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Civil War Newspapers: Wood County Correspondents

Before the days of wire services or news bureaus, newspapers frequently printed letters from local soldiers to provide more in-depth coverage of war news. Since regiments were recruited by geographical regions, most of the men serving in a unit were neighbors, and their families often shared letters with each other. Some soldiers specifically arranged to send reports of company news to their hometown newspapers. This index, prepared by Dan Masters, records all soldiers' correspondence printed in Wood County, Ohio newspapers during the Civil War. Researchers should be aware that these indexes do not necessarily represent the holdings of the Center for Archival Collections. Those wishing to review news articles or editorials dealing with the war should consult the Guide to Newspaper Holdings.

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No Regiment, Unknown Regiment

Major General Robert H. Milroy
Enlisted 4/23/1861 as Captain in 9th Indiana Infantry, promoted to Colonel 4/27/1861, mustered out 7/29/1861. Re-Enlisted as Colonel of 9th Indiana Infantry 8/27/1861, promoted to Brigadier General 9/3/1861, promoted to Major General 11/19/1862, resigned commission 7/25/1865.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--6/3/1863

Letters: Perrysburg Journal--12/23/1863, 12/30/1863.

Letter: Perrysburg Journal--6/11/1862.

Letter: Perrysburg Journal--5/28/1862.

Letter: Perrysburg Journal--8/27/1862 .

William P. Vohn
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--4/10/1862.

Letter:Wood County Independent-5/21/1862

Ohio Units

1st Ohio Cavalry

Captain John C. Frankeberger
Regimental Quartermaster
Enlisted 9/11/1861 as 1st Lieutenant of Company G, promoted to Captain 6/6/1862, promoted to Major 9/20/1863, mustered out 1/11/1865
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--12/31/1862

Battery G, 1st Ohio Light Artillery

"Thomas Major"
Letters: Perrysburg Journal--6/17/1863, 7/22/1863, 8/19/1863, 9/2/1863, 10/7/1863, 11/4/1863, 11/18/1863, 12/23/1863, 3/23/1864, 4/13/1864, 9/28/1864, 11/9/1864, 11/23/1864, 12/14/1864

Battery H, 1st Ohio Light Artillery

Corporal William H. Perigo
Enlisted 10/26/1861 as a Corporal, promoted to sergeant 5/1/1863, promoted to 2nd Lieutenant 6/14/1864, promoted to 1st Lieutenant 2/8/1865, mustered out with battery 6/14/1865 at Cleveland, Ohio.
Letter: Wood County Independent- 5/15/1863.

Letter: Perrysburg Journal--11/25/1863

6th Ohio Infantry (3 years)

Private Thomas M. Carr, Company B
Enlisted 6/8/1861, promoted to Corporal 12/8/1861, promoted to Sgt. 2/20/1863, mustered out 6/23/1864.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--11/7/1861

7th Ohio Infantry (3 years)

Corporal John James "Jim" Evers, Company C
enlisted 4/24/1861 in Co. C, 13th Ohio Infantry, mustered out 6/20/1861, enlisted 6/20/1861 in Co. C, 7th Ohio Infantry, promoted to Corporal 11/20/1861, killed in action 8/9/1862 at the Battle of Cedar Mountain, Virginia.
Letters: Wood County Independent- 4/9/1862, 7/9/1862, Perrysburg Journal-- 5/23/1861, 7/18/1861, 7/25/1861.

Corporal Selden Allen Day, Company C
Enlisted 6/20/1861, promoted to corporal, sergeant, hospital steward 2/4/1863, discharged 5/22/1864, commissioned 4/7/1864 in 5th U.S. Artillery as 2nd Lt., promoted to Brevet 1st Lieutenant for actions at Cold Harbor, Virginia 6/3/1864, promoted to Brevet Captain 3/13/1865, subsequent service in U.S. Army until 7/22/1902, retiring as Lieutenant Colonel.
Letters: Perrysburg Journal--4/3/1862, 11/17/1865

11th Ohio Infantry (3 years)

Captain Calvin J. Childs, Company A
Enlisted 4/15/1861 as Captain, mustered out 6/14/1861, enlisted 6/14/1861 as Captain, resigned commission 5/7/1862.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--10/31/1861

Private William C. Philo, Company D
enlisted 6/20/1861, mustered out 6/21/1864.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--5/6/1863

13th Ohio Infantry (3 months)

Private John James Evers, Company C-see 7th Ohio Infantry

13th Ohio Infantry (3 years)

Musician Josiah Chance
Enlisted 7/2/1861 as Musician, discharged 9/3/1862, enlisted 12/17/1863 as a Bugler in the 7th Ohio Cavalry, discharged 9/13/1864 for promotion, promoted to Captain in 127th United States Colored Troops 9/13/1864, mustered out 10/20/1865, subsequent service in U.S. Army until death in 1885.

Letter: Perrysburg Journal--5/7/1862

14th Ohio Infantry (3 years)

Sergeant James B. Smith, Company A
Enlisted 8/17/1861 as a Sergeant, promoted to hospital steward 7/1/1862, died of disease 6/23/1863 at Nashville, Tennessee.
Letters: Perrysburg Journal--3/6/1862, 4/17/1862

21st Ohio Infantry

Colonel Jesse S. Norton
Enlisted 4/27/1861 as Colonel, wounded and captured 7/17/1861 at Scarytown, Virginia, mustered out 8/12/1861, enlisted 9/19/1861, resigned commission 12/20/1862.
Letters: Wood County Independent-4/9/1862, Perrysburg Journal--9/5/1861, 9/19/1861, 3/13/1862

Captain Asher Cook, Company C
Enlisted 4/27/1861 as Captain, mustered out 8/12/1861 at Columbus, OH, later enlisted 5/2/1864 in Company F, 144th Ohio, mustered out 8/24/1864
Letters: Perrysburg Journal- 5/9/1861, 10/8/1862, 7/20/1864

First Lieutenant Arnold McMahan Company C
Enlisted 4/25/1861 as 1st Lt., mustered out 8/12/1861, enlisted 9/19/1861 as Captain, promoted to Major 6/14/1863, wounded and captured 9/20/1863 at Battle of Chickamauga, returned to duty 3/1/1864, promoted to Lieutenant Colonel 2/29/1864, promoted to Brevet Colonel 3/13/1865, mustered out with regiment 7/25/1865 at Louisville, Kentucky.
Letters: Wood County Independent-4/2/1862, Perrysburg Journal--5/2/1861, 7/18/1861, 10/10/1861, 9/30/1863, 3/30/1864, 7/12/1865, 8/1/1865.

Second Lieutenant Leonard B. Blinn, Company C
(see also Co. A, 100th Ohio Infantry)
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--6/6/1861 .

Sergeant James P. Averill, Company C
Enlisted 4/25/1861 as Sergeant, mustered out with regiment 8/12/1861 at Columbus, Ohio. Re
Enlisted as 1st Sergeant of Company F, 144th Ohio Infantry 5/2/1864, mustered out with company 8/24/1864.
Letters: Perrysburg Journal--6/13/1861, 6/27/1861.

Corporal Francis H. Thompson, Company C
Enlisted 4/25/1861 as Corporal. Mustered out with regiment 8/12/1861 at Columbus, Ohio.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--5/30/1861.

First Sergeant Ara C. Spafford, Company C
Enlisted 9/19/1861 as 1st Sergeant, promoted to 2nd Lieutenant 10/3/1862, captured 9/20/1863 at the Battle of Chickamauga, died of yellow fever 10/14/1864 as prisoner at Columbia, South Carolina.
Letters: Perrysburg Journal--10/17/1861, 11/14/1861, 1/4/1865.

Private Henry H. Houston, Company C
Enlisted 8/9/1861 as Private, promoted to Corporal 4/1/1865, mustered out with regiment 7/25/1865 at Louisville, Kentucky.
Letters: Perrysburg Journal--10/7/1863, 10/21/1863, 11/4/1863.

Private George Scheets, Company C
Enlisted 8/29/1861 as Private, promoted to Quartermaster Sergeant 3/1/1863, promoted to 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant 2/10/1865, mustered out with regiment 7/25/1865 at Louisville, Kentucky.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--10/24/1861.

Captain Milo H. Caton, Company H
enlisted 9/19/1861 as Captain, captured 9/20/1863 at the Battle of Chickamauga, returned 5/8/1865, resigned commission 6/5/1865.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--12/9/1863.

First Lieutenant James L. Curry, Company H
Enlisted 9/19/1861 as 1st Lieutenant of Company H, mustered in 9/19/1861, promoted 12/20/1862 to Captain of Company A, discharged for disability 8/28/1864.
Letters: Wood County Independent-5/21/1862, 5/28/1862, Perrysburg Journal--6/4/1862, 11/19/1862, 2/4/1863, 3/18/1863, 4/6/1864, 8/22/1865, 9/19/1865.

Sergeant Ebenezer Donaldson, Company H
Enlisted 9/2/1861 as Sergeant, mustered out 9/19/1864.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--1/16/1862.

Sergeant Henry R. Skinner, Company H
Enlisted as corporal 9/2/1861, promoted to sergeant 2/1/1865, mustered out with regiment 7/25/1865 at Louisville, Kentucky.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--2/22/1865.

Corporal Lafayette Hale, Company H
Enlisted as private 9/2/1861, promoted to corporal 1/1/1864, promoted to sergeant 4/1/1865, mustered out with regiment 7/25/1865 at Louisville, Kentucky.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--2/22/1865.

Captain Silas S. Canfield, Company K
Enlisted 9/19/1861 as Captain, captured 9/20/1863 at the Battle of Chickamauga, discharged 4/1/1865.
Letters: Perrysburg Journal--12/10/1862, 9/9/1863.

Musician George S. Canfield, Company K
Enlisted 8/24/1861, discharged for disability 1/16/1864
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--11/25/1863.

Private Alexander K. Forrest, Company K
Enlisted 9/10/1861, re
Enlisted 1/1/1864, mustered out with regiment 7/25/1865 at Louisville, Kentucky.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--9/12/1865.

Letter: Perrysburg Journal--3/4/1863.

Letters: Perrysburg Journal--8/10/1864, 9/28/1864.

Letter: Perrysburg Journal--7/27/1864

25th Ohio Infantry

Second Lieutenant George N. Holcomb, Company E
enlisted 6/12/1861 as sergeant, promoted to 1st Sgt. 3/7/1862, promoted to 2nd Lt. 4/1/1863, promoted to 1st Lt. 3/15/1864 of Co. G, promoted to Quartermaster 4/1/1864, promoted to Captain of Co. C, 8/11/1864, mustered out with regiment 6/18/1866 at Columbus, Ohio.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--5/6/1863.

Unknown officer, Company K
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--1/11/1865

27th Ohio Infantry

Private Joseph Dawes, unknown company
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--2/6/1862

49th Ohio Infantry

First Lieutenant George W. Vail, Company A
Enlisted as sergeant August 6, 1861, captured 12/30/1862 at Battle of Stones River, returned to regiment 6/1/1863, promoted to 1st Sergeant 3/6/1864, wounded 5/27/1864 at Battle of Pickett's Mills, promoted to 1st Lieutenant 2/10/1865, mustered out with regiment 11/30/1865 at Victoria, Texas.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--1/19/1866.

Private Alexander P. Donaldson, Company H
Enlisted 8/15/1861 as a Private, promoted to Corporal 10/5/1863, killed 5/27/1864 at the Battle of Pickett's Mills.
Letters: Perrysburg Journal--10/10/1861, 10/24/1861, 10/31/1861, 11/28/1861, 1/2/1862, 1/16/1862, 2/13/1862, 6/4/1862, 6/25/1862, 8/13/1862, 8/17/1864.

67th Ohio Infantry

Colonel Alvin Coe Voris
Enlisted as 2nd Lieutenant of Company H, 29th Ohio Infantry 10/2/1861, promoted to Lieutenant Colonel 67th Ohio Infantry 10/3/1861, wounded 7/18/1863 in assault of Fort Wagner, promoted to Brevet Brigadier General 12/8/1864, to Colonel 9/1/1865, to Brevet Major General 11/15/1865, mustered out with regiment 12/7/1865 at City Point, Virginia
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--12/22/1865.

Major Lewis Butler
Enlisted 10/4/1861 as Captain of Company I, mustered in 10/4/1861, promoted to Major 1/13/1863, promoted to Colonel of 182nd Ohio Infantry 10/10/1864, mustered out with regiment 7/7/1865.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--8/19/1863.

Adjutant Rodney J. Hathaway
Enlisted 11/1/1861 as 1st Sergeant of Company I, transferred to Company D 11/19/1861, promoted to 2nd Lieutenant 12/8/1863, promoted to 1st Lieutenant 2/18/1864, promoted to Adjutant 5/26/1864, mustered out 11/10/1864.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--9/21/1864.

Captain John B. Spafford, Company H
Enlisted 4/25/1861 as 1st Sergeant of Company C, 21st Ohio Infantry, mustered out with regiment 8/12/1861 at Columbus, Ohio. Re
Enlisted 10/3/1861 as 1st Lieutenant of Company H, 67th Ohio Infantry, promoted to Captain 12/18/1861, resigned commission 2/3/1863.
Letters: Perrysburg Journal--10/31/1861, 4/17/1862,.

Sergeant John Jeff Parsons, Companies B and H
enlisted 10/9/1861 as Sergeant of Company H, promoted to 2nd Lieutenant of Company B 2/18/1864, promoted to 1st Lieutenant of Company H 8/11/1864, killed 8/16/1864 at the Battle of Deep Bottom Run, Virginia.
Letters: Perrysburg Journal-- 2/6/1862, 3/6/1862, 3/27/1862, 4/10/1862, 6/25/1862, 7/30/1862, 7/15/1863, 8/5/1863, 9/30/1863, 10/7/1863 (2), 10/28/1863, 4/20/1864, 5/4/1864, 5/25/1864, 6/15/1864, (death of) 9/21/1864.

Sergeant Joseph Parsons Owen, Company K
Enlisted 11/2/1861 as a private, promoted to Corporal 8/2/1862, discharge unknown, also served in Co. B, 176th Ohio Infantry
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--3/25/1863.

Corporal Edward C. Ketchum, Company K
Enlisted 10/8/1861 as corporal, promoted 3/27/1865 to commissary sergeant, discharged 9/1/1865
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--10/12/1864

68th Ohio Infantry

Colonel Samuel H. Steedman
Enlisted 10/1/1861 as Lieutenant Colonel, promoted to Colonel 11/29/1861, discharged 7/5/1862
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--6/11/1862.

Private William A. Ward, Company H
Enlisted 10/7/1861 as a Private, promoted to Sergeant, promoted to 1st Sergeant 7/23/1864, promoted to 1st Lieutenant 1/11/1865, mustered out 7/10/1865 at Louisville, Kentucky
Letters: Perrysburg Journal--1/16/1862, 1/30/1862, 2/13/1862, 2/20/1862, 3/6/1862, 3/27/1862, 5/7/1862, 4/15/1863, 10/14/1863 .

Captain Hiram H. Poe, Company I
Enlisted 10/3/1861 as captain, mustered out 10/28/1864
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--9/14/1864.

First Lieutenant Ira M. Kelsey, Company I
Enlisted 10/10/1861 as 1st Lieutenant, wounded 5/16/1863 at battle of Champion Hills, Mississippi, mustered out 1/4/1865.
Letters: Perrysburg Journal--3/13/1862, 4/17/1862, 8/13/1862.

Second Lieutenant Lewis Dubbs, Company I
Enlisted 10/9/1861 as 2nd Lieutenant, resigned commission 4/14/1863.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--10/15/1862.

Private Lyman J. Hissong, Company I
Enlisted 10/21/1861 as a Private into Company A, transferred 12/1/1861 to Company I, discharged 4/14/1863 at Millken's Bend, Louisiana.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--11/12/1862

72nd Ohio Infantry

Chaplain Abraham B. Poe
Enlisted 1/11/1862 as Chaplain, resigned commission 1/15/1863.
Letters: Perrysburg Journal--3/27/1862, 4/10/1862, p. 3.

Assistant Surgeon William M. Kaull
Enlisted 11/5/1861 as assistant surgeon, resigned commission 6/4/1863.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--6/25/1862.

Private Joseph Findley, Company D
Enlisted 11/24/1861 as Private, killed in action 6/11/1864 at Ripley, Mississippi.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--3/4/1863.

Captain John H. Blinn, Company E
Enlisted 10/10/1861 as Captain, resigned commission 1/15/1863.
Letters: Perrysburg Journal--5/1/1862, 7/2/1862.

Private Thomas A. Gorrill, Company E
Enlisted 12/4/1861 as a Private, discharged 4/8/1865.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal--4/10/1862, p. 3.

73rd Ohio Infantry

Captain Thomas W. Higgins, Company B
Enlisted enlisted 11/20/1861 as Captain, promoted to Major to date 7/10/1863, acting Major to 12/18/1863, commissioned Major 2/17/1864, promoted but not mustered to Lieutenant Colonel 7/13/1864, promoted to Lieutenant Colonel by brevet 3/13/1865, mustered out 7/20/1865 at Louisville, Kentucky.
Letter: Wood County Independent-5/28/1862

74th Ohio Infantry

Sergeant John A. McKee, Company K
Enlisted 1/28/1862 as a Private, promoted to Sergeant 2/28/1862, promoted to 2nd Lieutenant 4/28/1863, drowned 2/1/1864 at Cincinnati, Ohio.
Poem: Perrysburg Journal-4/29/1863

85th Ohio Infantry (3 months)

Lieutenant William W.H. Miller, Company K-Private William Miller in Roster, enlisted 6/10/1862, mustered out 9/23/1862.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal-7/30/1862

86th Ohio Infantry (3 months)

Letter: Perrysburg Journal-8/6/1862

100th Ohio Infantry

Major John A. Shannon
Enlisted 7/13/1862 as Captain of Company A, promoted to Major 5/13/1863, promoted to Lieutenant Colonel 5/11/1864 and transferred to 1st U.S. Colored Troops, Heavy Artillery Regiment, promoted to Colonel 1/1/1865, resigned commission 5/13/1865.
Letters: Perrysburg Journal-8/20/1862, 9/3/1862, 10/14/1863.

Assistant Surgeon Robert Johnson
Enlisted 9/8/1862 as assistant surgeon, captured 9/8/1863 at Battle of Limestone Station, Tennessee, mustered out 6/20/1865 at Greensboro, NC.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal-12/9/1863.

Captain Leonard B. Blinn, Company A-see also Co. C, 21st Ohio Infantry
Enlisted 4/25/1861 as 2nd Lieutenant of Company C, 21st Ohio Infantry, mustered out 8/12/1861 at Columbus, OH, enlisted 7/17/1862 as 1st Lieutenant of Company A, 100th Ohio Infantry, promoted to Captain 5/13/1863, resigned commission 3/3/1865.
Letters: Perrysburg Journal-10/7/1863, 12/23/1863, 12/30/1863, 9/14/1864 .

Corporal John L. McColley, Company A
Enlisted 8/3/1862 as a Private, promoted to Corporal 8/24/1862, captured 9/8/1863 at Limestone Station, Tennessee, transferred to the Navy 5/20/1864
Letter: Perrysburg Journal-1/13/1864.

Corporal Byron C. Baldwin, Company A
Enlisted 8/4/1862 as a Private, promoted to Corporal, captured 9/8/1863 at Limestone Station, Tennessee, killed in action 11/30/1864 at Franklin, Tennessee
Letters: Perrysburg Journal-12/9/1863, (death of) 1/4/1865.

"Hero", Company A
Letters: Perrysburg Journal-10/15/1862, 11/19/1862, 12/17/1862, 2/11/1863, 4/8/1863, 10/7/1863.

Letter: Perrysburg Journal-7/20/1864

111th Ohio Infantry

Brigadier General Isaac Ruth Sherwood
Enlisted 4/22/1861 as a Private in Company C, 14th Ohio Infantry, mustered out 8/15/1861, enlisted 8/20/1862 as 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant of 111th Ohio Infantry, promoted to Major 2/1/1863, promoted to Lieutenant Colonel 1/1/1864, promoted to Colonel 9/8/1864, promoted to Brigadier General 2/27/1865, mustered out 6/27/1865 at Salisbury, North Carolina. Born 8/13/1835 in Stanford, Duchess Co., New York, died 10/15/1925 in Toledo, Lucas Co., Ohio. Photo online at
Letters: Perrysburg Journal- 8/3/1864, 12/15/1865.

Captain Thomas C. Norris, Company B
Enlisted 7/25/1862 as Captain, promoted to Major 1/1/1864, promoted to Lt. Col. 9/8/.1864, mustered out with regiment 6/27/1865 at Salisbury, North Carolina
Letter: Perrysburg Journal- 1/13/1864.

1st Lieutenant Daniel W. Poe, Company I- enlisted 8/14/1862 as 1st Lieutenant, resigned commission 3/18/1864
Letter: Perrysburg Journal- 10/8/1862.

Adjutant Wesley S. Thurstin
Enlisted as 1st Sergeant of Company K 8/12/1862, promoted Adjutant 9/10/1863, to Captain of Company D 5/31/1865, mustered out 6/27/1865 at Salisbury, North Carolina.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal- 3/16/1864.

Corporal John S. Richards, Company B
Enlisted 8/6/1862 as a Private, promoted to Corporal 9/5/1862, captured 11/16/1863 at Lenoir, Tennessee, paroled, captured and paroled 11/23/1864, returned to duty 5/7/1865, mustered out 6/27/1865 at Salisbury, North Carolina.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal- 9/7/1864.

Letter: Perrysburg Journal- 10/22/1862.

"Wise One"
Letter: Perrysburg Journal- 10/29/1862.

Letter: Perrysburg Journal- 6/10/1863.

Letter: Perrysburg Journal- 7/22/1863.

Letter: Perrysburg Journal- 3/2/1864

144th Ohio Infantry

Captain Asher Cook, Company F-mustered in 5/2/1864, mustered out 8/24/1864.
Letter: Perrysburg Journal- 7/27/1864.

Private Henry S. Chapin, Company F- mustered in May 2, 1864, mustered out August 24, 1864.
Letters: Perrysburg Journal- 5/18/1864, 5/25/1864, 6/1/1864, 6/8/1864, 6/15/1864, 6/22/1864, 6/29/1864, 7/6/1864, 7/13/1864, 7/27/1864, 8/3/1864, 8/10/1864, 8/17/1864

185th Ohio Infantry

Second Lieutenant Silas D. Stearns, Company K
Enlisted 2/26/1865 as 2nd Lieutenant, mustered out 9/26/1865 at Lexington, Kentucky.
Letters: Perrysburg Journal- 3/22/1865, 4/19/1865, 9/12/1865.

D.A. Avery, Company K
Letter: Perrysburg Journal- 5/10/1865

189th Ohio Infantry

"File Closer", Company G
Letters: Perrysburg Journal- 4/12/1865, 4/26/1865, 5/10/1865. 5/24/1865, 6/28/1865, 8/8/1865, 8/29/1865, 9/26/1865

Other Correspondents

1st Alabama (US) Cavalry

First Lieutenant J. H. Hornbeck, Company K
Letters: Perrysburg Journal- 5/27/1863, 10/21/1863, 1/27/1864, 2/17/1864

1st Michigan Cavalry

Private John W. Chappell, Company E
Enlisted 8/18/1861, reenlisted 12/21/1863, discharged 6/13/1865 at Grafton, West Virginia.
Letter: 7/9/1862

2nd Minnesota Infantry

Sergeant Major Thomas G. Scott
Enlisted 7/5/1861 as a sergeant, wounded 11/25/1863 at Battle of Missionary Ridge, promoted to 2nd Lieutenant 6/20/1864, promoted to Captain 9/14/1864, mustered out with regiment 7/16/1865
Letter: Perrysburg Journal-2/6/1862

5th Missouri State Militia Cavalry

"A.E.P." Private Arthur E. Pierce, Company G
Letters: Perrysburg Journal--12/5/1861, 12/26/1861, 8/13/1862, 9/3/1862.

1st Middle Tennessee Cavalry

First Lieutenant J. H. Hornbeck, Company E
Letter: Perrysburg Journal- 5/27/1863

1st United States Colored Heavy Artillery

"S", Company D
Letter: Perrysburg Journal- 2/1/1865

27th U.S. Colored Troops

Quartermaster N.A. Gray
Letter: Perrysburg Journal- 8/24/1864