and class web pages.

Instructors requiring intensive use of CAC resources may want to work with our staff to develop additional online aids. These research guides can include the class syllabus and other guides which reinforce the information presented in a class tour and provide links to manuscript finding aids, our newspaper guide, and other resources, as well as to a list of suggested paper topics. This service is only provided for classes which have arranged for a presentation at the CAC.

Please call early in the semester (+1-419-372-2411) to talk with staff about your course requirements and ideas for research guides.