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MS 28 Central Labor Union (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1890-1963.
Minutes, business agent's reports, correspondence, financial records, and membership records (7 linear ft.)

MS 29 Sandusky Ohio Labor Council (Sandusky, Ohio)
Records, 1951-1964
Minutes, correspondence, subject files, and financial records, primarily dealing with the annual Labor Day Rally held in Sandusky (.75 linear ft.)

MS 30 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Local 1076 (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1937-1972
Minutes, financial records, and convention proceedings (3 linear ft.)

MS 31 United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry, Local 50 (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1907-1970
Minutes, financial records, labor relations agreements, and correspondence (12.5 linear ft.)

MS 32 Operative Plasterers' and Cement Finishers' International Association. Local 7 (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1886-1973
Minutes, rollbooks, dues ledgers, and receipts/expenditures ledgers (2.5 linear ft.)

MS 33 International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen. Local 3 (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1929-1953
Correspondence and financial records (.5 linear ft.)

MS 34 Aluminum, Brick and Glass Workers International Union. Local 9 (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1934-1978
Minutes, correspondence, financial statements, reports, agreements, subject files, printed material, and photographs (48 linear ft.)

MS 35 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Local 32 (Lima, Ohio)
Records, 1942-1965
Minutes, correspondence, receipt/expenditure ledgers, and dues records (2 linear ft.)

MS 36 United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. Local 372 (Lima, Ohio)
Records, 1917-1958
Executive Board and general meeting minutes (.3 linear ft.)

MS 37 Lima Building Trades Council (Lima, Ohio)
Records, 1937-1966
Regular and executive minutes, correspondence, financial statements, labor agreements, and wage scales (1.25 linear ft.)

MS 38 International Typographical Union. Local 296 (Lima, Ohio)
Records, 1918-1976
Minutes, rollbook, correspondence, financial reports, and newspaper clippings (.75 linear ft.)

MS 39 Service Employees International Union. Local 3 (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1939-1965
Regular and executive board minutes, correspondence, negotiations, agreements, and financial records (3.5 linear ft.)

MS 40 American Agriculture Movement. Ohio State Headquarters (Spencerville, Ohio)
National Farm Strike Records, 1977-1978
Correspondence, press releases, newspaper clippings, and pamphlets (.25 linear ft.)

MS 41 International Typographical Union. Local 260 (Findlay, Ohio)
Records, 1890-1981
Minutes, correspondence, financial records, agreements, and contracts (4 linear ft.)

MS 41 International Typographical Union. Local 63 (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1868-1963
Minutes, correspondence, financial records, agreements, and contracts (15 linear ft.)

MS 43 International Association of Machinists. District 57 (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1892-1974
Minutes, correspondence, financial records, labor agreements, and grievances (28 linear ft.)

MS 56 International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen. Local 46 (Fremont, Ohio)
Records, 1891-1975
Minutes, financial papers, and membership records (1 linear ft.)

MS 77 mf International Association of Bridge, Structural, and Ornamental Ironworkers. Local 55 (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1918-1973
Minutes, dues registers, pamphlets, and miscellaneous papers (.25 linear ft. and 3 microfilm reels)

MS 78 Lamb, Edward
Papers, 1920-1980
Correspondence, legal briefs, transcripts, and newspaper clippings of a Toledo, Ohio labor lawyer (65.5 linear ft.)

MS 79 Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers International Union. Local 7-624 (Lima, Ohio)
Records, 1946-1975
Minutes, correspondence, grievance files, negotiations, and labor agreements (8 linear ft.)

MS 80 National Association of Letter Carriers. Branch 100 (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1896-1969
Minutes, attendance books, correspondence, account ledgers, and miscellaneous printed material (4 linear ft.)

MS 83 Ohio State Joint Textile Board
Records, 1945-1977
Minutes, correspondence, agreements, and financial records (17.5 linear ft.)

MS 94 International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen. Local 35 (Lima, Ohio)
Records, 1915-1956
Minutes, dues ledgers, and scattered correspondence (.5 linear ft.)

MS 144 United Slate, Tile and Composition Roofers, Damp and Waterproof Workers' Association. Local 134 (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1937-1980
Minutes of regular, special, and Executive Board meetings, labor agreements, attendance records, constitution, and by-laws (.5 linear ft.)

MS 145 Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators, and Paperhangers of America. Local 788 (Sandusky, Ohio)
Records, 1913-1978
Minutes, labor agreements, dues registers, and scattered correspondence (3 linear ft.)

MS 146 Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America. Local 146 (Napoleon, Ohio)
Records, 1944-1974
Minutes, dues, accounts, correspondence, and grievance reports (1 linear ft.)

MS 147 United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. Local 1138 (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1885-1985
Minutes, correspondence, agreements, financial reports and miscellaneous printed material (14 linear ft.)

MS 149 United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. Women's Auxiliary #2 (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1913-1977
Minutes, dues registers, membership applications, pamphlets, and a scrapbook (1.5 linear ft.)

MS 153 United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry. Local 42 (Norwalk, Ohio)
Records, 1909-1972
Minutes, correspondence, agreements, financial reports, and printed material (4 linear ft.)

MS 154 American Postal Workers Union. Local 534 (Sandusky, Ohio)
Records, 1912-1978
Minutes, correspondence, agreements, and printed material (.5 linear ft.)

MS 156 International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Asbestos Workers. Local 45 (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1916-1978
Correspondence, agreements, and financial records (1 linear ft.)

MS 158 United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. Millwrights Local 1359 (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1948-1978
Minutes, correspondence, dues records, labor negotiations, and contract agreements (3.25 linear ft.)

MS 160 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Local 986 (Norwalk, Ohio)
Records, 1943-1979
Minutes, correspondence, agreements, bargaining files, and newsletters (4 linear ft.)

MS 291 Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers International Union. Local 7-346 (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1937-1967
Minutes, correspondence, agreements, grievances, financial records, and printed material (3.5 linear ft.)

MS 371 Gust, Jane R.
Papers, 1945-1983
Correspondence, minutes, business diaries, subject files, newsclippings, printed material, photographs, and taped interviews of the business representative and president of the United Food and Allied Workers, Local 626, of Toledo, Ohio (4.5 linear ft.)

MS 383 Communications Workers of America. Local 4323 (Northwest Ohio)
Records, 1953-1983
Minutes, general correspondence, agreements, contracts, financial documents, and printed material of the union of Ohio Bell and A.T. & T. workers in Northwest Ohio

MS 396 Spitulski, Raymond, 1918-1996
Papers, 1935-1983
Personal papers from a career as an engineer with Jeep Corporation from 1941-1983 and United Auto Workers, Local 12 in Toledo, Ohio and as president of the Society of Designing Engineers (6 linear ft.)

MS 468 Pollock, Sam, 1909-1983
Papers, 1932-1982.
Personal papers of a labor leader and educator, including correspondence, literary productions, subject files, business papers from Meat Cutters Union and health organization activities, photographs, periodicals, and pamphlets (150 linear ft.)

MS 532 Northwest Ohio Building Trades Council. (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1916-1980
Minutes (Executive Board, Business Representatives, Trade Council, and Trade delegates meetings), ledgers, and minor correspondence (3 linear ft.)

MS 657 Toledo Labor-Management Citizens' Committee. (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1945-1979
Minutes, correspondence, reports, histories, and printed material (1 linear ft.)

MS 664 Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen. Oak Leaf Lodge No. 196. Ladies Auxiliary. (Dayton, Ohio)
Records, 1900-1990
Minutes, correspondence, subject files, and financial records.

MS 733 United Steelworkers of America. Local 190, District 27 (Globe Steel Company, Mansfield, Ohio)
Records, 1942-1967
Minute books, financial documents, and other records reflecting a variety of the union's activities.

MS 740 National Association of Letter Carriers Auxiliary (Bowling Green, Ohio)
Meeting minutes, conference minutes, chapter roster, membership applications, constitution and by-laws, correspondence, officer’s guide, annual and semi-annual reports, literary works, financial documents, various printed materials, and artifacts.

MS 750 United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America Local Union 1581. (Napoleon, Ohio)
Records 1935-1973
Minutes, financial records, correspondence, membership rosters, and miscellaneous materials of Local 1581, which was formed from the merger of locals 1825 (Bowling Green, Ohio), 2180 (Defiance, Ohio), and 822 (Findlay, Ohio). (3.5 linear ft.)

MS 751 United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Local 1393. (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1940-1994 (scattered)
Bylaws, District Council minutes, strike photographs, printed histories, correspondence, and newspaper clippings from the Millwrights and Piledrivers Local Union 1393 of Toledo, Ohio. (.5 linear feet)

MS 752 United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Local 248. (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1903-1960 (scattered)
Trade jurisdiction handbook containing reproductions of authentic documents concerning the trade jurisdictions of the Wood, Wire and Metal Lathers International Union, currently used by the Carpenters, Lathers and Floorlayers Local 248.

MS 763 International Brotherhood of Painters and Allied Trades, Local 7. (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1990-1997.
By-laws of the Local, Constitution of the International Brotherhood, Wages/Rules, a working agreement, and the Painters & Allied Trades Journal. (.25 linear feet)

MMS 11 Scioto Land Company (Hardin County, Ohio)
Records, 1927-1936.
Cash and account books, including the period of the Onion Pickers' Strike of 1934.

MMS 191 Toledo, Bowling Green and Southern Traction Company. (Toledo, Ohio)
List of Former Employees, ca. 1936
Names of former and deceased employees of the TBG&S Traction Company, compiled about 1936. Transcript available online.

 Historical Collections of the Great Lakes

GLMS-1 Chicago Shipbuilding Company
Chicago, Illinois
The records of the Chicago Shipbuilding Co. span the years from 1890 to 1962 and document early twentieth-century shipbuilding on the Great Lakes. The bulk of the materials in the collection fall between 1900 and 1950. The most significant record series include dry dock ledgers and reports, legal and labor correspondence, South Yard surveys, financial records, and World War I shipbuilding activities. 13.0 c.f.

GLMS-6 Paisley and Morrow Steamship Companies
Cleveland, Ohio
The records in this collection partially document the activities of two subsidiaries of the Oglebay Norton Co.: the J.A. Paisley Steamship Co. and the Morrow Steamship Co., both of Cleveland, Ohio. The bulk of the collection consists of vessel expense records for the Paisley firm for 1952 and 1953. An additional volume includes labor costs, 1943-1953. Records available for the Morrow Steamship Co. include labor costs, 1943-1953 and a general ledger, 1922-1947. 2.5 c.f.

GLMS-7 Archives of the Marine Historical Society
Detroit, Michigan
The Archives of the Marine Historical Society of Detroit include minutes, committee records, correspondence and memoranda, speeches and papers, and financial reports. The materials span the years from the Society's founding in 1944 to 1988. In addition, the complete files of The Detroit Marine Historian (1947-1988), the Society's monthly newsletter, as well as other publications are available. The records document the entire history of one of the oldest and most significant historical agencies on the Great Lakes. 5.0 c.f.

GLMS-11 Great Lakes Waterways Development Association
Hamilton, Ontario
The Great Lakes Waterways Association functions primarily as a lobbying and educational tool for Canadian shipping interests. Types of records available in the collection are membership records, member correspondence, correspondence with government agencies, news releases, reports, position papers, and speeches for the years 1972-1986. The collection contains excellent information on the contemporary Canadian shipping industry and its efforts to deal with significant changes in the international shipping industry. .5 c.f.

Bethlehem Ship Building Co. built the POLARIS in 1945 as LST 1063 for the U.S. Navy at Hingham, Massachusetts. Cleveland Tankers acquired the vessel in 1949 and rebuilt the ship as a tanker. The collection spans the years from 1958 to 1977 when the POLARIS was scrapped and includes correspondence, injury reports, vessel casualty reports, wage scales, and individual trip records. there is no information for the years 1945-1957. 1.0 c.f.

The records for the G. A. TOMLINSON date from 1968, however the bulk of the collection consists of material generated in 1979, the last year the TOMLINSON was in service. The collection contains records left by the ship's chief engineer, bills of lading, deck logs, crew lists, and labor contracts. The TOMLINSON was built in 1907 by the Great Lakes Engineering Works at Ecorse, Michigan and was originally the D. O. MILLS. 1.5 c.f.

GLMS-16 Arthur C. Frederickson Collection
The Arthur C. Frederickson Collection contains information dating from 1872 through 1969 pertaining to the history of various vessels on the Great Lakes and, in particular, Lake Michigan. Included in the collection are: daily logs, shipwreck logs, crew lists, correspondence, photographs, research notes, articles and other publications, speeches, and subject files. The Frederickson Collection is especially valuable because of his experience in saltwater, the Mississippi River, the Erie Canal, the St. Lawrence Seaway, as well as all of the Great Lakes. 13 c.f.

GLMS-19 Bay Port Fish Company
Bay Port, Michigan
The papers and records of the Bay Port Fish Company and its subsidiaries, the Saginaw Bay Fish Company and the Lake Huron Fish Company, provide sources of information concerning the fishing industry on the Great Lakes during the first half of the twentieth century. The collection is of particular value in documenting the activities and problems of commercial fishermen from the late depression years (from 1936) through the 1960's, including the decline of commercial fishing in Saginaw Bay, Michigan, and Lake Huron in American waters. The collection includes correspondence, reports, legal documents, and financial records. The entire collection spans the years 1894 to 1970, but the correspondence and financial records are complementary only for the years 1936-1967. 29 c.f.

GLMS-22 Ohio and Western Pennsylvania Dock Company
The records of the Ohio and Western Pennsylvania Dock Company partially document the history of the company from 1882-1963. The collection consists of safety committee minutes (1945-1960), company improvement files (1904-1925), vessel lists (1927-1935), labor agreements and grievances (1897-1963), ore shipments (1889-1936), reprimand lists (1905-1907), and operation reports (1908-1913). The operation reports are daily logs of the dock operators and include ore unloading times, references to union activities, transcripts of local union meetings, and copies of various union charters and contracts. 4 c.f.

GLMS-28 International Ship Masters' Association
Of interest to those researching the labor history of the Great Lakes shipping industry, this collection presents the records of a benevolent association devoted to the welfare of its members. Files on annual meetings, membership benefits, lobbying interests, and local lodge activities are included. Coverage spans the years 1886-1990. Issues of concern to those actively involved in operating lake vessels are discussed at length providing insights into how these men perceived their roles in the Great Lakes shipping industry. 17.0 c.f.

GLMS-22 Marsh and McLennan Marine Underwriters
The Marsh and McLennan Marine Underwriters company provides insurance for a number of Great Lakes vessels and fleets. The files in this collection document the procedures followed by Marsh and McLennan when investigating damage claims filed by vessel owners, showing the cost of vessel insurance and of the repair of damaged vessels. In addition, the collection contains a short series of files on personal injury claims, one of hull loss records for individual vessel owners, and an analysis of claims paid from 1967-1972 which provides a profile of accident types and monetary damages claimed. 26.5 c.f.

GLMS-37 Emmet R. Dowdell Collection
Pictorial and printed material regarding the Great Lakes sailing career of Emmet R. Dowdell and his leisure activities after retirement. Scrapbooks contain photographs, clippings, and brochures spanning the years 1860-1976, including views of vessels and street scenes in Lakewood and Lorain, Ohio. 1 c.f.

GLMS-41 C. Patrick Labadie
This collection contains information on the operation of Great Lakes vessels from 1848 to 1980. Enrollment data for 40 vessels registered between 1848 and 1942 reflects efforts to standardize licensing procedures. Log books for the WILLIAM P. PALMER, the HENRY PHIPPS and other vessels record daily activities during voyages. Meeting minutes are present for the annual meeting of the Masters and Chief Engineers of the Pittsburgh Steamship Division of the United States Steel Corporation for 1956 and 1957. 4.0 c.f.

GLMS-43 Alberta M. Fraley
This collection contains fleet logs from the Great Lakes Steamship Company and the Wilson Marine Transit Company for the years 1937-1966. These logs include fleet officers' names, positions held, vessel assignments, dates of employment, and performance evaluations. Also present are course materials used by students at the U.S. Maritime Service Officers' School, the Lake Carriers' Association Engineers' School, and the West Side Institute of Technology. 1.0 c.f.

GLMS-44 Lake Carriers' Association
Cleveland, Ohio
The Great Lakes shipping industry is documented through the files of one of the principal vessel owners' organizations for issues concerning the lakes and one of the primary benevolent associations for persons employed on lake vessels. Subject files on issues from diverting water out of Lake Michigan for the Illinois canal system to pollution control form most of the files in this collection. Records of death beneficiary payments offer information to genealogists tracing family members who worked on lake vessels. Navigation topics are discussed through files on the Coast Guard for 1932-1975. Lake Carriers' Survey for Harbor Improvements records address navigation on such matters as straightening tight turns in harbor ship channels (1927-1951). Communications technology designed to improve navigation is detailed in files on the Radio Technical Commission for Marine Services (1936-1979). The complete collection contains material in scattered form from 1860 to 1910. The majority of the files are from c. 1910 to 1985. Numerous cartographic materials supplement the files. 88. c.f.

GLMS-47 Columbia Transportation Company Collection
This one-half cubic foot collection provides information on the operation of the Columbia Transportation Company. Data on vessels and officers is available, including information on wages, labor costs and company earnings.

GLMS-48 Alice Hass Schultz Marblehead Collection
The focus of this collection of photographs and printed items is the U.S. Coast Guard Station at Marblehead, Ottawa County, OH on Lake Erie. Few items are dated, but they fall in the period from c. 1905-1930. In the collection are 163 black and white photographs and three printed items. .5 c.f.

GLMS-50 United Steel Workers, Great Lakes Seamen Local 5000
Office files from Local 5000 headquarters in Cleveland, OH (1937-1981) form this collection. Most files are post-1960 material. Meeting minutes, financial records, and subject files on organizing elections for employees of the fleets owned by the Interlake Steamship Company, Shenango Furnace Company, and U.S. Steel Corporation appear in sufficient quantity to permit examination of organizing procedures for unions involving lake vessel crews. Contracts and agreements from the 1950s to the 1970s reflect negotiated working conditions faced by vessel crews. 11 c.f.

GLMS-55 John C. Smith
Captain John C. Smith's career on the Great Lakes began in 1929 at the age of 16 and continued until 1946. During his career Smith acquired numerous items pertaining to employment on Great Lakes vessels. A manual listing sample questions from navigation training examinations was studied by masters, mates and pilots in preparation for those examinations. Another manual provides distances between ports to assist navigators in their calculations. Two undated cards illustrate a method of recording weather data and vessel rules. A series of booklets issued to participants in the Lake Carriers' Association welfare plan, which provided assistance to crewmen in between vessel assignments, completes the collection. .5 c.f.

GLMS-68 G. Victor Chamberlain
This collection contains items accumulated by Captain G. Victor Chamberlain during his career on lake vessels from 1940 to 1981. A file of correspondence reveals the importance of safety issues, while radar logs and loading logs record operations aboard the ship. News clippings, particularly ones covering the sinking of the EDMUND FITZGERALD, provide insight on events of interest to Captain Chamberlain. Navigational and weather-related charts illustrate another area of the captain's interest. The collection is small but does present material useful in understanding the responsibilities and worries of Great Lakes vessel captains. .5 c.f.

GLMS-77 McLean Brothers Fisheries Co.
Wheatley, Ontario
This collection documents the activities of the McLean Brothers Fisheries Company, a Canadian Lake Erie fishing company, for the years 1908-1960. Included are 48 Fish Account Books, recording the sale of fish to customers; 31 Day Books, recording daily office expenses; and 6 Wage Books, listing employees and wages earned. Income tax returns, gasoline tax refund information, company correspondence and miscellaneous employee and supply purchase records provide additional insight into the expenses faced by a Great Lakes fishing company. 7 reels of microfilm.

The Sun Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. launched the MARINE ROBIN in 1944 at Chester, PA. In 1950 the vessel was added to the M.A. Hanna Co. fleet and renamed JOSEPH H. THOMPSON. This collection contains vessel records for the years 1976-1982. Correspondence describes maintenance and personnel matters, while various logs record operating details of individual trips during the sailing season. Also included is a 1980 incident report which illustrates the company's accident-reporting process. .5 c.f.

GLMS-95 Craig Ship Building Company Collection
Collection documents business and personal elements in the life of Great Lakes shipbuilder John Craig. Includes 93 black and white photographs. 4 c.f.

GLMS-98 Mackinac Island Resort Occupational Folklore Collection
Mackinac Island, Michigan
Six audio tapes of interviews of seasonal workers at Mackinac Island (1990) and the resulting research paper prepared for an independent study course in the Department of Popular Culture, Bowling Green State University. 0.5 c.f.

GLMS-100 Inland Steel Company Collection
Engineer's logs, Official Logs, Rough Deck Logs, crew lists and articles of agreement for six freighters owned by the Inland Steel Company, 1978-1981. 3.5 c.f.

GLMS-103 Albert A. Bartlett
During the early years of his college career, 1941-1942, Albert A. Bartlett obtained summer employment on the Great Lakes iron ore freighters PONTIAC and PETER WHITE. During this time Bartlett photographed his fellow crew members performing routine duties and later arranged 208 of his photos in a captioned scrapbook, a copy of which is presented here. Bartlett's photographs record the daily events of vessel life, capturing crew and officers at work and play. The collection also includes 7 hours of taped interviews, as well as a transcript of those tapes, in which Bartlett describes his work and life as a lake vessel porter. 1.5 c.f.