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Lakeside and Marblehead Railroad Company - MS 177

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The Lakeside and Marblehead Railroad Company collection was obtained by the Center for Archival Collections in 1981 from representatives of the Standard Slag Company. The 1.25 linear feet collection primarily consists of correspondence between the company and various affiliates, as well as government and legal documents, ranging from 1909 – 1958. A small amount of materials that were donated along with the collection were forwarded to the John W. Barriger III National Railroad Library at the St. Louis Mercantile Library in St. Louis, Missouri. These particular materials related to the Association for American Railroads and the American Short Line Railroad Association. They contained a more national focus than the remaining materials included in the Lakeside and Marblehead Railroad Collection.

No restrictions exist on the use of this collection. Duplication is permitted for the purposes of preservation and research. A small number of letters in the collection exist only as photocopies due to the fragility of the originals, which have been discarded. The collection was processed and register prepared by graduate student Daniel Elkan and graduate student archival assistant Rebecca Denes in June 2013.

 Agency History

Founded in 1886, the Lakeside and Marblehead Railroad (L&M) served Ohio's Marblehead Peninsula until the late 1970s. This seven-mile long line primarily hauled limestone quarried in the area, although the L&M did carry some passengers until 1930. The road extended from Danbury, where it met up with the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway (later part of the New York Central System), to a point near the end of the peninsula at Marblehead.

The L&M, which succeeded the Cleveland, Toledo and Lakeside Railway, was initially promoted locally by civil engineer Edgar H. Brennen, and was bought by a Massachusetts syndicate led by Hiram A. Blood in 1886. Construction was completed that year, and the line came into operation in January of 1887. The L&M came under the ownership of the Kelley Island Lime & Transport Company in 1891, and would be controlled by either this company or its successors for the remainder of its time in service.

The L&M, in addition to connecting with the New York Central, also cooperated with the Toledo, Port Clinton and Lakeside Railway (TPC&L), an electrified interurban line, beginning in 1905. This cooperation lasted until the TPC&L tracks on the peninsula were abandoned in 1940.

The L&M ended service as a common carrier in 1964. It then became a private industrial railroad, operated solely to support the operations of Standard Slag. It operated occasionally during this period, mainly for the benefit of customers for whom it was more convenient to receive shipments by rail. The last order carried by the L&M was transported in 1978, and the line and equipment were destroyed over the course of the 1990s.

 Scope and Content

The Lakeside and Marblehead Railroad Collection consists of 1.25 linear feet of materials, dating from 1909 – 1958. The bulk of the collection is comprised of correspondence between L&M and various affiliates, including the railroad trade groups Association of American Railroads and the American Short Line Railroad Association. Further, there is a small amount of communication from other railroad companies such as the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, and the New York Central Railroad. Additional correspondence features parent company Kelley Island Lime and Transport, as well as state and federal government agencies and departments. Of particular interest is the paperwork related to the World War II era War Manpower Commission, which includes light correspondence and work release applications.  

A number of legal documents appear in the collection, the majority of which were generated by the Interstate Commerce Commission and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. The included dockets and orders cover a variety of issues related to the operation of rail systems within the United States in general. A number of the cases involve L&M directly, though all had an impact on the operations of the company. Additionally, there are a small amount of materials related to the financials of L&M and the Kelley Island Lime and Transport Company, particularly those related to state and federal taxes.

Although the collection does not provide a great deal of information regarding specifics of the daily operations of the L&M Railroad, it does provide some information regarding the inner workings of the company and is also wonderful overview of the operations of regional rail systems throughout the United States. This collection is of great use to those researching 20th century railroad operations and legal matters.

 Series Description


1919 – 1953
Two folders, arranged chronologically
Documentation regarding L&M membership in the American Short Line Railroad Association and the Association of American Railroads. Includes forms and correspondence.


1916 – 1953
Thirteen folders, arranged chronologically by recipient
Correspondence written by various officers of L&M to entities such as trade organizations, state and federal government offices, and other railroad companies. Also includes internal correspondence within the company.

1916 – 1952
Fifteen folders, arranged chronologically by author
Correspondence to or about L&M from various companies and governmental agencies. In many cases, the letters may not be written directly to L&M, but refer to the company or its operations in some way.

1922 - 1936
Three folders, arranged chronologically
Correspondence to and from various officers of Kelley Island Lime and Transport, primarily consisting of direct communication between the company and L&M.


1915 – 1936
One folder, arranged chronologically by type
Correspondence regarding and documentation of the Western Union Telegraph Company at Lakeside, Danbury, and Kelley’s Island, as it was related to L&M and Kelley Island Lime and Transport.

1926,  n.d.
One folder, arranged chronologically
Records indicating the loading and transfer of individual train cars between the two companies.

One folder, arranged chronologically
Registers of the times and dates worked by employees assigned to the L&M Roundhouse.

1943 - 1952
Three folders, arranged chronologically
Notices, memoranda, and forms related to or issued by offices of the United States federal government, including documents related to employee exemption during wartime. Also includes documentation of quarantines and restrictions on the import and export of goods and materials in the years immediately following World War II


1909 - 1949
Fifteen folders, arranged chronologically by type
Various orders and memoranda handed down by the government agency, including cases involving such things as passengers, freight, and United States post. Various dockets related to cases presented to the commission, a number of which feature L&M as a direct participant.

1928 – 1929, 1956
Three folders, arranged chronologically by type
Orders handed down and cases heard by the state government agency that either involved or directly impacted the operations of L&M.


1910 – 1951
Eleven folders, arranged chronologically by type
Various paperwork, statements, ledgers, and forms related to financial matters of L&M, including several documents that help chart the changing costs of passenger travel and freight transport before, during, and after World War I.

1922 – 1935
One folder, arranged chronologically by type
Documentation related to the finances of the L&M parent company, including paperwork related to the payroll of L&M.


Box 1


  1. 1. L&M – American Short Line Railroad Association Membership Documentation, 1919, n.d.
  2. Lakeside  & Marblehead – Association of American Railroads Membership Documentation, 1937 – 1940, 1952 – 1953
  3. L&M to The American Short Line Railroad Association, 1916 – 1925
  4. L&M to The American Short Line Railroad Association, 1948 – 1958
  5. L&M Internal Correspondence, 1920 – 1934
  6. L&M to Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, 1920, 1928 
  7. L & M to Assorted Federal Government Offices, 1920, 1952
  8. L&M to the Interstate Commerce Commission, 1920 – 1947
  9. L&M to Various 1920 – 1955
  10. L&M to Kelley Island Lime & Transport, 1922 – 1936
  11. L&M to the Consolidated Purchasing Agency of  The American Short Line Railroad Association, 1924-1926
  12. L&M to Association of American Railroads, 1936
  13. L&M to Ohio Department of Taxation, 1946 – 1952
  14. L&M to New York Central, 1949 – 1954
  15. L&M to Eastern Railroads Traffic Committees, 1950 – 1953, n.d.
  16. L&M to Central Territory Railroads, 1951 – 1953
  17. American Short Line Railroad Association to L&M, 1916 – 1924
  18. American Short Line Railroad Association to L&M, 1932 – 1958, n.d.
  19. To L&M from Various, 1920 – 1953
  20. Consolidated Purchasing Agency of the American Short Line Railroad Association to L&M, 1922-1926
  21. Interstate Commerce Commission to L&M, 1922 - 1948
  22. Kelley Island Lime & Transport to L&M, 1926 – 1936
  23. Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to L&M, 1928
  24. Central Freight Association to or regarding L&M, 1928, 1942 – 1943
  25. Association of American Railroads to L&M, 1936
  26. Ohio Department of Taxation to L&M, 1947 – 1952
  27. New York Central System to or regarding L&M, 1949 – 1955
  28. General Freight Traffic Committee – Eastern Railroads to or regarding L&M, 1949-1957
  29. Chesapeake  & Ohio Railway to or regarding L&M, 1950 – 1953
  30. Baltimore & Ohio Railroad to or regarding L&M, 1950 – 1955
  31. Central Territory Railroads to L&M, 1951 – 1956
  32. US Department of Commerce – National Production Authority to or regarding L&M, 1951-1952
  33. Kelley Island Lime & Transport to New York Central, 1926
  34. Western Union Telegraph Operation and Service at Lakeside, Danbury, and Kelley’s Island, 1915, 1920 - 1936

Box 2


  1. L&M/New York Central Train Car Loading Records 1926, n.d.
  2. L&M – Roundhouse Registers, 1956
  3. L&M – War Manpower Commission Information and Releases, 1943 – 1945
  4. US Department of Agriculture – Quarantine and Import/Export, 1947 - 1953
  5. Restrictions, n.d.
  6. US Department of Commerce Emergency Exception Applications, 1951-1952
  7. Interstate Commerce Commission – Orders, 1909, 1918 – 1950, n.d.
  8. Interstate Commerce Commission – Notices and Memoranda, 1942 – 1955
  9. Interstate Commerce Commission – Notices and Memoranda, 1918 – 1941
  10. Interstate Commerce Commission – Second Industrial Railways Case #4181, 1914 - 1922
  11. Interstate Commerce Commission – Unknown Docket # 1916
  12. Interstate Commerce Commission – Docket #9200, 1925, 1928 – 1929
  13. Interstate Commerce Commission – Docket #17801, 1932
  14. Interstate Commerce Commission – Docket #23625, 1932
  15. Interstate Commerce Commission – Docket #24049, 1937 – 1940
  16. Interstate Commerce Commission – Docket #1700, 1938 – 1940
  17. Interstate Commerce Commission – Docket #3666, 1940 – 1947
  18. Interstate Commerce Commission – Docket #5347, 1944 – 1946

Box 3


  1. Interstate Commerce Commission – Docket #28300, 1945
  2. Interstate Commerce Commission – Ex Parte #138, 1941
  3. Interstate Commerce Commission – Ex Parte #73, 1949
  4. Public Utilities Commission of Ohio – Administrative Orders, 1956
  5. Public Utilities Commission of Ohio – Brief on Behalf of L&M Dockets #5279 and #5340, 1928
  6. Public Utilities Commission of Ohio – Docket #5279, 1928 – 1929
  7. L&M – Passenger and Freight Tariffs, 1910 – 1928
  8. L&M – Capital Stock Applications, 1913 – 1918
  9. L&M – US Labor Board Wage Reports, 1917 – 1921
  10. L&M – Securities, 1920 – 1921
  11. L&M – Foreign Car Repair Statements and Bills, 1920 – 1923, n.d.
  12. L&M – Tax Documents, 1926 – 1929, 1949 – 1951
  13. L&M – Capital Stock Taxes, 1933 – 1945
  14. L&M – Railway Accounting Officers Association Documents, 1934
  15. L&M – Association of Railway Executives Monthly Charge Sheets, 1934-1935
  16. L&M – Social Security Excise Tax, 1936 – 1940
  17. L&M – Victory Tax, 1942 – 1943
  18. Kelley Island Lime & Transport Co. – Payroll and Financial Paperwork, 1922 – 1935

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