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Established: 3 February 1845
County Seat: Upper Sandusky

 Geographical Names (active post offices in bold)

  • Belle Vernon
  • Big Turtle
  • Bowshersville
  • Carey
  • Crawford
  • Deunquat
  • Grand
  • Harpster
  • Kirby
  • Little Sandusky
  • Lovell
  • Marseilles
  • McCutcheonville
  • Mexico
  • Nevada
  • Pious
  • Pitt
  • Pleasant Dale
  • Ruskin
  • Seal
  • Sycamore
  • Tymochtee
  • Upper Sandusky
  • Warpole
  • Wharton
  • Whartonsburgh
  • Wyandot

Township Organization

Wyandot County was formed from parts of Crawford, Marion, Hardin, and Hancock Counties.

TownshipDateOther Notes
Jackson1840; 1845Formed as part of Hardin County; re-organized when Wyandot County was organized
Marseilles1845Formed from Grand Township, Marion County and Goshen Township, Hardin County
Antrim1822; 1845Formed as part of Crawford County; 8 sections added from Grand Prairie Township, Marion County in 1845
Crawford1822; 1845Formed as part of Crawford County; present boundaries established 1845
Crane1845Some sections added from Pitt Township in 1845
Eden1838; 1845Formed as part of Leith Township, Crawford County; re-organized when Wyandot County was organized
MifflinBefore 1840Formed as part of Crawford County
PittBefore 1840Formed as part of Crawford County
Richland1835; 1845Formed as part of Hancock County in 1835; became part of Wyandot County 1845
Ridge1845Detached from Amanda Township, Hancock County
Sycamore1825; 1845Formed as part of Crawford County; re-organized when Wyandot County was organized
Tymochtee1825; 1845Formed as part of Crawford County; re-organized when Wyandot County was organized


Newspapers are useful to genealogical research because of the obituaries and community news appearing in them. The following communities published newspapers with information relating to Wyandot County residents. To see the CAC's holdings for each title, go to the Guide to Newspaper Holdings, select the letter the city name begins with and scroll down or use your browser's search function to locate the description of the newspapers. Newspapers may also be located at your local public library or at the Ohio Historical Society.

  • Carey
  • Nevada
  • Sycamore
  • Upper Sandusky
  • Wharton

 Local Government Records

Counties, townships, and cities all keep records of interest to family historians. Probate Court records include Births and Deaths (first recorded in 1867), marriages, wills, and guardianships. Naturalization records may also be found here as well as in the Court of Common Pleas. For a full listing of offices, see Wyandot County Guide to Local Government Records .

Researchers interested in contemporary records, or any record not listed here on the CAC's inventories should contact the Wyandot County Courthouse for more information.


Search the BGSU Libraries online catalog for Wyandot County, Ohio histories and atlases. The following indexes have been compiled and are available for use at the Center for Archival Collections.

  • Index to Federal Census for Wyandot County: 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910 CAC OG F497.W9E54
  • A Book of Diagrams and Index of Indian Landholders on the Wyandot Time of Cession. pOG 3134
  • An Index to Personal Names in the History of Wyandot County, Ohio, 1884. CAC OG F497.W9 H635 1992
  • Naturalization Records, Wyandot County, Ohio, Courthouse: Probate Court, 1842-1906; Clerk of Courts, 1847-1929. CAC OG F497.W9 N25 1986
  • Ohio's Rank and File from Wyandot County, Ohio in the War of the Rebellion...and Wyandot County G.A.R. Posts. CAC OG F497.W9 O34 1988, OH.?] : Wyandot Tracers Chapter, OGS, 1997.
  • Wyandot County Naturalization Records, 1847-1929. CAC OG F497.W9N25 1986

Most local government record volumes are indexed at the front of each volume. Some separate indexes have been prepared and form part of the local record series. These include:

  • Birth Registrations and Corrections, 1880-1972, 1r (#146)
  • Estates, 1845-1906, 2r (#127-128)
  • Marriages, 1845-1951, 1r (#150)

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