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Wood County Hospital Guild - MS 1157

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The records of the Wood County Hospital Guild were donated to the Center for Archival Collections beginning in 1982 through the cooperation of various Guild Officers including Lolita Guthrie and Laurie Newlove, with an instrument of gift signed in September 2011. The collection chronicles events, programs, meetings, and correspondence of the organization from 1953-2010, including various pamphlets, meeting minutes, news clippings, photos, volunteer schedules, and work guides.

Literary and property rights have been dedicated to the public and duplication is permitted for the purposes of preservation and scholarly research. The collection was partially processed by BGSU student John Bentley, and Stephen Sonnenberg, with additions and revisions by Marilyn Levinson, Curator of Manuscripts, who compiled the consolidated register in 2011.

 Agency History

Wood County Hospital opened in 1951. The hospital’s website states that it had tremendous support from the community to begin its operations. The support came in the form of door-to-door fundraising, holding rummage sales, auctions and even more unique ways of raising money such as the sale of blankets and even a heifer at one point.

Early labors for a hospital came in the form of petitions for the city of Bowling Green in 1928. The issue of a hospital would arise for a vote again in 1940. Both early votes were struck down by a marginal deficit, discouraging supporters. After World War II and the end of the Depression however, the Hill-Burton Act provided13 million dollars of funding to the state of Ohio for hospital construction. The citizens of Ohio, through bonds and other initiatives, raised around 50 million dollars for the same cause. The Wood County Hospital would costs 750,000 dollars, $250,000 which would be covered by federal funding and $250,000 would be donated by local business man Fred W. Uhlman. The other ways of funding came from donations and previously mentioned forms of fundraising.

The Hospital officially opened its doors on the 14th of August 1951. There were 54 beds and 36 doctors originally. The community showed its support by having 6000 citizens show up for dedication day. Since that day, the hospital has survived a 1953 tornado, a blizzard in 1978, and the Y2K computer scare.

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of the history of the hospital is that of the Wood County Hospital Guild. Founded in 1954, it began as a female service organization. The first meeting was March 27, 1954. Members could help in several areas such as “sewing, housekeeping, gardening, public relations, secretarial, hostess-social, and Gray Ladies…” Not only did the guild provide their services, but they also provided financial support in the form of fundraisers and community events. Some of these events included fall festivals, a horse and pony show, and even a showing of Clark Gable’s last film, The Misfits. The Guild ended up donating over half a million dollars from the 1960s to 2000. The Guild also ran the gift shop in the hospital, which profits went to the hospital.

The hospital guild also supported programs such as Wood County’s Wheeled Meals and the Candy Stripers, or auxiliary volunteers from the community.

More information about the Hospital and the Guild can be found in this collection, Roger Chapman’s It Started With Doctors On Horseback (available at BGSU’s Center for Archival Collections) and the Wood County Hospital website.

 Scope and Content

The Wood County Hospital Guild collection includes news clippings, photographs, meeting minutes, financial reports, volunteer lists, work schedules, guidelines for individual programs within the guild, newsletters, and volunteer award information. The volunteer services in the collection include the Candy Striper program (later called the Teen Volunteers), the Gray Ladies, wheeled meals, puppet therapy, the grandparent program, and the welcome wagon. The collection also includes personal correspondence from guild heads, notes on Red Cross lectures, and other handwritten notes.

 Series Description


Minutes and Bylaws provide general information about the Guild, its mission, and the minutes of the advisory board from early on to 2006. There is also a Minute Index which goes from 1954-1987. This provides a general description of where to find certain subject headings of the minutes.


Includes minutes, volunteer lists, procedure guides and information about sales

1969, 1972-1992
Includes legislative manual for hospital guilds and volunteer guides.

Includes information on Candy Stripers, volunteer descriptions, awards, and volunteer recognition information about luncheons

Includes 1996 WCHG full past and present member lists, Candy Stripers, Wheeled Meals, Red Cross volunteer information, etc.


1971-1975, 1990-1996
Compiled financial statistics and budget reports

1991, 1996
Evelyn K. Leathers and Mildred M. Temple estates financial information

Reports with sales, disbursements, and other financial data


Includes newspaper clippings, some correspondence, magazine and journals articles and various other guild and hospital information. Wrapped separately at end of collection.


Newsletter sent to Guild members

Publication of the Wood County Hospital

Clippings from Opening Day and general publicity

n.d., 1960, 1982, 1999
Hospital Guild brochures, program from a fundraising revue, and guide from one of the Home Tour locations



1951-1986; 1992-2003
General activity shots of Guild volunteers, the Hospital building, and events, some with identification

Photos from Guild events

Anniversary Tea Photo CD


Box 1


  1. WCHG Advisory Board Minutes 1954-1958
  2. WCHG Advisory Board Minutes 1958-1960
  3. WCHG Advisory Board Minutes 1960-1961
  4. WCHG Advisory Board Minutes 1961-1963
  5. WCHG Advisory Board Minutes 1963-1965
  6. WCHG Advisory Board Minutes 1966-1968
  7. WCHG Advisory Board Minutes 1969-1971
  8. WCHG Advisory Board Minutes 1972-1973

Box 2


  1. WCHG Advisory Board Minutes 1974-1977
  2. WCHG Advisory Board Minutes 1977-1978
  3. WCHG Advisory Board Minutes 1979
  4. WCHG Advisory Board Minutes 1980
  5. WCHG Advisory Board Minutes 1981
  6. WCHG Advisory Board Minutes 1982
  7. WCHG Advisory Board Minutes 1983-1985
  8. WCHG Advisory Board Minutes 1986-1987
  9. WCHG Advisory Board Minutes 1990-1992

Box 3


  1. WCHG Advisory Board Minutes 1992-1996
  2. WCHG Advisory Board Minutes 1996-2006
  3. Advisory Board Minute Index 1954-1987
  4. WCHG Gift Shop Advisory Board Minutes 1973-1979
  5. WCHG Gift Shop Advisory Board Minutes 1980-1983
  6. WCHG Gift Shop Advisory Board Minutes 1984-1990
  7. WCHG Gift Shop Advisory Board Minutes 1992-1996
  8. WCHG Gift Shop Advisory Board Minutes 2001-2008

Box 4


  1. WCHG Members Alphabetical Listing 1996
  2. Wood County Hospital Service Volunteer Group Records 1962-1980
  3. Wood County Hospital Guild Volunteer Application Sheets A-F
  4. Wood County Hospital Guild Volunteer Application Sheets G-O
  5. Wood County Hospital Guild Volunteer Application Sheets P-Z
  6. Teen Volunteers/Candy Stripers 1972-1975
  7. Teen Volunteers/Candy Stripers 1975-1989
  8. WCHG “Helping Hand” flyers for volunteers 1974-1976
  9. Volunteer Services Descriptions 1972-1975

Box 5


  1. Volunteer Recognition- luncheon procedures, tickets, program, 1983
  2. Volunteer Recognition- invitations, shopping lists and purchase order, recognition notes, 1984
  3. Volunteer Recognition- purchase order, invitations, staff lists and luncheon plans, speech notecards, program, banquet notes, 1985-1986
  4. Volunteer Recognition- menu, program, invitation, outreach letters, 1988
  5. Volunteer Recognition- invitations, expenses, program item order forms and catalogue, 1989
  6. Volunteer Recognition-invitations, expenses, plans, programs, advertisement, entertainment contract, product catalogue, 1990
  7. Legislative Manual for Hospital Auxiliaries 1969
  8. Volunteer Guides- member reference guides, rules, volunteer aids, directories, volunteer opportunity info handbook, 1972-1992
  9. Gift Shop- procedures, policies, monthly reports, volunteers lists and schedules, gift shop newsletter, postcards, advertisement, handbooks, 1972-1980
  10. Gift Shop-procedures, monthly reports, volunteer lists and schedules, handbooks, 1981-1990
  11. Admissions- volunteer lists, schedules, 1980-1990
  12. Awards- volunteer service award committee consensus; award banquet schedules, outlines and results, 1973-1979

Box 6


  1. Grandparent Program-memos, info on “rocking chair therapy” for pediatric ward, 1990
  2. Gray Ladies-orientation, rules and regulations, schedules, Red Cross lecture notes, applicant lists 1958-1971
  3. Guild Chairs- volunteer lists, schedules, memos, job description, 1977-1989
  4. Health Care Educational Loan-guidelines, reports, proposals, scholarship materials, correspondence 1972-1985
  5. ICU Waiting Room- job instructions, procedure memos, visitor pamphlets/guides, volunteer schedules, 1980-1983
  6. Puppet Therapy- letters, show scripts, programs, volunteer lists, schedules,
  7. Red Cross Volunteers-information, 1974-1991
  8. Wheeled Meals- annual reports, volunteer lists, bylaws, 1972-1976, 1970-1991
  9. Welcome Wagon-newsletters, application, book cart info, 1975-1981

Box 7


  1. WCHG Yard and Garden Tours 1984
  2. WCHG “Membership Day” Programs, 1989-1991
  3. Miscellaneous programs and flyers 1992-1998
  4. Miscellaneous/President’s notebook 1990-1996
  5. WCHG luncheons, 1994-1995
  6. WCHG Service Chairmen, 1973-1981
  7. WCHG Hostess Chairman, 1972
  8. Installation Services, 1967-1977
  9. WCHG messenger service, 1972-1975
  10. WCHG doctor recruitment, 1972-1974
  11. WCHG Legislation, 1969-1980
  12. Liability Insurance, 1975
  13. WCHG Miscellaneous, 1960-1977
  14. WCHG History, 1972, 1979, n.d.
  15. Hospital Week, 1972-1979
  16. Association of Hospital Auxiliaries, Northwest District, Meeting in Bowling Green, October, 1979
  17. WCHG booklet cover art, 1979
  18. WCHG projects, 1973-1981
  19. Membership procedures 1976
  20. Maternity open house June 1983
  21. Patient voting, 1972-1974
  22. Diet workshop, 1973-1975

Box 8


  1. Membership chairman 1990-1993
  2. For Health’s Sake Telethon 1973
  3. Telethon planning 1973
  4. Volunteer hour reports, 1995
  5. Lifeline organization and information, 1985-1989
  6. Annual treasurer’s reports, 1971-1975, 1990-1996
  7. Evelyn K. Leathers Estate, 1991
  8. Mildred M. Temple Estate, 1996

Box 9


  1. Gift Shop Policy and Handbooks 1974-1980
  2. Gift Shop Financial Reports 1959-1977
  3. Gift Shop Financial Reports 1965-1980
  4. Gift Shop Financial Reports 1967-1971
  5. Gift Shop Financial Reports 1969-1986
  6. Gift Shop Financial Reports 1972- 1979
  7. Gift Shop Financial Reports 1984-1996

Box 10


  1. Gift Shop Financial Reports 1990
  2. Gift Shop Financial Reports 1991
  3. Gift Shop Financial Reports 1992
  4. Gift Shop Financial Reports 1993
  5. Gift Shop Financial Reports 1994
  6. Gift Shop Financial Reports 1995
  7. Gift Shop Financial Reports 1996
  8. Gift Shop Financial Reports 1997-1998
  9. Gift Shop Financial Reports 1998
  10. Gift Shop Financial Reports 1999
  11. Gift Shop Financial Reports 2000
  12. Gift Shop Financial Reports 2001

Box 11


  1. Gift Shop Financial Reports 2002
  2. Gift Shop Financial Reports 2003
  3. Gift Shop Financial Reports 2004
  4. Gift Shop Financial Reports 2005
  5. Gift Shop Financial Reports 2006
  6. Gift Shop Financial Reports 2007
  7. Flower Sales 1984-1988
  8. Flower Sales 1984-1990

Box 12


  1. WCH Service Cart disbursements and receipt records, 1956- 1961
  2. WCH Service Cart disbursements and receipt records, 1962-1965
  3. WCH Service Cart disbursements and receipt records, 1965- 1968
  4. WCH Service Cart disbursements and receipt records, 1968-1972
  5. WCH Service Cart disbursements and receipt records, 1972-1984

Box 13


  1. Guild Newsletters 1955-1964
  2. Guild Newsletters 1966-1979
  3. Guild Newsletters 1980-1987
  4. Guild Newsletters 1988-1999, Nov 2004

Box 14


  1. Wood County Hospital Newsletter 1973-1980
  2. Hospital Opening Day News Clippings
  3. Hospital Guild Brochure, n.d.
  4. The Hospital You Need Today, 1960
  5. “Just for kicks : a musical revue” [program], 1982
  6. Home tour booklet for 811 W. Wooster, 1999
  7. Publicity, 1974, n.d.
  8. Guild Program Books (yearbooks) – 1968-2001/2002, 2005-2009/2010
  9. WCH Red Cross Volunteer Notebook, 1975-1990

Box 15


  1. WCHG Crafters Notebook, 1980-1998
  2. WCHG History and Photographs, 1954-1986
  3. WCH Building Photographs, 1951-1963
  4. WCH postcards, 1951
  5. WCHG slides, 1968-1979
  6. Wood County Guild unsorted photographs, 1992-2003
  7. WCHG 50th Anniversary Tea, CDs, 2004

Oversize wrapped materials


  1. Scrapbook 1 – 1954-1967
  2. Scrapbook 2 – 1968-1981
  3. Scrapbook 3 – 1981-1992
  4. Scrapbook 4 – 1954-1979
  5. Scrapbook 5 – 1997-1999
  6. Scrapbook 6 – 2000-2003
  7. Scrapbook 7 – 2004-2007
  8. Guild scrapbook, 1992-1994
  9. Guild scrapbook, 1995-1996
  10. Guild Steering Committee appreciation plaque, 1954

Membership Card Boxes


  1. Guild charter members
  2. Guild inactive member cards
  3. Guild member cards
  4. Red Cross volunteers
  5. Record of Red Cross volunteers

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