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National Student Affairs Archives: Introduction

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The National Student Affairs Archives comprises the institutional papers of numerous national, regional, and state (Ohio/Michigan) professional associations, the private collections of individuals who have been extremely active in the field, and a cataloged library of books and pamphlets. This national collection is open to all researchers interested in the field of higher education and student affairs. For a complete listing of all of the collections, please go to National Student Affairs Archives. To access a detailed inventory, click on the highlighted manuscript numbers.

The Student Affairs History Project is a website devoted to the history of the student affairs profession. The website provides starting points for projects; offers resources to help researchers use their time and resources well; and is meant to be a collaborative space for those teaching, studying, and seeking understanding about the profession’s past and future. This website is managed by the Department of Higher Education and Student Affairs at Bowling Green State University with the support of the University Libraries and the Center for Archival Collections.

For information about the collections and reference service, please contact the National Student Affairs Archivist at Ask-the-NSAA-Archivist.

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