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Southern Association for College Student Affairs - MS 220

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The Southern Association for College Student Affairs (SACSA) is an independent, regional, and generalist association designed for the professional development of practitioners, educators, and students engaged in the student affairs profession. The SACSA came into being when interested student personnel workers from southern states met at the American College Personnel Association annual meetings in 1949 and 1950. As a result of these meetings, it was agreed that the group should organize more formally, and in November 1950, the first Southern College Personnel Association (SCPA) convention was held at Vanderbilt University. At the same time, the SCPA was recognized by the American College Personnel Association as an affiliated regional organization. One of the first initiatives was the planning of a week-long workshop to improve personnel services in southern institutions. This workshop was held in 1952, followed by a second one in 1953.  Annual conferences also were held and continue to the present day. Although the now-named Southern Association for College Student Administrators (SACSA) has accomplished much during its existence, one of the most successful contributions was its early and continued commitment to diversity. This commitment was displayed at an early stage in the association’s history by a deliberate inclusion and involvement of both African-Americans and women in the organization.  For more information about the SACSA, please refer to its website at:

The Southern Association for College Student Affairs collection was donated to the Center for Archival Collections in July 2012, as part of the National Student Affairs Archives, with the cooperation of Dr. B.J. Mann, University of Mississippi. The use of this collection by researchers is only restricted by notifying the current SACSA president of research being conducted by non-SACSA members.

Record Group/ Series DescriptionReports

The Southern Association for College Student Affairs collection is comprised of nine record groups: Administrative Files; Conferences and Institutes; Committees and Task Forces; Membership; Foundation; Financial Records; Subject Files; Publications; and, Audio-Visuals.

The Administrative Files include bylaws, policies and procedures, Executive Council minutes and reports, and annual reports, dating from 1956-2005. The Conferences and Institutes record group includes program books, registration lists, planning files and reports for the annual conferences, and Mid-Managers, New Professionals, and Graduate Student and Faculty Institutes (held with Region III of the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators-NASPA). Also included are the proceedings of the two workshops held in 1952 and 1953. Please note that not all of the conference files are complete in their holdings, some only include lists of registrants, or a program committee report. These files date from 1952 to 2007.

Committees and Task Forces files, 1972-2006, include correspondence and reports of the various committees established to study areas of members’ concerns and interests, and implement programs to carry-out the business of the association.  Membership files include lists and directories, reports, and information on lifetime and honorary memberships. These files date from 1955-2004.
The Foundation files include minutes of the foundation board meetings, financial reports and records, 1990-2005, documenting the establishment and fundraising activities of this group. The Financial records include budgets, monthly and annual statements, conference financial reports, and audits, dating from 1957-2002.

Subject files include documents on the establishment and history of SACSA, including a dissertation written in 1974; strategic planning files, dating 1988-2000; information on the Scholars Program, 1999; and, documents on the Regional Commission on Student Personnel, 1956-1962. Publications include the membership newsletter, 1952-2001, and the College Student Affairs Journal, 1979-2006.  Audio-Visuals include photographs of executive council meetings and conferences, dating from 1974-2004, with several photographs identified, but not dated. Also included are VHS tapes of Dr. Melvene Hardee’s keynote speech at the 1987 Conference, and her memorial service on January 12, 1995.  


Record Group: Administrative Files

Box 1

  1. Core Values and Mission Statement Policies and Procedures Manual/Bylaws, Revised-May 2004
  2. Executive Council minutes and reports, March 1956, March 1958-November 1969
  3. Executive Council minutes and reports, January 1970-November 1975
  4. Executive Council minutes and reports, January 1976-November 1980
  5. Executive Council minutes and reports, January 1981-November 1986
  6. Executive Council minutes and reports, January 1987-November 1993

Box 2

  1. Executive Council minutes and reports, January 1994-November 2000
  2. Executive Council minutes and reports, January 2001, March 2004-November 2005
  3. Executive Council and Leadership Team Annual Report, 2000-2001
  4. Executive Council and Leadership Team Annual Report, 2001-2002
  5. Executive Council and Leadership Team Annual Report, 2002-2003
  6. Executive Council and Leadership Team Annual Report, 2003-2004

Record Group: Conferences and Institutes

Box 1

  1. First Work Conference report, August 1952
  2. Second Work Conference report, August 1953
  3. Fifth Annual meeting reports, December 1954
  4. Conference registrations, 1961-1969
  5. Conference registrations, 1970-1978
  6. Conference (25th anniversary) program, November 1974
  7. Conference local arrangements report, November 1975
  8. Conference registrations 1980-1988 (includes program from 1987)
  9. Conference (40th anniversary) registrants, program, correspondence, meeting minutes, November 1989
  10. Conference program, registrants committee report, program November 1990
  11. Conference-registrants, program committee report, November 1991, November 1992
  12. Conference-registrants report, program committee November 1993
  13. Conference-registrants, program committee report, November 1995
  14. Conference-program committee report, October 1997
  15. Conference-registration, November 1999
  16. Conference-program book, November 2000
  17. Conference-program book, November 2001

Box 2

  1. Conference-program book, November 2002
  2. Conference-program book, November 2004
  3. Conference-program book, November 2005
  4. Conference-program book and registration, November 2006
  5. Conference-program book, November 2007
  6. Mid-Managers Institute (with NASPA Region III), 1991, 1993-1996, 1998-2001, 2004
  7. New Professionals Institute (with NASPA Region III), 1993-2004 (scattered)
  8. Graduate Student and Faculty Forum (with February NASPA Region III), 1993, 2003

Record Group: Committees and Task Forces

Box 1

  1. President’s Advisory Committee, 1984-1985
  2. Professional Preparation and Standards, 1991
  3. Recognition and Awards Committee, 1991-2006 (scattered)
  4. Resolutions Committee, 1972-1996, 2002-2003, 2006
  5. Task Force on Assessment and Accreditation, 1991-1999
  6. Blue Ribbon Task Force (strategic planning and assessment),1959-2001
  7. Task Force on Careers in Student Affairs, 1995
  8. Task Force on Community Colleges, 1991-2000
  9. Task Force on Greeks, 1995-1996, 1999-2000
  10. Task Force on the Joint Statement on Rights and Responsibilities of Students, 1992
  11. Task Force on the Legal Age and Its Implications, 1995
  12. Task Force on Multicultural Issues, 1990
  13. Task Force on Racism, 1989-1990
  14. SACSA/NASPA Region III Joint Task Force, 1985, 2004
  15. Task Force on Safety and Security, 1992-1995
  16. Task Force on Sexual Abuse, 1990
  17. Task Force on Sponsors and Exhibitors, 1994
  18. Task Force on Student Affairs Workload, 1994-1995
  19. Task Force on the Student Athlete November, 1988
  20. Task Force on Student Development Theories, 1984-1987
  21. Task Force on Student with Disabilities, 1992-2000
  22. Task Force on Technology, 1995-2000

Record Group: Membership

Box 1

  1. Membership lists, 1955-1956, 1960-1969
  2. Membership lists and directories, 1981, 1982, 1986, 1987, 1989
  3. Membership lists, directories, and reports, 1990, 1992, 1993
  4. Membership lists, directories, and reports, 1994, 1995, 1998, 2003-2004
  5. Past President contact information, 1970s-1990
  6. Lifetime/honorary memberships, 1990-1998 (scattered)

Record Group: Foundation

Box 1

  1. Minutes, financial reports and records, 1990-1992
  2. Minutes, financial reports and records, 1993-1999
  3. Minutes, financial reports and records, 2000-2002, 2005

Record Group: Financial Records

Box 1

  1. Financial records 1957-1969
  2. Financial records 1970-1980
  3. Financial records 1981-1990
  4. Financial records 1991-2002

Record Group: Subject Files

Box 1

  1. History/historian-establishment of SCPA, 1949-1953
  2. Historian-correspondence and reports, 1968-1995, 2003-2004
  3. Dissertation-History and Development of the Southern College Personnel Association as a Professional Organization by Edwin Garth Jenkins, 1974
  4. History-the Story of the “Gavel and Gravel,” 1998
  5. Regional Commission on Student Personnel (SCPA and Southern Regional Education Board), 1956-1962
  6. Scholars Program-handbook on Professional Development Opportunities for SSAOs, November 1999
  7. Strategic Plan and planning, 1988-1990, 1993-1994, 1999-2000

Record Group: Publications

Box 1

  1. Newsletter, 1952-1959
  2. Newsletter, 1960-1969
  3. Newsletter, 1970-1979
  4. Newsletter, 1980-1989
  5. Newsletter, 1990-1995
  6. Newsletter, 1996-2001

Box 2

  1. Journals, 1979, 1981-2000

Box 3

  1. Journals, 2001-2006

Record Group: Audio-Visuals

Box 1

  1. Photographs-Executive Council meetings, 1977, 1986, 1988
  2. Photographs-Conference, 1974
  3. Photographs-Conference, 1977
  4. Photographs-Conference, 1987
  5. Photographs-Conference, 1983
  6. Photographs-Conference, 1984
  7. Photographs-Conference, 1985
  8. Photographs-Conference, 1986
  9. Photographs-Conference, 1989
  10. Photographs-Conference, 1990
  11. Photographs-Conference, 1992
  12. Photographs-Conference, 1995
  13. Photographs-Conference, 1996
  14. Photographs-Conference, 2002, 2003
  15. Photographs and documents-Dr. Hardee slide program, 2004 Conference
  16. Photographs-Conferences, n.d.
  17. Photographs-Identified individuals, n.d.
  18. Photographs-Identified group pictures, n.d.

Box 2

  1. VHS-Keynote speaker-Dr. Melvene Hardee, 1987 Conference
  2. VHS-Memorial Service for Dr. Melvene Hardee, January 12, 1995

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