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Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority - GLMS 2

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This collection contains the minutes, correspondence, reports, contracts, and other documents of the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority and its predecessor, the Toledo Port Commission. The latter body was founded in 1922 to encourage and prepare Toledo for the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway. The collection details the fight for the Seaway and the efforts of the various port governing bodies to develop the port of Toledo and turn it into a major port on the Great Lakes. The dates for the collection are 1895 to the present.

The collection was donated to the Center for Archival Collections in 1970 by William C. Beckett, Manager of Statistics for the Port Authority. No restrictions exist on the research use of this collection.

This register was prepared by Robert Dunkelberger in February 1985.

 Agency Sketch

The realization of Toledo as a contender in the world-trade market was first considered in 1897 as a result of a proposal to adapt the St. Lawrence River for heavy seagoing vessels. To ensure the city's place in an obviously lucrative future, the Toledo Port Commission was founded by the Chamber of Commerce in 1922 to act in an advisory capacity. The volunteer Commission served a fundamental role in the establishment of guidelines for facilities, growth, trade potential, motor and seaway traffic, and was instrumental in creating capital to finance surveys and construction.

Between 1897 and 1955, the Toledo Port Commission underwent many changes. The Port Commission disappeared when the city ordinance (No. 368-41) passed on July 28, 1941, establishing a twelve member Port and Harbor Commission with jurisdiction over all matters relating to the port harbor, with powers to make recommendations to the Toledo City Council on all matters germane to the development and improvement of the harbor rules and regulations concerning the use of the harbor, and other harbor related matters.

Over the next fourteen years, many of the changes that were made anticipated the fundamental reorganization of 1955. On June 10, 1946, the name was changed to the Toledo Port Commission,, but more importantly, the membership of the commission was altered to permit the appointment of four of the nine members by the Lucas County Commission. Another minor restructuring of the Toledo Port Commission was made by council action on May 23, 1949, and the name was changed to the Toledo-Lucas County Port Commission. In 1955 the name was changed back to the Toledo Port Commission.

The Ohio Senate bill 193, which the Ohio Legislature passed on June 21, 1955 and became sections 4582.01-16 of the Revised Code of the Laws of Ohio, made possible a fundamental reorganization of the Toledo Port Commission by enabling the formation of port authorities that transcended existing political subdivisions. The Toledo City Ordinance 427-55 made possible the establishment of a port authority in cooperation with Lucas County, thus paving the way for the creation of the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority.

The Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority maintains permanent offices at One Maritime Plaza in Toledo, Ohio, and is governed by a nine-person board of directors. The Port Authority today has broad powers including the right to issue bonds; to exercise the right of eminent domain; to purchase, construct, and lease docks and terminal facilities; to publicize and promote the port; to operate airports; and to levy taxes for its own purpose upon voter approval.

 Scope and Content

The material in the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority Collection spans the years from 1895 to the present. The material before 1950 is primarily concerned with the St. Lawrence Seaway, whereas that dated after 1950 pertains to the operation of the Port Authority and construction completed completed at the port.

The collection contains a number of minutes of meetings from 1922-1937, and a virtually complete set from 1946 to the present. The minutes, especially after 1946, contain the dates of the meetings, members present, brief synopses of issues before the board of directors, basic policy decisions, and monthly budget reports (after 1970) which contain detailed information on receipts and expenditures. Also included with procedural material are ordinances, proposals and resolutions involving the city of Toledo and its role in developing the port.

The correspondence covers the years from 1925-1973, with a large part of it from 1955 and 1956. The letters before 1955 deal primarily with support for the St. Lawrence Seaway and ideas on the potential of the port of Toledo for maritime trade. The correspondence during 1955 and 1956 pertains to the establishment of the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority. The weakness with the correspondence is that there is little after 1956 and none since 1973.

The collection contains three subject files. They involve George Hardy, the St. Lawrence Treaty, and construction at Presque Isle. George Hardy was a great supporter of the port of Toledo and the St. Lawrence Seaway until his death in 1946. This file contains his correspondence, speeches, and newspaper clippings about his efforts on behalf of Toledo. The St. Lawrence Treaty file contains statements in support of a treaty between the United States and Canada for the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway. The third file deals with the five stages of construction at Presque Isle between 1958-1967 that became Port Authority Facility No. 1. This contains the contracts, correspondence, bids, reports, and change orders that were used during the construction.

There are a number of reports found in the collection. These include annual, board and committee, economic, engineering, monthly, Port of Toledo, and statistical reports. These reports cover what the Port Authority has done each year since 1960, what the economic potential for the port is, what occurred at the port of Toledo for each month from 1947-1955, what the history of the port and its development has been, and the import and export figures for the port during the years from 1964-1975. With the exception of the annual reports they do not run to the present.

The literary productions found in the collection include articles, booklets, magazines, histories, newsletters, sailing schedules, and speeches. These pertain to the promotion of the port and its history. The newsletters provide information on the activities of the Port Authority and are the only literary productions to run to the present.

The collection contains few legal documents, most notably acts, bills, contract documents, and agreements. The acts and bills are those by the city of Toledo, the Ohio Legislature, and the Congress of the United States that affected the Port of Toledo. The contract documents deal with construction at Maumee Bay Marina and maintenance dredging in the harbor. The agreements are between the City of Toledo and various groups and primarily involve land transfers.

There are only a few financial documents found in the collection. These include financial statements from companies interested in construction work at the port and documents detailing minimum wage votes for union workers.

The collection does contain a large number of newspaper clippings from 1920-1968 that pertain to the St. Lawrence Seaway, promotion of the port, and the Port Authority. A great many clippings are from 1954 and 1955, and these deal with the formation of the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority and the controversy around it.

A detailed and fairly complete part of the collection are the drawings and blueprints showing the construction at Presque Isle. Most of the plans are included in addition to those for construction at Maumee Bay Marina and Cullen Park. Included in this part of the collection are charts showing farm product production and maps of Toledo showing planned port construction.

Printed materials in the collection include pamphlets and brochures used for public relations and advertising the Port of Toledo. Included with this are lithographs of classic sailing ships used for advertising purposes.

The final section of the collection contains photographs taken during the construction at Maumee Bay Marina in 1961.

 Series Description


1922 to the present
Arranged chronologically
The minutes are of meetings of the Toledo Port Commission and the board of the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority. Attendance records are included from 1946-1955 and agenda material and budget reports from 1976 to the present. The minutes contain reports, resolutions, and proposals presented during the meetings. They are complete with very few exceptions from 1946 to the present.

Arranged chronologically.
The minutes are of groups connected with the Port Commission and the Port Authority. The minutes contain business conducted, discussions held, and decisions made.

Arranged chronologically.
Contains names and addresses of members of committees and other groups.

Arranged chronologically.
These are almost all from the City of Toledo and pertain to various aspects of the operation of the Port Commission and the Port Authority.

Arranged chronologically.
These deal with suggestions concerning the Port of Toledo, such as the establishment of a Department of Port Development, a Port District Act for the State of Ohio, and Port Authority for Toledo.

Arranged chronologically.
This contains resolutions regarding the Seaway Treaty and construction by city groups, the state and federal government. This also includes resolutions adopted by the Toledo Port Commission, Toledo City Council, and the Toledo Port Authority. The majority of the resolutions were presented in 1955 and 1956.


Arranged chronologically.
The correspondence through the 1940s deals primarily with the operation of the Port of Toledo and the proposed St. Lawrence Seaway. A large part of the correspondence is from 1955 and 1956 and pertains to the business affairs of the Toledo Port Commission and the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority.


Arranged into four categories and chronologically within.
These files are divided into correspondence, newspaper clippings, speeches and statements, and miscellaneous. The material in the files deals with George Hardy and his efforts to develop the Port of Toledo and the St. Lawrence Seaway. Almost all of this material is dated before his death in 1946.

Arranged into two categories and chronologically within.
These files are divided into statements and miscellaneous. They include opinions and debates concerning the treaty between Canada and the United States on the Seaway, a copy of the original treaty, and the results of the senate vote in 1934.

Arranged chronologically.
This file covers the five stages of construction that occurred on Presque Isle at Port Authority Facility No. 1. These stages are divided by contract. Included with the contract documents are correspondence, contractor's bids, progress reports, change orders, and payment estimates.


1947 to the present.
Arranged chronologically.
Contains a brief summary of the year's activities, general statistics on imports and exports, and a financial statement.

Arranged chronologically.
Contains reports on boards and committees involved with the Port of Toledo, such as the State Water Conservation Board of Ohio, the Maumee Watershed Conservancy District, and committees within the Port Authority.

Arranged chronologically.
These reports consist of three different studies: a traffic and freight cost study, a transportation study, and a commodity study on machinery. They were compiled for the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority. These reports are market studies of trade and the economic potential of the Port of Toledo.

Arranged chronologically
These reports pertain to the construction at Maumee Bay Marina and at Presque Isle, detailing what was to be constructed at these sites. Also included are miscellaneous reports involving construction at the Port of Toledo.

Arranged chronologically.
These reports include activities and events that concern the Port of Toledo. Also included are port statistics for the month.

Arranged chronologically.
Contains reports and studies dealing specifically with the Port of Toledo, involving development, trade, future potential, and construction of facilities to enhance the port.

Arranged chronologically.
These reports contain statistics for the Port of Toledo. They contain a breakdown of commerce by commodity imports and exports, registry of overseas vessels, vessel arrivals and departures, and city bridge openings. Included in same reports are water depths and comparative rankings of major U.S. and Great Lakes ports. Almost all of the reports are for the years 1964-1973.

Arranged chronologically.
These reports pertain to a variety of subjects, such as annual conventions, the unfairness of the Interstate Commerce Act, and unbalanced land rate structures.


Arranged chronologically.
Contains articles, editorials, and press releases involving the Port of Toledo and the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Arranged chronologically.
They pertain to Toledo and its port, detailing what the port is doing and plans for the future.

Arranged chronologically.
Contains information about the history of the Port of Toledo and its governing agencies, plus facts about the port.

1956 to the present.
Arranged chronologically.
Contains statistical information on tonnage and number of vessels using the port, general news items involving the port and Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway shipping, and general information on the activities of the port's governing body.

Arranged chronologically.
Contains discussions, notes, resumes, and other papers involving the Port of Toledo. Some also involve public relations, meetings, duties of the assistant general manager, and exhibits on the port.

Arranged chronologically.
Contains a list of ship arrivals and departures with destination, none of the shipping line, and the name of vessel and date of arrival or departure.

Arranged chronologically.
These speeches deal with the development or promotion of the Port of Toledo, the St. Lawrence Seaway, and the Great Lakes.


Arranged chronologically.
This file contains various legal documents concerning the Port of Toledo. They originated with the City of Toledo, the Ohio Legislature, and the Congress of the United States.

Arranged chronologically.
These documents pertain to the construction at the Maumee Bay Marina and maintenance dredging of the harbor. They contain the plans and details of the work to be completed.

Arranged chronologically.
This file contains documents detailing several court cases and hearings involving the Toledo Port Authority.

Arranged chronologically.
This file contains a petition in favor of a Port Authority Enabling Act, in addition to agreements involving land transactions between the City of Toledo and various groups, such as the Pennsylvania Railroad Company and Harrison Marina.


Arranged chronologically.
Contains financial statements involving companies interested in construction work at the Port of Toledo in 1960. Also included are miscellaneous financial documents concerning the Port of Toledo, plus several minimum wage rate documents involving wages paid to union workers.


Arranged chronologically.
This file contains a large number of clippings, almost all from Toledo newspapers, most notably the Toledo Blade and the Toledo Times. The articles before 1950 pertain to the St. Lawrence Seaway and port development, while those after 1950, mostly from 1954-1956, deal with the activities of the Port Authority.


Arranged chronologically.
Contains maps showing greatest areas of farm production for various crops during different years. Also contains charts showing amount of farm products exported for a series of years.

Arranged into four categories and chronologically within.
This oversize material is divided into categories of drawings and blueprints detailing the construction done at Maumee Bay Marina, Cullen Park, and Presque Isle. Included are plans for maintenance dredging and test borings that had been conducted.

Arranged chronologically.
These maps show various parts of the Port of Toledo and what construction or other development was planned for those areas. These areas include Maumee Bay Marina and Presque Isle.


Arranged chronologically.
Contains pamphlets and brochures advertising the benefits of using the Port of Toledo for shipping goods.

Arranged chronologically.
These lithographs of ships were distributed by the Port Authority to promote the Port of Toledo.


Arranged chronologically.
Contains photographs of construction done at Maumee Bay Marina in 1961


Box 1: Minutes


1. Minutes, 1922 - 1928
2. Minutes, 1932 - 1937
3-12. Minutes, 1946 - 1955

Box 2: Minutes

Minutes, 1956 - 1969

Box 3: Minutes

Minutes, January 1970 - June 1972

Box 4: Minutes

Minutes, July 1972 - June 1974

Box 5: Minutes

Minutes, July 1974 - December 1975

Box 6: Minutes

Minutes, January 1976 - December 1977

Box 7: Minutes

Minutes, February 1978 - June 1979

Box 8: Minutes

Minutes, August 1979 - June 1981

Box 9: Minutes

Minutes, July 1981 - June 1983

Box 10: Minutes

Minutes, July 1983 - December 1984

Box 11: Minutes

Minutes, January 1985 - December 1986

Box 12: Minutes

Minutes, January 1987 - December 1988

Box 13: Minutes

Minutes, February 1989 - March 1990

Box 14: Minutes

Minutes, May 1990 -June 1994

Box 14A: Minutes, Press Releases

Minutes, July 1994- ; Press Releases, 1985-

Box 14B: Minutes

Minutes, May 1997-December 2000

Box 14C: Minutes

Minutes, January 2001-August 2004

Box 14D: Minutes

Minutes, September 2004-October 2005

Box 14E: Minutes

Minutes, November 2005-March 2007

Box 14F: Minutes

Minutes, April 2007-April 2008

Box 14G: Minutes

Minutes, May 2008-November 2009

Box 15: Associations, Committees, Correspondence


1. Miscellaneous minutes from associations and committees, 1928-1961
2. Miscellaneous committee membership lists, 1933-1961
3. Miscellaneous ordinances, 1931-1955
4. Miscellaneous proposals, 1928-1941
5. Miscellaneous resolutions, 1923-1957
6-8. Correspondence, 1925-1953

Box 16: Correspondence; George Hardy; St. Lawrence Treaty


1-4 Correspondence, 1955-1973
5 George Hardy: correspondence, 1922-1967
6 George Hardy: newspaper clippings, 1927-1959
7 George Hardy: speeches and statements, 1928-1946
8 George Hardy: miscellaneous, 1928-1967
9 St. Lawrence Treaty: statements, 1932-1940
10 St. Lawrence Treaty: miscellaneous, 1919-1934

Box 17: Presque Isle Construction


  1. Stage 1 - contract 1, 1958
  2. Stage 1 - contract 2, 1958
  3. Stage 1 - contract 3, 1959
  4. Stage 1 - contract 4, 1959
  5. Stage 1 - contract 5, 1960
  6. Stage 2 - contract 1, 1960
  7. Stage 2 - contract 2, 1960

Box 18: Presque Isle Construction


  1. Stage 2 - contract 3, 1961
  2. Stage 2 - contract 4B, 1961
  3. Stage 3 - contract 1, 1963
  4. Stages 4 & 5 - contracts 1A,1B, 1C; 1964
  5. Stages 4 & 5 - contract 1A; 1964-1965
  6. Stages 4 & 5 - contract 1B; 1964-1965
  7. Stages 4 & 5 - contract 1C; 964-1965
  8. Stages 4 & 5-contract ID; 1965

Box 19: Presque Isle Construction


  1. Stages 4 & 5 - contract 2; 1964-1965
  2. Stages 4 & 5 - contract 3; 1964-1965
  3. Stages 4 & 5 - contract 4;1965-1966
  4. Stages 4 & 6 - contract 5; 1965-1966

Box 20: Presque Isle Construction; Reports


1 Presque Isle construction: stages 4 & 5 - contract 5A; 1966-1967
2 Presque Isle construction: stages 4 & 5-contract 58; 1967
3-5 Annual reports, 1947 - 1990
6 Board and committee reports, 1931 - 1956
7 Advisory board reports, 1955 - 1956

Box 21: Economic Reports


  1. Traffic & freight cost study: part 1, 1961
  2. Traffic & freight cost study: part 2, 1961
  3. Traffic & freight cost study: part 3, 1961
  4. Transportation study: part 1, 1962
  5. Transportation study: part 2, 1962
  6. Transportation study: part 3, 1962
  7. Transportation study: part 4, 1962
  8. Transportation study: part 5, 1962
  9. Commodity study, machinery: part 1, 1962
  10. Commodity study, machinery: part 2, 1963

Box 22: Reports


1-3 Engineering reports, 1957 - 1968
4 Engineering reports - miscellaneous, 1944-1961
5-10 Monthly reports, 1947 - 1952

Box 23: Reports


1-3 Monthly reports, 1953 - 1955
4-8 Port of Toledo reports, 1924-1959

Box 24: Reports


1 Port of Toledo reports, 1963-1965
2 Port of Toledo reports, n.d.
3-4 Statistical reports, 1931 - 1975
5-6 Miscellaneous reports, 1932 - 1964

Box 25: Literary Productions


1 Articles, 1921 - 1970
2 Booklets and magazines, 1928 - 1965
3 Histories and port facts, 1928 - 1972
4-7 Newsletters, 1956 - 1985

Box 26: Literary Productions, Legal Documents


1 Notes on the Port of Toledo, 1940 - 1957
2-3 Sailing schedules, 1964 1979
4 Speeches, 1911 - 1970
5-6 Acts, bills, and amendments, 1925 - 1968
7 Contract document - Maumee Bay Marina, 1960

Box 27: Legal and Financial Documents, Clippings, Charts


  1. Contract document - maintenance dredging: MD-1, 1963
  2. Contract document - maintenance dredging: MD-2, 1967
  3. Contract document - maintenance dredging: MD-3, 1968
  4. Court files, 1903 - 1956
  5. Petitions and agreements, 1937 - 1956
  6. Financial statements, 1960
  7. Miscellaneous financial documents, 1934 - 1063
  8. Newspaper clippings, 1920 - 1968
  9. Farm product and export charts, 1895 - 1940

Box 28: Maps, Drawings, Charts, Photographs


  1. Port of Toledo maps, 1922 - 1963
  2. Public relations & advertising pamphlets and brochures, 1958 - 1982
  3. Lithographs of classic sailing ships, 1972
  4. Photographs of Maumee Bay Marina construction, 1961

Box 29: Oversize Material - Drawings and Blueprints

  1. Maumee Bay Marina, Cullen Park, Riverside Park, 1955-1967
  2. Presque Isle construction: stages 1-5, 1958-1966
  3. Maintenance dredging, 1963-1968
  4. Test borings, 1957-1964
  5. Commodities shipped from Port of Toledo, 1923

Addendum: Boxes 30 - 35 contain newspaper clippings for the years 1956, 1961 - 1964 arranged in alphabetical order by topic.

Box 30: Clippings


  1. A.A.P.A. (American Association of Port Authorities)
  2. Ad Club
  3. Advertisements, Legal
  4. Advisory Board
  5. Agents
  6. American Propeller Co.
  7. American Ship Building Co.
  8. American Ship Building Co.
  9. Andersons, The
  10. Aquarama
  11. Army-NDTA-Great Lakes Detachment
  12. ATTCA
  13. Blade-Sunday Column
  14. Blade--Sunday Column
  15. Board of Directors
  16. Bond Sale
  17. Bridges
  18. Burns Ditch
  19. Cargill, Inc.
  20. Cargo, Misc.
  21. Cargo, Misc.
  22. Cars
  23. Canada
  24. Canals
  25. CBS Radio, Goerner
  26. Channel, 27 foot
  27. Chamber of Commerce
  28. Chicago
  29. Civil Defense
  30. Claims
  31. Cleveland, Misc.
  32. Cleveland, Misc.
  33. Cleveland, Misc.
  34. Cleveland, Steve Blossom
  35. Cleveland, Steve Blossom
  36. Cleveland, Steve Blossom
  37. Cleveland, Pat Garling
  38. Cleveland, Pat Garling

Box 31: Clippings


  1. C & O
  2. Coal
  3. Coast Guard
  4. Corps of Engineers
  5. Containerization
  6. Council of Lake Erie Ports
  7. Cranes
  8. Customs
  9. Detroit
  10. Detroit
  11. Display
  12. Donley Rate Study
  13. Dredging
  14. Dredging
  15. Duluth
  16. Economic Factors
  17. Edison
  18. Editorials
  19. Erie , Lake
  20. European mission, Publicity Clips
  21. European Trip
  22. Exhibits
  23. Federal Maritime Board
  24. Federal Transportation Commission
  25. Fire Boat
  26. First Ship 1961
  27. First Ship 1963
  28. First Ship 1964
  29. Flood Control
  30. Foreign Flag Shipping
  31. Foreign Ships
  32. Foreign Ships
  33. Foreign Trade Zone
  34. Foreign Trade Zone
  35. Foreign Trade Zone
  36. Free Time
  37. Grain
  38. Great Lakes - General
  39. Great Lakes--General
  40. Great Lakes--General
  41. Great Lakes Basin
  42. Great Lakes Commission
  43. Great Lakes Governors' Conference
  44. Great Lakes, Open for Shipping
  45. Ice
  46. Ice
  47. Import-Export
  48. Import-Export
  49. Import-Export
  50. Industrial Development
  51. Industrial Development
  52. Industrial Development
  53. Industrial molasses
  54. Interlake Iron
  55. International Association of Great Lakes Ports
  56. I.C.C.
  57. International Cooperation Association

Box 32: Clippings


  1. Journal of Commerce
  2. Labor
  3. Labor
  4. Labor
  5. Labor
  6. Labor
  7. Lake Carriers Association
  8. Lake Erie Watershed
  9. Legislation, 1961
  10. Legislation, 1963
  11. Legislation, 1964
  12. Letters to the Editor
  13. Marina
  14. Marine Casualties
  15. Maumee River
  16. Merchant Marine
  17. Mid-States
  18. Military Cargo
  19. Military Sea Transportation Service
  20. Monroe
  21. Mooring
  22. National Defense Transportation Association
  23. Naval Reserve
  24. Navy
  25. Navy
  26. New York
  27. New York Barge Canal
  28. Northwestern Ohio Export Development Council
  29. Oil
  30. Ore
  31. Organizations
  32. Ottawa River
  33. Passenger Lines
  34. Pilots & Pilotage
  35. Pleasure Boating
  36. Police Harbor Patrol
  37. Pollution
  38. Pollution
  39. Port Authority, General
  40. Port Authority, General
  41. Port Authority, General
  42. Port Authority, General
  43. Port Authority, General
  44. Port Authority, Ohio Act
  45. Port Miscellaneous
  46. Ports, Great Lakes
  47. Ports, Other than Great Lakes
  48. Ports, Other than Great Lakes
  49. Port of Toledo

Box 33: Clippings


  1. Port of Toledo, General
  2. Port of Toledo, General
  3. Port of Toledo, General
  4. Port of Toledo, General
  5. Port of Toledo, General
  6. Presque Island
  7. Propeller Club, The
  8. Promotion
  9. Promotion
  10. Promotion
  11. Purdey, Louis C.
  12. Purdey, Louis C.
  13. Rail Merger
  14. Railroads
  15. Railroads
  16. Rail-Water Corporation
  17. Rates
  18. Rates
  19. Rates
  20. REA (Railway Express Agency)
  21. Rossford Ordnance Depot
  22. Seaman's Service Organization
  23. Seaway, General
  24. Seaway, General
  25. Seaway, General
  26. Seaway, General
  27. Seaway, General
  28. Seaway, General
  29. Seaway, General
  30. Seaway, General
  31. Seaway, General

Box 34: Clippings


  1. Seaway Corporation
  2. Seaway Opening, 1961
  3. Seaway Opening, 1962
  4. Seaway Economics
  5. Section 22
  6. Senate Sub-Committee
  7. Ships, kinds
  8. Ship Arrivals
  9. Ship Building
  10. Ship Casualties
  11. Ship Casualties
  12. Ship Lines
  13. Ship Lines
  14. Staff, Port Authority
  15. Staff, Port Authority
  16. State Department visit
  17. Steel
  18. Strike
  19. Strike
  20. Strike
  21. Strike
  22. Tariffs
  23. Toledo Area, General
  24. Toledo Area, General
  25. Toledo Area, General
  26. Toledo Area Development
  27. Toledo Harbor
  28. Toledo Marine Terminals
  29. Toledo Oversea Terminals
  30. Toledo Transportation Club
  31. Toledo Trucking Association
  32. Tolls, 1963
  33. Tolls, 1964
  34. Trade Missions
  35. Trade Routes
  36. Tugs

Box 35: Clippings


1. Urban Renewal
2. U.S. Corps of Engineers
3. Visitors
4. Visitors, Port of Toledo
5. Volkswagens
6. Wall Street Journal clippings
7. Water
8. Water Levels
9. Willys Jeep
10. World Trade
11-22. January - December, 1961
23. End of Season, 1961
24-35. January - December, 1963
36. End of Season, 1963
37-48. January - December, 1964
49. End of Season, 1964

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