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Roger Chapman Collection – History of Wood County Medicine Research Files - MS 847

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The records of the History of Wood County Medicine Research Files were compiled and donated to the Center for Archival Collections by Roger Chapman in 2001.  The records, dating from 1831 to 2001, include letters, manuscripts, research notes, news clippings, pictures, and photographs.  
No restrictions exist on the research use of this collection and duplication is permitted for research purposes.  The collection was arranged and described by Devon Proudfoot in October, 2013.

 Biographical Sketch

Roger Chapman received his Bachelor of Science in Government and Politics from Maryland College Park in 1986, and his Masters in Intercultural and Biblical Studies from Wheaton College in 1992.  Chapman received his Ph.D. in American Culture Studies and U.S. History from BGSU in 2004.  His experience includes work as an Airborne Ranger for the U.S. Army, teaching secondary social studies, and teaching history at Lincoln Trail College.  Roger Chapman is currently an Associate Professor of History at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Chapman was the editor for the two volume Culture Wars in America: An Encyclopedia of Issues, Viewpoints, and Voices and Social Scientists Explain the Tea Party Movement: With a Selection of Primary Documents.  He has also written articles for the Journal of Religion and Popular Culture and received the Local History Publication Award from BGSU.  The award was granted for Chapman’s book, It Started with Doctors on Horseback: A History of Medicine, Marking the 50th Anniversary of Wood County Hospital, which makes up a majority of the collection.  Chapman was tasked with writing this history to help celebrate the anniversary of the Wood County Hospital.  This research also covered the same topics for his Ph.D. dissertation.  

 Scope and Content

The Roger Chapman History of Wood County Medicine Research Files collection is primarily comprised of correspondence, manuscripts, news clippings, newsletters, and photographs.

Chapman’s collection contains a number of different types of letters that he either used in his research or as his own correspondence.  The letters range from 1912 to 2001 and are arranged chronologically.  The first letters in the collection are ones that were sent to and from Roger Chapman.  These letters cover topics from research inquiries to publication information to funding.  The collection also contains letters to and from Lolita Guthrie, the President of the Wood County Hospital Foundation.  These letters also covered the information of publishing and funding and even offered help in Chapman’s work.  The final set of letters found in the collection is older letters between doctors, which Chapman used for his research.

The collection also holds many different manuscripts from 1831 to 2001.  One of these manuscripts is an early draft of It Started with Doctors on Horseback along with research proposals for the book itself and his doctoral thesis, which covered the same information.  Also contained within the manuscript are the collections of books and journal articles that Chapman utilized for his research.  The articles come from journals such as the Ohio State Medical Journal and Northwest Ohio Quarterly.  Chapman also used a number of books as research, copies of which are contained in the collection.  These books cover topics like the histories of medicine and descriptions of various procedures.  

A large portion of the collection is made up of articles and pictures coming from different newspapers.  The dates of these articles range from 1902 to 2001 and are arranged by newspaper.  These articles come from the New York Times, the Sentinel Tribune, the Toledo Blade, the Wall Street Journal, and other newspapers.  These newspaper articles not only list current events in the medical world, but also provide insight on the history of medicine, along with containing photographs.  These news clippings cover both local and national events.  

A few different newsletters are contained within the collection.  They are arranged chronologically and date from 1973 to 2001.  Most of these newsletters are the monthly Wood County Hospital Messenger.  This newsletter covers the news and events that take place at the Wood County Hospital, along with the medical related news stories and notable retirements.  A few other assorted newsletters are included in the collections, like the Ohio and Wood County Genealogical Society newsletters, which Chapman used in his research.  

Personal and historical photographs account for a portion of the collection.  These include photographs taken by Chapman of various equipment and notable locations mentioned the throughout his book.  The negatives for Chapman’s personal photographs are included as well.  

The historical photographs come from research and are images of past Wood County doctors and locations.  The dates of these photographs range from 1932 to 1999.

 Series Description


Bylaws for the National Association of Local Boards of Health including the goals, membership, and meetings of the organization


1912-2001, n.d.
Arranged chronologically
Letters sent and received by Chapman, Lolita Guthrie, and other people involved with the production of the book


Yearly reports for health organizations and the Ohio Genealogical Society

Reports from the Wood County Hospital detailing the statistics of patients and contracts on a yearly basis

Listing of people and organizations who donated to Chapman’s book, along with the money that had been raised for production


1886, 1895, 1951
Death and Medical Certificates for doctors of the Wood County area


1902-2001, n.d.
Arranged by newspaper
Clippings and photocopies of hospital and medical related news articles from the New York Times, Sentinel Tribune, Toledo Blade, Wall Street Journal, and other assorted newspapers


Various informational pamphlets for health organizations, hospitals, medical products, and Wood County sites

Promotional flyers for the Ned E. Baker Lecture in Public Health with featured speakers at BGSU

1973-1976, 1978-1981, 1983-1985, 1989, 2000, 2001
Arranged chronologically
Monthly Wood County Hospital Messenger newsletter listing the upcoming events and other important occasions, along with other assorted newsletters from Ohio Genealogical Society chapters

Collection of pictures, paintings, and advertisements of the doctors, hospitals, and medicines relating to Wood County medical history


Photographs of various items such as Wood County doctors, medical tools, and locations that were either taken or compiled by Chapman

The negative prints for the photographs taken by Chapman for the book


Box 1


  1. Bylaws, 1992
  2. Letters to Roger Chapman, 1999-2001
  3. Letters from Roger Chapman, 1999-2001
  4. Letters to/from Lolita Guthrie, 2000-2001
  5. Historic Letters, 1912-1921, n.d.
  6. Miscellaneous Letters, 1984-2001
  7. Annual Report, 1988
  8. Statistical Reports, 2000
  9. Financial Reports, 2001
  10. Manuscript Draft, n.d.
  11. Research Books, 1831-1998
  12. Research Books, n.d.
  13. Ohio State Medical Journal, 1936-1975

Box 2


  1. Miscellaneous Journal Articles, 1915-1998
  2. Assorted Manuscripts, 1979-2001
  3. Research Proposal, 1999
  4. Research Notes, 2000
  5. Conference Presentation, 2002
  6. Interviews, 1999, 2001
  7. Medical Certificate, 1886, 1895
  8. Certificate of Death, 1951
  9. New York Times, 2000-2001
  10. Sentinel Tribune, 1909-2001
  11. Sentinel Tribune, n.d.

Box 3


  1. Toledo Blade, 1897-2001
  2. Toledo Blade, 2000-2001
  3. Wall Street Journal, 2000-2001
  4. Miscellaneous News Clippings, 1902-2001
  5. Pamphlets, 1995-2002
  6. Flyers, 2000-2001

Box 4


  1. Wood County Hospital Messenger, 1973-1976
  2. Wood County Hospital Messenger, 1978-1981
  3. Wood County Hospital Messenger, 1983-1985
  4. Wood County Hospital Messenger, 1989
  5. Wood County Hospital Messenger, 2001
  6. Miscellaneous Newsletters, 1985, 2000
  7. Pictures, n.d.
  8. Photographs, 1932-1999
  9. Negatives, n.d.

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