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McCullough Genealogical Collection - MS 1187

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The McCullough Genealogical Collection consists of genealogical research papers, letters, legal documents, printed materials, and photographs related to the McCullough family and its various branches. This collection was donated to the Center for Archival Collections by Elmer McCullough in March of 2013.

No restrictions exist on the use of this collection. Duplication may be permitted for the purposes of preservation and research. This registrar was completed by graduate student Matthew Kilmer in July 2013.

 Scope and Content

The McCullough Genealogical Collection consists of genealogy materials accumulated by Lynette McCullough. The families represented consist of the various ancestors to Lynette and Elmer McCullough and include, but are not limited to: Buckwalter, Crist, Ewing, Heaton, Holcomb, Hurlbut, Manifold, Moore, Phelps, Purkey, Ritchey, Rosendale, Smith, Spencer, Stecker, Towsley, Trisch, Trumble, Woodbury, and Ziegler. This collection consists of family subject files, literary productions, legal documents, printed materials, and photographs.

The family subject files make up the majority of the documents and primarily consist of family group records and pedigree charts. The literary productions include letters written by various branches of the family. The legal documents are comprised of marriage licenses and certificates, wills, and a cemetery lot for Henry Purkey. The printed materials section has obituaries, wedding programs, and a 1900 U.S. census of Wood County. Finally, this collection contains copies of photographs compiled by McCullough.

 Series Description


Arranged alphabetically
Family group records and pedigree charts detailing the Buckwalter, Crist, Ewing, Heaton, Holcomb, Hurlbut, Manifold, Moore, Phelps, Purkey, Ritchey, Rosendale, Smith, Spencer, Stecker, Towsley, Trisch, Trumble, Woodbury, and Ziegler branches.


Arranged by family
Consists of copies of letters written by various family members.


A marriage license for Charles McCullough and Celia Heaton.

A marriage certificate for Elmer McCullough and Lynette Purkey.

A deed for a cemetery lot for Henry Purkey.

Contains the Final Will and Testament for several members of the Hurlbut, Smith, Purkey, Stecker, and Ziegler branches.


Index to 1900 U.S. Census: Wood County, Ohio.

Arranged by family
Obituaries for member of the Hale, Moore, Purkey, and Ritchey branches.

The programs for various weddings.


Copies of photographs compiled by McCullough.


Box 1


  1. Bachelder
  2. Barley
  3. Bartlett
  4. Buckwalter
  5. Case
  6. Conant
  7. Cooke
  8. Corning
  9. Corninge
  10. John Crist and Mary Ann Hann
  11. John Crist (Captain) and Elizabeth Trish
  12. Crist Heritage
  13. Crist Descendancy Chart
  14. Giovanni De Angelo and Mrs. George Denslow
  15. Thomas Buckland and Temperence Denslow
  16. George Rudolph Dershem and Mary Ellen Ritchey
  17. DeWalton
  18. Dibble
  19. James Ewing and Sabina (No Surname)
  20. William Ewing and Anna Margaret Lenz
  21. Henry F. Brown and Mary A. Ewing
  22. Joseph Moore and Sarah Ewing

Box 2


  1. Lorin Fitch and Clara Crocket
  2. John Fullmer and Hannah Gardner
  3. Roger Griswold and Joan Stockley
  4. Gunn
  5. Randle Hales and Ann Taylor
  6. Edward Hawes and Eliony Lumber
  7. Carl C. Heaton and Ethyl Rosendale
  8. Edwin Allen Heaton and Nettie Summerfield
  9. Isaac Heaton and Susannah Bell (No Surname)
  10. Jabesh Heaton and Abigail Kent
  11. James Heaton and (No First Name) Fortune
  12. Micajah Heaton and Mary Lynch
  13. Middleton G. Heaton and Caroline Sherman
  14. Nathaniel Heaton and Elizabeth Wighte
  15. Nathaniel Heaton II and Mary Minor
  16. Samuel Heaton and Sarah Hawes
  17. Samuel L. Heaton and Elizabeth Ziegler
  18. Lloyd Hennings and Irene Crockett
  19. Frank Herman and Sarah Alice Ritchey
  20. David Holcomb and Mehitable Buttolph
  21. Ezekiel Holcomb and Jasmine Griffin
  22. George Washington Holcomb and Catherine Smith
  23. James A. Holcomb and Dorcas Trumbull
  24. James Trumbull Holcomb and Amanda Loomis
  25. Nathaniel Holcomb and Mary Bliss
  26. Nathaniel Holcomb II and Martha Buell
  27. Thomas Holcomb and Elizabeth Ferguson
  28. The Holcomb Genealogy and Pedigree Charts
  29. Hussey

Box 3


  1. Emory A. Hurlbut and Christina Blank
  2. George M. Hurlbut – Military History
  3. Henry K. Hurlbut – Military History
  4. John L. Hurlbut and Minnie Nogle
  5. Doctor Philastus Hurlbut
  6. D.P. Hurlbut and Maria Woodbury
  7. Wheeler W. Hurlbut
  8. Chris G. Buckmaster and Emily A. Hurlbut
  9. Josiah H. Lowe and Phebe M. Hurlbut
  10. David Lewis and Mary (No Surname)
  11. Manifold
  12. John Manifold – Military History
  13. Marshall
  14. Charles Lewis McCullough and Celia May Heaton
  15. David McCullough and Sarah Elizabeth Lewis
  16. Thomas McCullough and Mary (No Surname)
  17. Benjamin Frank Box and Alice M. McCullough
  18. William Rice and Edna A. McCullough
  19. Louis Carleton Tonjes and Mabel McCullough
  20. Theadore G. Crockett and Sarah Inez McCullough
  21. McCullough
  22. David Moore and Margaret (No Surname)
  23. Hugh Moore and Susanna Buckwalter
  24. John Moore and Agnes W. Roller
  25. Samuel Moore and Jane Thomas
  26. William Moore and Rachael Moontooth
  27. William Cole and Amanda Moore
  28. John Sheridan and Elizabeth Moore
  29. James Burns and Mary Ann Moore
  30. William Nelson and Nancy Moore
  31. Jacob Sherraden and Sarah Moore
  32. Moses

Box 4


  1. Pease
  2. Jeremiah Perkepile
  3. Richard Phelps and Mary Tomes
  4. Prichard
  5. Alexander Purkey
  6. Harry Orlo Purkey and Bertha Blanche Oberholtzer
  7. Henry Orr Purkey and Martha Josephine McKee
  8. Jacob Ambrose Purkey and Agnes Manifold
  9. James Ambrose Purkey and Anna Elizabeth Stoner
  10. John Manifold Purkey and Mary E. Heistand
  11. John T. Purkey and Emma Arbolin Markwood
  12. Joseph Purkey and Augusta Canaday
  13. Ralph Eugene Purkey and Reva Jennett Ritchey
  14. Robert Alvero Purkey and Estella M. Oberholtzer
  15. William Emmet Purkey and Eva Emma Stecker
  16. William Purkey and Margaret Vickers
  17. Charles Doering and Agnes E. Purkey
  18. James Ambrose and Agnes Purkey

Box 5


  1. Howard Alan Hiatt and Betty Joanne Purkey
  2. Purkey – Coat of Arms
  3. Purkey Family Tree
  4. Purkey Reunion
  5. Joseph Purkey – Military History
  6. Ralph Eugene Purkey – Military History
  7. Putnam
  8. Philip Randall and Joane Fush
  9. Raymond
  10. Reicherd/Reichert
  11. David Ritchey
  12. Philip Ritchey
  13. Roscoe Vere Ritchey and Bess Marie Swartz
  14. William Elmer Ritchey and Cora Belle Smith
  15. Cornelius Christian Deitesfeld and Ethel May Ritchey
  16. Charles Fitch Hall and Helen Doris Ritchey
  17. Claude Kenneth Haughawaut and Thelma Marie Ritchey
  18. Ritchey Chart of Descendants
  19. William Elmer Ritchey – Stock
  20. William S. Rosendale and Jane Brown

Box 6


  1. Sheldon
  2. Peter Simmons and Margaret Armstrong
  3. Robert McKee and Elizabeth Ann Simmons
  4. Andrew Jackson Smith and Arzilla Mchain
  5. Charley F. Smith and Ona Faye Ritchey
  6. Daniel Smith and Jennett Holcomb
  7. Franklin E. Smith and Lina Hutchinson
  8. George Adam Smith and Nancy Elizabeth Carter
  9. John Smith and Elizabeth S. Hilton
  10. Leander Franklin Smith and Phebe M. Hurlbut
  11. Peter Smith and Julian (No Surname)
  12. Peter Smith and Rachel Fowcht
  13. Peter Smith II and Sarah Mallison
  14. Simeon Smith and Sarah Gross Carter
  15. William Smith and Catherine Astry
  16. Wilson Smith and Sarah Ann Gray
  17. Wilson Enbody and Adaline Smith
  18. David Christian Fast and Calesta Smith
  19. John C. Kille and Caroline Smith
  20. David McDowell and Harriet Smith
  21. Joseph Slinger and Jennett Smith
  22. Wilson Teeters and Sophia Smith
  23. Martin G. Snyder and Christina Richard
  24. Spencer

Box 7


  1. Charles G. Stecker and Sarah Luzader
  2. Gottlieb Stecker
  3. Gottlieb Stecker and Carolyn Weeilan
  4. Jack M. Stecker and Jennie Horn
  5. Jacob Stecker and Maria Jamison
  6. John M. Stecker and Sarah Jane Moore
  7. Lewis M. Stecker and Mary Brumbaugh
  8. Jacob M. Call and Barbara Stecker
  9. Jacob Shuman and Catherine Stecker
  10. John H. Baird and Janice L. Stecker
  11. Jacob Bowers and Lydia Stecker
  12. Tulley Browneller and Nelly B. Stecker
  13. Manassa Grove and Rosina Stecker
  14. Stecker
  15. John M. Stecker – War Records
  16. Thrall
  17. Walton Tittle and Ella McCullough
  18. Towsley
  19. Christian Trisch and Anna Christiana
  20. Conrad Treash/Trisch and Christena Zimmerman
  21. David Trisch and Sara McDonald
  22. John Trisch and Margaret Mary Magdalena
  23. William Treesh/Trisch and Christina Barlien/Berlin
  24. Treesh/Trisch History
  25. William Trout
  26. Trumble
  27. Tuller

Box 8


  1. Walton
  2. Whitbread
  3. White
  4. Robert Wighte and Elizabeth Fulshaw
  5. Daniel Woodbury and Alvira A. Russel
  6. John Woodbury and Joanna Humphrey
  7. Wheeler Pease Woodbury and Maria Louisa Dewey
  8. William Woodbury
  9. Zachariah Woodbury and Hannah Vinnen
  10. Emory Luce and Emily Woodbury
  11. Edmund G. Blood and Lois Woodbury
  12. Andrew Randall and Phebe Woodbury
  13. Woodbury
  14. Peter Ziegler and Catherine Barbara
  15. Peter Ziegler III and Sarah Fullmer
  16. William Leathers and Catherine Ziegler
  17. Jacob Ziegler and Elizabeth Sewitz
  18. 5 Yankee Families (Corninge, Bachelder, Raymond, Conant, Walton, White)
  19. Letters – Crockett
  20. Letters – Heaton
  21. Letters – Hurlbut
  22. Letters – Ritchey
  23. Marriage License – McCullough
  24. Marriage Certificate – McCullough
  25. Cemetary Lot – Purkey
  26. Wills – Hurlbut, Smith, Purkey, Stecker, Ziegler
  27. Index to 1900 U.S. Census: Wood County, Ohio
  28. Obituaries – Hale
  29. Obituaries – Moore, Purkey, Ritchey
  30. Wedding – Moore, Purkey
  31. Wedding Programs
  32. Photographs – Dershem, Ewing, Crockett, Heaton, Herman, Tonjes, Moore
  33. Photographs – Purkey, Ritchey
  34. Photographs – Smith
  35. Photographs - Unknown


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