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Robert Rogers Hubach Collection of Walt Whitman

About Robert Rogers Hubach

Bowling Green State University

Robert Rogers Hubach, Professor emeritus of English, is a native of Kansas City, Missouri, was graduated from the University of Missouri at Kansas City in 1938, became a graduate scholar at the University of Colorado, where he received his Master of Arts degree in 1939, and then became a teaching fellow at Indiana University, where he received the Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1943, writing his dissertation on "Walt Whitman and the West." He was an instructor at the University of Illinois from 1943 to 1944 and then became chair of the English Department at Whitworth College, Spokane, Washington. From 1945-1947 he taught at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, and from 1947-1972 at Bowling Green State University, from which he retired to Santa Cruz, California. He lived there until March 1982, when he moved to Macon, Missouri. Professor Hubach has published many articles on Walt Whitman. His Early Midwestern Travel Narratives was published by the Wayne State University Press in 1962.

About the Whitman Collection

by Robert Rogers Hubach

I began collecting books about Whitman shortly after I took a seminar in Whitman taught by Professor Frank Davidson at Indiana University in 1939. I paid a dollar for a copy of Legler's Whitman: Yesterday and Today (1916) now appraised at seventy dollars [1982]. Other books followed in rapid succession, and I shall discuss some of them here.

When Whitman printed and issued the first edition of Leaves of Grass, only about eight hundred copies were published. They sold for two dollars a copy but would be worth several thousand dollars a piece today. John Burroughs' Notes on Whitman was followed by Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke's Walt Whitman which was partly written by Whitman himself. An edition published at Edinburgh and Glasgow in 1884 includes estimations of various critics. Five editions of Leaves of Grass appeared during Whitman's lifetime. My collection includes a copy of the first paperback edition of the Leaves, published shortly after Whitman's death in 1892. The ten-volume so-called Complete Writings of Walt Whitman, published by G. P. Putnam's Sons in 1902, is a valuable collection.

Horace Traubel was one of Whitman's closest friends and one of his literary executors. Six volumes of his With Walt Whitman in Camden have been published. These books contain Whitman's comments on hundreds of subjects and give real insights into Whitman's mind.

The first biography of Whitman after his death was Bliss Perry's Walt Whitman, 1906. My bibliography includes a reprint with an introductory appendix. In 1929 Emory Holloway's Whitman: An Interpretation in Narrative appeared, and it won a Pulitzer Prize for biography. Other lives of Whitman, however, are more complete. The longest life of Whitman to date is Gay Wilson Allen's The Solitary Singer. Professor Allen has published nine books about Whitman. His first work was Walt Whitman Handbook, issued in 1946. Among his other books on Whitman are Walt Whitman, Walt Whitman as Man, Poet, and Legend, and A Reader's Guide to Walt Whitman. Allen to date is the most prolific writer on Whitman.

Included among the biographies are studies by Newton Arvin, Roger Asselineau (two volumes), Dr. Clara Barrus, Jean Catel (two volumes), Thomas Donaldson, Charles E. Feinberg, Thomas B. Harned, Justin Kaplan, Edgar Lee Masters, William Sloan Kennedy (two volumes), Jan C. Smuts, John T. Trowbridge, Frances Winwar, and many others. There are works of literary criticism by Gay W. Allen, Edwin H. Miller, and other critics.

Whitman was the subject of several novels. Among these novels are Aronin's Walt Whitman's Secret, John Erskine's The Start of the Road (autographed), and Grant Overton's The Answer. Parodies on Walt Whitman contains some amusing pieces.

Included among volumes by Whitman himself are a very good facsimile reproduction from the first edition of Leaves of Grass, a copy of the second edition, edited by Allen and published in 1980, Walt Whitman of The New York Aurora, a special limited edition of the short stories of Whitman, two volumes of The Gathering of the Forces, Bowers' edition of Whitman's notes, a copy of the third edition of Leaves of Grass, the first edition of Whitman's After All Not to Create Only, Walt Whitman's Diary in Canada (1880), Specimen Days and Collect (1882) an autographed copy of poetry and prose (1888) and Whitman's Autobiographia (1894). Limited to 750 copies is a little book edited by Holloway called Pictures. Also important are Camden's Compliment to Walt Whitman (1888), November Boughs (1888), and Good-Bye My Fancy (1889). Edited by Andre Gide is a French translation of selections from Leaves of Grass and a two-volume German biography and translation of Leaves of Grass (Berlin, 1922).

The bibliography of works by and books about Whitman is extensive. The most important bibliography among my several bibliographies is the Library of Congress' Walt Whitman (1956).

The New York University Press edition of The Collected Writings of Walt Whitman, now extending to fifteen volumes, contains his early poems, the fiction, and the Day Books and Journals. More volumes are to be printed.

The periodicals about Whitman in the collection include three issues of The Walt Whitman Foundation Bulletin, the Walt Whitman Newsletter, the complete Walt Whitman Review, and the first six numbers of Calamus, a Japanese translation published in English. Professor William Moore of the Tokyo Christman University has recently published a handsomely-bound edition of Leaves of Grass in English, with a few variations from Whitman's wording.

Recently books about Whitman have been appearing at the rate of about two a year, and this rate will probably continue. I plan to add to my collection from time to time. I am certain that this collection is one of the most complete in the country and I want to keep it that way.

November 1982


Dwight Burlingame, Dean of Libraries
Nancy G. Steen, Rare Books Librarian
Ray B. Browne, Publisher, The Popular Press
Ralph H. Wolfe, Professor of English, Editor
James Hodge, Director of Development
James Hof, former Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs
Michael Ferrari, former Interim President

The Catalogue

This catalogue lists and briefly describes the titles which comprise the collection. It is not intended to be an authoritative bibliographic tool. In the case of primary works, an attempt has been made to indicate interesting and important facts concerning publication and to place each in the context of Whitman's work as a whole.

Collected Works and Selections

  1. SC-A Ovsz PS 3204 .P55
    America the Beautiful, in the Words of Walt Whitman,
    by the Editors of Country Beautiful. Waukesha, Wisconsin: Country Beautiful, 1970.
  2. SC-A PS 3231 .A5
    Autobiographia, or The Story of a Life, by Walt Whitman. Selected from his prose writings.
    New York, C. L. Webster, c1892.
    First edition, in the original green binding. Part of the Fiction, Fact & Fancy Series edited by Arthur Stedman.
  3. SC-A PS 3231 .A3 1961
    The Collected Writings of Walt Whitman.
    Edited by Gay Wilson Allen and Sculley Bradley. New York, New York University Press, 1961-. Volumes 1-13.
    A work by two leading Whitman scholars which sought to bring much-needed consistency to the editing and publication of Whitman's works.
  4. SC-A PS 3200 .E88
    Complete Poems and Prose, 1855-1888. Authenticated & Personal Book (handled by Walt Whitman).
    Philadelphia, Ferguson Bros., Printers, 1888
    Signed by Whitman (Facsimile?)
    No. 59 of ltd. ed. of 600 in the so-called Presentation Binding. The only other printing of this edition was for 300 copies.
    Contains the rare eighth edition of Leaves of Grass.
  5. SC-A PS 3200 .F38
    Complete Poetry & Selected Prose and Letters.
    Edited by Emory Holloway. London, The Nonesuch Press, 1938.
  6. SC-A PS 3200 .F59
    Complete Poetry and Selected Prose.
    Edited with an introduction and glossary by James E. Miller, Jr. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Co.; Cambridge, The Riverside Press, 1959. (Riverside Editions A34)
  7. SC-A PS 3202 1892
    Complete Prose Works.
    Philadelphia, David McKay, 1892.
    In the original green cloth. The most complete collection of Whitman's prose published during his lifetime.
  8. RARE PS 3200 .F02a
    Complete Writings. Issued under the editorial supervision of his literary executors...
    New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1902.
    The Book-Lover's Camden Edition. No. 257 of a limited edition of 500 numbered copies. In ten volumes, each volume having a special title page.
  9. SC-A PS 3200 .F49 c.2
    Faint Clews & Indirections; Manuscripts of Walt Whitman and His Family.
    Edited by Clarence Gohdes and Rollo G. Silver. Durham, N. C., Duke University Press, 1949.
    Previously unpublished manuscripts and letters of Whitman and his family from the Trent Collection in the Duke University Library. Includes several early drafts of Song of Myself and Whitman's interesting notes on Rousseau.
  10. SC-A PS 3202 1920 c.2
    The Gathering of the Forces; Editorials, Essays, Literary and Dramatic Reviews and Other Material Written by Walt Whitman as Editor of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle in 1846 and 1847.
    Edited by Cleveland Rogers and John Black. New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons, The Knickerbocker Press, 1920.
    Two volumes. One of 1250 sets of the limited letterpress edition, printed from type.
  11. SC-A PS 3203 .M3 c.2
    The Half-Breed, and Other Stories. Now first collected by Thomas Ollive Mabbatt; Woodcuts by Allen Lewis.
    New York, Columbia University Press, 1927.
    First limited edition. No. 93 of 155 copies printed on handmade paper. The type was set by hand at the Strawberry-Hill Press.
  12. SC-A PS 3200 .F50
    Leaves of Grass, and Selected Prose.
    Edited, with an introduction by John Kouwenhoven. New York, Modern Library, c1950.
  13. SC-A PS 619 .S9 B56
    Modern Amerikansk Lyrik.
    Edited by Erik Blomberg. Stockholm, Albert Bonniers Forlag, 1937.
  14. SC-A F 128.44 .W56 c.2
    New York Dissected; a Sheaf of Recently Discovered Newspaper Articles by the Author of Leaves of Grass.
    Introduction and notes by Emory Holloway and Ralph Adimari. New York, Rufus Rockwell Wilson Inc., 1936.
    First edition. Number 662 of 750 numbered copies.
  15. SC-A PS 3205 .F7 L3 1930
    Oeuvres Choisies. Poemes et Proses.
    Paris, Librairie Gallimard, 1918. Huitieme edition. (editions de la Nouvelle Revue Francaise).
  16. SC-A PS 3203 .R6
    Poems by Walt Whitman. Selected and Edited by William Michael Rossetti.
    London: John Camden Hotten, 1868.
    This copy bears the bookplate of William Gay, Australian scientist.
  17. SC-A PS 3201 1886
    Poems of Walt Whitman (From Leaves of Grass).
    With an introduction by Ernest Rhys. London, Walter Scott, Limited, 1886.
    (The Canterbury Poets, edited by William Sharp).
  18. SC-A PS 3200 .F49b
    The Poetry and Prose, with a Biographical Introduction and a Basic Selection of Early and Recent Critical Commentary, edited by Louis Untermeyer.
    New York, Simon & Schuster, 1949.
    The Inner Sanctum Edition.
  19. SC-A PS 3203 .M33 c.2
    Prose Works.
    Philadelphia, David McKay, Publisher, 1892.
    In the original green cloth. Untrimmed.
  20. SC-A PS 3203 .W4 c.2
    Selected poems.
    New York, Charles L. Webster & Co., 1892.
    Part of the Fiction, Fact and Fancy Series, edited by Arthur Stedman.
  21. SC-A PS 3204 .L57 1961
    Selections from Leaves of Grass.
    With an Introduction by Walter Lowenfels. New York, Crown Publishers, c1961.
    Frontispiece is the 1854 photo of Whitman, sometimes called the "Christ Photo." In gray and white checked binding with yellow butterfly design.
  22. SC-A PS 3204 .L57 1961
    Selections from Leaves of Grass.
    With an introduction by Walter Lowenfels. New York, Avenel Books, c1961.
  23. SC-A PS 3204 .L58 c.2
    The Tenderest Lover: The Erotic Poetry of Walt Whitman.
    Edited and with an introduction by Walter Lowenfels. New York, Delacorte Press, c1970.
    First printing. Illustrations by J. K. Lambert.
  24. SC-A PS 3200 .F32
    The Uncollected Poetry and Prose of Walt Whitman, Much of Which Has Been but Recently Discovered with Various Early Manuscripts Now First Published.
    Collected and edited by Emory Holloway. New York, Peter Smith, 1932.
    In two volumes.
    Reprint of 1921 Doubleday Edition. The first publication of numerous magazine writings which had not been included in the Complete Prose Works (1892) as well as of selections from Whitman's notebooks.
  25. SC-A PS 3204 .S8 1939 c.2
    Walt Whitman: Representative Selections.
    With Introduction, Bibliography, and notes by Floyd Stovall. New York, American Book Company, 1939.
    Revised edition. Part of the American Writers Series.
  26. SC-A PS 3231 .A33 1963
    Walt Whitman and the Civil War; A Collection of Original Articles and Manuscripts.
    Edited by Charles I. Glicksberg. New York, A. S. Barnes and Company, Inc., 1963, c1933.
    A Perpetua Edition.
  27. SC-A PS 3203 .R8 c.2
    Walt Whitman of the New Aurora, Editor at Twenty-Two.
    Edited by Joseph Jay Rubin and Charles H. Brown. State College, Pa., Bald Eagle Press, 1950.
    The first publication of material long believed lost or destroyed. The Aurora was the first New York daily of which Whitman was editor--for only two months in 1842.
  28. SC-A PS 3204 .S5 1955 c.2
    Walt Whitman, Poet of American Democracy; Selections from his Poetry and Prose.
    Edited with an introduction by Samuel Sillen. New York, International Publishers, 1955.
    100th Anniversary Edition of Leaves of Grass. Reissue of 1944 Edition.
  29. SC-A PS 3222 .W3 1973 c.2
    Walt Whitman's Camden Conversations.
    Selected and arranged with an introduction by Walter Teller. New Brunswick, New Jersey, Rutgers University Press, c1973.
    Excerpts from Horace Traubel's With Walt Whitman in Camden, 1906.
  30. SC-A PS 3204 .L6 1961
    Walt Whitman's Civil War, Compiled and Edited from Published and Unpublished Sources by Walter Lowenfels. Civil War drawings by Winslow Homer.
    New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1961.
    Second printing. The first collection in one volume of the prose descriptions of his Civil War eye-witness experiences.
  31. SC-A PS 3232 .K4
    Walt Whitman's Diary in Canada, with Extracts from Other of his Diaries and Literary Note-Books.
    Edited by William Sloane Kennedy. Boston, Small, Maynard & Co., 1904.
    Facsimile of first limited edition of 500 copies.
  32. SC-A PS 3216 .A1 1962 c.2
    Memoranda During the War & Death of Abraham Lincoln.
    Edited with an introduction by Roy P. Basler. Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1962.
    Facsimile. The Carpenter portrait of Whitman on front cover.
  33. SC-A F128.3 .W5 c.2
    Walt Whitman's New York, From Manhattan to Montauk.
    New York, The Macmillan Company, c1963.
  34. SC-A PS 3203 .A5
    Walt Whitman's Poems.
    Edited by Gay Wilson Allen and Charles T. Davis. New York, New York University Press, 1955.
  35. SC-A PS 3202 1964
    Walt Whitman's Workshop; a Collection of Unpublished Manuscripts.
    Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Clifton Joseph Furness. New York, Russell & Russell, Inc., 1964.
    Reissue of 1928 edition.
  36. SC-A PS 3221 .A1 1898a
    The Wound Dresser; A Series of Letters Written from the Hospitals in Washington during the War of the Rebellion.
    Edited by Richard Maurice Bucke, M.D. Boston, Small, Maynard & Co., 1898.
    First trade edition.

Individual Works

  1. RARE PS 3222 .A28
    After All, Not To Create Only. Recited by Walt Whitman on Invitation of Managers American Institute, on Opening their 40th Annual Exhibition, New York, Noon, September 7, 1871.
    Boston, Roheris Brothers, 1871.
    First edition. In original green binding. Although this poem was poorly received by most critics, Whitman retitled it "Song of the Exposition" for celebration of the 1876 Centennial.
  2. RARE PS 3222 .A5 1904
    An American Primer. With facsimiles of the original manuscript.
    Edited by Horace Traubel. Boston, Small, Maynard, 1904.
    First edition, limited to 500 copies.
  3. SC-A PS 3222 .A5 1970
    An American Primer. With facsimiles of the original manuscript.
    Edited by Horace Traubel. San Francisco, City Light Books, 1970.
  4. SC-A Ovsz PS 3203 .M25
    A Child's Reminiscence. Collected by Thomas 0. Mabbott & Rollo G. Silver, with an Introduction and Notes.
    Seattle, University of Washington Book Store, 1930.
    This copy is no. 118 of a limited edition of 475 copies. A University of Washington Quarto. Contains the first version of "Out of the Cradle" as it appeared in the New York Saturday Press in 1859.
  5. (folder)
    Democratic Vistas--Excerpt. 1871.
    Single sheet. Distributed by Charles E. Feinberg to subscribers and friends of the Walt Whitman Review. May 31, 1969.
  6. SC-A PS 3202 1888a
    Democratic Vistas, and Other Papers.
    London, Walter Scott, 1888.
    Part of the Camelot Series, edited by Ernest Rhys. Presentation copy from Esther Shepherd to David Goodale.
  7. SC-A PS 3214 .A1 1891 c.2
    Good-Bye My Fancy. 2d. Annex to Leaves of Grass.
    Philadelphia, David McKay, Publ., 1891.
    First edition in original maroon cloth.
  8. SC-A PS 3201 1959
    Leaves of Grass. The First (1855) Edition.
    New York, The Viking Press, 1960.
    Facsimile. Edited, with an introduction, by Malcolm Cowley. 795 copies of the first edition were published of which 200 were bound in green cloth and offered for sale for $2.00. No plates were made and the type was distributed. The manuscript accidentally burned in 1858 in the Brooklyn shop where it had been printed.
  9. SC-A PS 3201 1966a
    Leaves of Grass.
    New York, The Eakins Press, 1966.
    Facsimile of first edition, in red slip case. Reproduced from a copy in The Library of Yale University. Includes the eight pages of comments and reviews added by Whitman (from a copy in The Pierpont Morgan library) and text of Emerson's letter to Whitman (from the Brown University library copy).
  10. SC-A PS 3201 1855d
    Leaves of Grass. A facsimile of the First Edition.
    With an introduction, a note on the text, and a bibliography prepared by Richard Bridgman, University of California, Berkeley. San Francisco, Chandler Pub. Co., c1968.
    Chandler Facsimiles Editions in American literature.
  11. SC-A PS 3201 .B56 1959a
    Walt Whitman: An 1855-56 Notebook Toward The Second Edition of Leaves of Grass.
    Carbondale, Southern Illinois University Press, 1959.
    Photocopy of the limited edition. Foreword by Charles Feinberg.
  12. SC-A PS 3201 1976
    Leaves of Grass.
    Norwood Editions, 1976.
    Facsimile of the 1856 second edition. Includes facsimile of the famous Emerson letter to Whitman. Emerson was the first Major American author to recognize the greatness of Leaves of Grass but was displeased by Whitman's unauthorized use of his letter for publicity purposes.
  13. (folder)
    Leaves of Grass (Table of Contents only).
    Brooklyn, Published by Fowler and Wells, 1856.
  14. SC-A PS 3201 1860 c.2
    Leaves of Grass.
    Boston, Thayer and Eldridge, 1860-61.
    Third Edition. Frontispiece is a steel engraving of Whitman at the age of 40 reproduced from Charles Hines 1859 painting. Includes 124 new poems. This is a spurious copy, probably printed by R. Worthington of New York who obtained the plates after Thayer & Eldridge went out of business at the opening of the war.
  15. SC-A PS 3201 1955 c.2
    Whitman's Manuscripts: Leaves of Grass (1860): a Parallel Text.
    Edited with Notes & Introduction by Fredson Bowers. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1955.
  16. SC-A PS 3201 1860c
    Walt Whitman's Blue Book, the 1860-61 Leaves of Grass Containing his Manuscript Additions and Revisions.
    New York, New York Public Library, 1968.
    In two Volumes: I. Facsimile of the Original; II. Textual Analysis by Arthur Golden.
    Discovery of the original Blue Book in Whitman's desk led to his removal from a clerkship in the Department of the Interior. It contained his controversial textual changes between the third and fourth editions of Leaves of Grass.
  17. SC-A PS 3201 1882
    Leaves of Grass.
    Philadelphia, R. Welsh & Co., 1882.
    Seventh edition. First published in Boston by James R. Osgood in 1881, this is the Suppressed Edition, which was withdrawn from publication after Osgood was threatened with prosecution by the Massachusetts district attorney. The Society for the Prevention of Vice had charged that the poems were immoral and the edition was prohibited from going through the U.S. Mail.
  18. SC-A PS 3201 1891
    Leaves of Grass, including Sands at Seventy... First Annex, Good-by My Fancy... Second Annex, A Backward Glance O'er Travel'd Roads, and Portrait from Life.
    Philadelphia, David McKay, ?1891-92.
    Ninth edition, first issue. This first issue consisted of a very few copies in gray paper wrappers with a paper label on the spine. David Goodale's copy.
  19. SC-A PS 3201 1894
    Leaves of Grass, including Sands at Seventy, Good-bye My Fancy, A Backward Glance O'er Travel'd Roads, and Portrait from Life.
    Philadelphia, David McKay, 1894. Ninth edition, later issue. Known as the "Deathbed Edition," this was the final edition supervised by Whitman. Facsimile of Whitman's signature on title page.
  20. SC-A PS 3201 1900d c.2
    Leaves of Grass, including a fac-simile Autobiography Variorum Readings of the Poems and a Department of Gathered Leaves.
    Philadelphia, David McKay, 1900.
    Frontispiece portrait has facsimile Whitman signature and presentation to David McKay from his friend Walt Whitman.
  21. SC-A PS 3201 1905
    Leaves of Grass. Complete Authorized Edition including Sands at Seventy, Good-Bye My Fancy, Old Age Echoes, and a Backward Glance.
    Boston, Small, Maynard & Co., 1905.
    This is a reprint of the 1903 Small, Maynard edition.
  22. SC-A PS 3201 1940a
    Leaves of Grass.
    New York, Doubleday, Doran & Co., Inc., 1940.
    Selected and with an Introduction by Christopher Morley.
  23. SC-A PS 3201 1966
    Complete Leaves of Grass with Prose Essences and Annotations by William L. Moore.
    Tokyo, Taibundo, 1966.
    Preface by Gay Wilson Allen. Calligraphy by Kazuko Okamoto.
  24. SC-A PS 3231 .W33 1974 c.2
    Walt Whitman's Autograph Revision of the Analysis of Leaves of Grass.
    (for Dr. R. M. Bucke's Walt Whitman). New York, New York University Press, 1974.
    With introductory essay by Quentin Anderson, Textual notes by Stephen Railton, and 35 facsimile pages of the manuscript.
  25. SC-A PS 3201 1968
    Leaves of Grass.
    New York, Norton, n. d.
    (The Norton Library: Comprehensive Readers Edition). Edited by Harold W. Blodgett and Sculley Bradley.
  26. SC-A PS 3204 .B8 1960a
    Notes and Fragments: Left by Walt Whitman and Now Edited by Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke; one of His Literary Executors.
    London, Can., Printed for the Editor for private distribution only by A. Talbot, 1899.
    Photocopy of number 167 of 225 copies.
  27. (folder)
    Notes on the Meaning and Intention of Leaves of Grass. Photocopy of Part II of The Complete Prose Works, Vol. VI, New York, G.P Putnam's Sons, The Knickerbocker Press, 1902.
  28. SC-A PS 3217 .A1 1888
    November Boughs.
    Philadelphia, David McKay, 1888.
    First edition in original maroon cloth.
  29. SC-A Ovsz PS 3222 .O2 1935
    0 Captain My Captain San Francisco
    Printed for Albert M. Bender by Cecil & James Johnson at the Windsor Press, 1935.
    One of 200 copies. David Goodales copy. Whitman's most conventional but, during his lifetime, his most popular poem.
  30. SC-A PS 3222 .O34 F7
    Ode A La France.
    Traduit par Leon Bazalgette. Paris, A La Belle Edition, Francois Bernouard, 1917.
    Translation of "0 Star of France." With 11 original woodcuts by Combet-Descombes.
  31. SC-A PS 3203 .H3
    Passage to India.
    New York, Haskell House Publishers Ltd., 1969.
    First published in 1870 as a supplement to Leaves of Grass, this was the last of Whitman's grand poems and the final statement of his spiritual beliefs.
  32. SC-A PS 3222 .P5 1927 c.2
    Pictures, an Unpublished Poem.
    With an introduction and Notes by Emory Holloway. New York, The June House; London, Faber & Gwyer, Ltd., 1927.
    First limited edition, one of 700 copies. Presentation copy to Robert Hubach from David Goodale. The text, reprinted from Southwest Review, July 1925, dates from a Whitman manuscript probably written around 1850 as a preliminary study for Leaves of Grass.
  33. SC-A PR 99 .W63 c.2
    Rivulets of Prose; Critical Essays by Walt Whitman.
    New York, Greenberg, 1928.
    Third edition. This is number 45 of 499 copies. Edited by Carolyn Wells and Alfred F. Goldsmith.
  34. SC-A PS 3222.S6
    Song of Myself. Part One of the first edition of Leaves of Grass as published for Walt Whitman in 1855 and which is now called Song of Myself.
    Printed with decorations by Jos. A. Low at the Powgen Press, New York City, for William R. Scott, Publisher, 1936.
  35. SC-A Ovsz PS 3220 .A1 1971 c.2
    Specimen Days.
    Boston, David R. Godine, 1971. Introduction by Alfred Kazin. First published in 1882 by Rees Welch Company of Philadelphia.
    This text, based on the 1892 edition published in Philadelphia by David McKay, is an informal autobiography concentrating on Washington during the Civil War and on Whitman's emotional problems stemming from that war.
  36. (folder)
    There Was a Child Went Forth. Excerpt. (1855).
    Single sheet. Distributed by Charles F. Feinberg to subscribers and friends of the Walt Whitman Review, May 31, 1969.
  37. (folder)
    An Unpublished Whitman Manuscript, The Record Book of the Smithtown Debating Society, 1837-1838, n.d.
    Photocopy of the first in a series of monographs, edited by Katherine Molinoff.


  1. SC-A E 523.5 51st .W45 1975 c.2
    Civil War Letters of George Washington Whitman.
    Edited by Jerome M. Loving. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1975.
    Whitman was deeply influenced by his brother's experiences as a survivor of four years of combat.
  2. SC-A PR 4715 .G5 Z55 c.2
    The Letters of Anne Gilchrist and Walt Whitman.
    Edited and with an Introduction by Thomas B. Harned. Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, Page & Co., 1918.
    First edition. Harned was one of Whitman's literary executors. Whitman had refused in 1887 to give the letters to Anne's son for publication in his biography of his mother.
  3. SC-A PS 3231 .A34 1977
    The Letters of Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke to Walt Whitman.
    Edited by Artem Lozynsky. Detroit, Wayne State University Press, 1977
    First printing. Produced and distributed by University of Microfilms International-Monograph publishing on Demand: Imprint Series.) Bucke, a pioneer in psychiatry, was greatly influenced by Whitman.
  4. SC-A PS 3231 .A45 1977
    Mattie: The Letters of Martha Mitchell Whitman.
    Edited by Randall H. Waldron. New York, New York University Press, 1977
    Foreword by Gay Wilson Allen. Martha was the wife of Whitman's brother Jeff. The two had an especially close relationship.

Biographies and Criticism

  1. SC-A PS 3231 .A698 1980
    Allen, Gay Wilson. Aspects of Walt Whitman. Arden Library, 1980. Norwood Editions publication.
  2. SC-A PS 3231 .A7 1975 c.2
    Allen, Gay Wilson. The New Walt Whitman Handbook. New York, New York University Press, 1975.
  3. SC-A PS 3231 .A687 c.2
    Allen, Gay Wilson. A Readers Guide to Walt Whitman. New York, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, c1970.
    Second printing. Signed presentation copy from the author to Robert Hubach.
  4. SC-A PS 3231 .A69 1955b
    Allen, Gay Wilson. The Solitary Singer, a Critical Biography of Walt Whitman. New York, Grove Press, Inc., c1955.
    Presentation copy from Allen to Robert Hubach.
  5. SC-A PS 3238 .A44 c.2
    Allen, Gay Wilson. The Two Poets of Leaves of Grass. Westwood, New Jersey, Privately printed at the Kindle Press, 1969.
    Presentation copy from the author to Robert Hubach. First appeared in Patterns of Commitment in American Literature, c1967.
  6. SC-A PS 3231 .A697 1961
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  7. SC-A PS 3238 .A75 c.2
    Allen, Gay Wilson, editor. Walt Whitman Abroad; Critical Essays from Germany, France, Scandinavia, Russia, Italy, Spain and Latin America, Israel, Japan and India. Syracuse, N.Y., Syracuse University Press, 1955.
    Presentation from Allen to Robert Hubach.
  8. SC-A PS 3231 .A7 c.4
    Allen, Gay Wilson. Walt Whitman Handbook. Chicago, Packard and Company, 1946.
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  9. (folder)
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The Robert Rogers Hubach Collection of Walt Whitman is housed in the Rare Books and Special Collections Division of the Center for Archival Collections.