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About the Rare Books and Special Collections

The Rare Books Division includes rare and important books, periodicals, manuscripts, and ephemera in many subject areas. Of particular note are the William F. Nolan/Ray Bradbury Collection, the Ockuly-Franklin D. Roosevelt Collection, the Jan Wahl Collection (children's literature), the Thomas F. Eckman Memorial Collection (Special Collection B), the David D. Anderson Collection of Midwest Authors (including many first and limited editions of Sherwood Anderson's works), the Robert Peters Collection, the Carol Bergé Collection (modern poetry), and the Robert Aickman Collection. Catalog access to the book portions of these collections is available through the BGSU Library Online Catalog.

The Special Collections reflect academic programs and faculty research at Bowling Green State University. Collections include faculty book collections such as the Robert Rogers Hubach Collection of Walt Whitman, faculty papers, the Frederick Eckman Collection, the Philip F. O'Connor Collection, the BGSU Creative Writing Program Collection, BFA Theses, and literary manuscripts. The National Student Affairs Archives includes over seventeen professional associations involved in student affairs and higher education. If you are interested in donating books or manuscripts to the Rare Books and Special Collections Division, please contact Libby Hertenstein, Cataloger and Metadata Librarian.

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Manuscripts in Rare Books and Special Collections

MS 69   Jan Wahl
Papers, 1960-1996.
Manuscripts, galley proofs, illustrations, and mock-ups from the author's books, correspondence, speeches, and memorabilia of a children's literature author. Rare Books Collection.

MS 294   Robert Aickman
Papers, 1885-1980.
Literary productions, ledgers, journals, daybooks, and correspondence related to the British literary scene as well as the founding of the Inland Waterways Association. Rare Books Collection. (8 linear ft.)

MS 379   William Nolan/Ray Bradbury Collection
Papers, 1936-
Literary manuscripts, including books, short stories, scripts, screenplays, and poems; personal letters between Nolan and Bradbury; transcripts, posters, photos, broadsides, periodicals, and notes. Rare Books Collection (13 linear ft.)

MS 415   Eugene F. Ockuly
Ockuly FDR Collection, 1914-1980.
Correspondence, genealogical chart, printed materials, photographs, and autographs pertaining to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Rare Books Collection (3.25 linear ft.)

MS 586 BGSU Creative Writing Program Alumni
Papers, 1975-
Includes manuscripts and theses of graduates of the Master of Fine Arts Program at BGSU.

MS 626   Robert Peters Collection
Correspondence, literary manuscripts, books, periodicals, and printed material by a 20th century poet and critic. Rare Books Collection.

MS 693   Carol Bergé Collection
Correspondence, literary manuscripts, books, periodicals, and printed material by a 20th century poet and publisher. Rare Books Collection.

MS 724   Philip F. O'Connor Collection
Papers, 1960s-1994
Correspondence, literary manuscripts, books, and printed material by novelist and co-founder of Bowling Green State University's Creative Writing Program. Rare Books Collection.

MS 745   Bowling Green State University Creative Writing Program
Bachelor of Fine Arts Theses, 1977-   .
Senior theses submitted in partial fulfillment for the requirements of a BFA in Creative Writing at Bowling Green State University. Rare Books Collection.

MS 775   Frederick Eckman Collection
Papers, 1940s-1997
Correspondence, literary manuscripts, books, and printed material by poet and co-founder of Bowling Green State University's Creative Writing Program. Special Collection B.

MS 776 Mary Jackson Collection
Papers, 1950s-1997
Correspondence, poetry manuscripts, and photographs documenting the life of Frederick, Mary, and Thomas Eckman. Rare Books Collection.

MS 777 Robert Beum Collection
Papers, 1992-1997
Correspondence and memoir documenting the relationship and acquaintances of Robert Beum and Frederick Eckman during their time at the Golden Goose Press in the 1950s and again during their retirement years. Rare Books Collection.

MS 1131 William Burl Thomas Papers
Papers, 1920-1987
Fiction, memoirs, and book collecting notes by a BGSU faculty member.