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James R. Rhatigan Papers - MS 1191

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 Introduction/Biographical Sketch

The James J. Rhatigan papers were donated to the National Student Affairs Archives, Center for Archival Collections, Bowling Green State University, by Dr. James J. Rhatigan on January 21, 2003. The collection includes letters, invoices, presentations, and publications from Dr. Rhatigan’s time with the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA), dating from 1974-1999.

James J. Rhatigan was born in Monticello, Iowa. At age 30, Dr. Rhatigan became the youngest Dean of Students in the nation at the time when he was hired by Wichita State University in 1965. He was named Vice President of Student Affairs in 1970, and held that position until 1996, serving six years as Senior Vice President until his 2002 retirement. He continues to work as a consultant at the WSO Foundation.
Within NASPA, Dr. Rhatigan served in many capacities, including President (1975-1976), and as NASPA’s historian for nearly 30 years. Dr. Rhatigan was also active in the creation of the NASPA Regions and wrote the original paper on the role of the Regional Vice President in the early 1970s. He received the Fred Turner Award in 1980, and the Scott Goodnight Award in 1987, making him the first person to win both awards.

Record Group/ Series Description

The James Rhatigan Papers are arranged into four record groups; Professional Activities, Publications, Conference Files, and Speeches/Presentations. Professional Activities (1972-1996) include professional correspondence and items documenting his award. Publications (1972-1996) include a 1974 NASPA Journal publication, papers on the publication “The Rights and Responsibilities of Student Athletes,” and letters and chapters for a book titled “Student Affairs Administration on the Urban-Commuter Campus.” Conference Files (1976-1991) include letters and plans as well as speeches and presentations given at NASPA, ROTC, and NAWDAC conferences, workshops, and seminars. Speeches/Presentations include speeches and presentations not related to NASPA conferences.


Box 1: Professional Activities

  1. NASPA Professional Correspondence, 1972-75, 78-83, 91-93, 96
  2. NASPA Region IV West Professional Correspondence, 1981-95
  3. Scott Goodnight Award. March-April, 1987
  4. NASPA Foundation Letters, 1993-95
  5. “History As a Potential Ally.” NASPA Journal Vol. II #3., Winter 1974
  6. Rights and Responsibilities of Student Athletes, 1982
  7. Rights and Responsibilities of Student Athletes, Jan.-Aug. 1983
  8. Rights and Responsibilities of Student Athletes, Sept.-Dec. 1983
  9. Rights and Responsibilities of Student Athletes, Jan. 1984-1987

Box 2: Publications and Conference Files

  1. Student Affairs Administration in the Urban-Commuter Campus, 1982-1983
  2. NASPA Seattle Conference, 1966
  3. Navy ROTC Seminar, University Of Colorado, 1978, 1972, 1973
  4. Small Group Seminar, NASPA Conference, April 197
  5. “Student Services vs. Student Development: is There a Difference?” NAWDAC Conference, April 1974
  6. “Some Consideration Concerning the Future.” Region 1 Conference Speech, Oct. 1974
  7. NASPA Atlanta Conference, April 1977
  8. NASPA Kansas City Conference, April 1978
  9. NASPA Los Angeles Conference, April 1980
  10. NASPA Technology Workshop, 1980-81
  11. NASPA New York City Conference, April 1981
  12. NASPA IV West Conference, 1981
  13. NASPA Toronto Conference, 1983

Box 3: Conference Files and Speeches/Presentations

  1. NASPA Western Deans Regional Conference, Jan. 1984
  2. NASPA Conference, March 1984
  3. Region 1 Conference-Keynote, Oct. 1984
  4. NASPA Conference, 1986
  5. NASPA/ACPA, March 1987
  6. NASPA Conference, March 1988
  7. NASPA Conference, March 1989
  8. NASPA Washington D.C., March 1991
  9. NASPA Cincinnati, March 1992
  10. NASPA Conference Dallas, 1994
  11. NASPA San Diego, March 1995
  12. NASPA Western Regional Conference, 1997
  13. NASPA Academy for Leadership and Executive Effectiveness, Oct. 1999
  14. “Issues and Actions Which Cause Sleepless Night for Senior Student Affairs Officers.”, n.d.
  15. Retention/Attrition Panel, c. 1976
  16. Ron Beer Roast, 1989
  17. NASPA Richard Stevens Institute, 1991

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