Artillery Units: 22nd Ohio Battery, Independent Light Artillery

Artillery units were recruited from all over the state. Those represented in detail here are the ones recruited primarily from northwest Ohio counties.

22nd Ohio Battery, Independent Light Artillery

A section of this Battery was organized April 1, 1863, and placed on duty at Wheeling, VW, and in Holmes County, Ohio. This section was brought back to Camp Chase, Ohio June 19, 1863, the organization completed, and mustered into service July 14, 1863, by J. L. Proctor, Captain 18th Infantry, US Army. The Battery was sent to Parkersburg, WV, and thence to Wheeling. From Wheeling it moved to Hancock, Maryland, in support of General Kelley. It then returned to Parkersburg, sending out detachments in pursuit of General Morgan, then on his raid through Indiana and Ohio. After the capture of Morgan, the Battery returned to Camp Chase. On the 12th of August 1863, the Battery marched to Camp Nelson, Kentucky, and on September 1 marched toward Cumberland Gap. It arrived in front of the Gap on the 7th of September and thereafter took part in the operations which compelled its surrender. On January 3, 1864, a detachment under command of Lt. A. B. Algers, in company with a force of 350 cavalry, while on a reconnaissance at Jonesville, VA, after twelve hours fighting, was compelled to surrender for want of ammunition. On February 14, 1864, Lt. George W. Taylor was murdered by a Rebel citizen near Barboursville, Kentucky, and on June 21, 1864, Peter Cornell was killed by Rebel guerillas, near Cumberland Gap, Kentucky. On June 27, 1864, the Battery was ordered to Knoxville, Tennessee. On July 5, 1865, it was ordered to Camp Chase, Ohio, where it was mustered out, July 13, 1865, by Joseph Keirn, Lieutenant 6th Cavalry, US Army, in accordance with orders from the War Department.



Amos B. Alger