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Civil War Newspapers: Paulding County Correspondents

Before the days of wire services or news bureaus, newspapers frequently printed letters from local soldiers to provide more in-depth coverage of war news. Since regiments were recruited by geographical regions, most of the men serving in a unit were neighbors, and their families often shared letters with each other. Some soldiers specifically arranged to send reports of company news to their hometown newspapers. This index, prepared by Dan Masters, records all soldiers' correspondence printed in the Paulding Independent newspapers during the Civil War. Researchers should be aware that these indexes do not necessarily represent the holdings of the Center for Archival Collections. Those wishing to review the news articles or editorials cited here should consult the Guide to Newspaper Holdings.

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No Regiment

Major General Stephen A. Hurlbut
Letter: 11/20/1862

"East Tennessee"
Letter: 4/30/1863

Illinois Units

13th Illinois Infantry

"G.N.L. Scotty"
Letter: 9/19/1861

Louisiana Units

9th Louisiana Infantry (African Descent)

Captain Lyman J. Hissong, Company E
Letter: 7/16/1863

Ohio Units

14th Ohio Infantry

4/25/1861, 8/1/1861, 10/8/1863

14th Ohio Infantry (3 months- 1861)

Captain John S. Snook, Company G
Letters: 5/30/1861

Private Fielding S. Cable, Company G
Letters: 5/9/1861, 6/6/1861, 6/20/1861 (2), 6/27/1861 (2), 7/4/1861, 8/1/1861

14th Ohio Infantry (3 years)

Private Henry A. Brown, Company G
Letter: 4/16/1863

First Sergeant George W. Eckles, Company G
Letter: 4/16/1863

Captain William H. Eckles, Company G
Letters: 4/9/1863, 7/23/1863, 8/6/1863, 10/22/1863

Private Benjamin B. Jackson, Company G
Letter: 2/26/1863

17th Ohio Infantry

Captain James W. Stinchcomb, Company B
Letter: 1/17/1863

32nd Ohio Infantry

Sergeant Mathias H. Ridenour, Company H
Letter: 9/3/1863

38th Ohio Infantry


Lieutenant Colonel William A. Choate
Letter: 1/17/1863

Captain John Crosson, Company F
Letters: 11/20/1862, 2/19/1863, 3/5/1863

Private Henry Rinebolt, Company F
Letters: 5/14/1863, 8/6/1863

Member, Company F
Letter: 9/10/1863

"Corporal" Company F
Letter: 1/10/1863

"Paulding," Company F
Letters: 10/10/1861, 10/17/1861

"Wild Boy"
Letter: 3/12/1863

64th Ohio Infantry

Sergeant "S.W.D.," Company F
Letter: 8/13/1863

68th Ohio Infantry

Articles: 6/18/1863, 6/25/1863

Major George E. Miller
Letter: 6/25/1863

Letter: 2/12/1863

"Old Zeke"
Letters: 11/27/1862, 12/4/1862

Letter: 2/16/1863

Captain Patrick H. Mooney, Company C
Letters: 11/20/1862, 8/20/1863

Private Gilbert L. Meyers, Company C
Letter: 10/1/1863

Private William R. Snook, Company C
Letters: 2/19/1863, 7/9/1863, 10/8/1863

"Soldier Boy" Company C
Letter: 9/17/1863

100th Ohio Infantry

Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Summerville Slevin
Letter: 4/23/1863

Captain Emanuel Kauffman, Company I
Letters: 1/22/1863, 4/16/1863, 5/7/1863

"B********," Company I
Letter: 1/10/1863

"Occasional," Company I
Letters: 11/6/1862, 12/25/1862, 1/29/1863, 3/19/1863

"The Drummer" Company I
Letter: 3/12/1863