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Albert A. Bartlett Collection - GLMS 103

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The Albert A. Bartlett collection was donated to the Historical Collections of the Great Lakes on November 24, 1992. This 1.5 cubic foot collection contains photographs, audiotapes, and printed items regarding Albert A. Bartlett's employment on the Great Lakes iron ore freighters PONTIAC and PETER WHITE in 1941 and 1942.

Literary rights to this collection have been dedicated to the public. Photocopying for research and conservation purposes is permitted.

Processing for this collection was completed in October 1994 by Mark J. Barnes.

 Biographical Sketch

Albert Allen Bartlett was born on March 21, 1923 in Shanghai, China. Bartlett's parents were Willard W. and Marguerite Allen Bartlett. Willard Bartlett was born in 1884 in Parishville, New York. Marguerite Allen Bartlett was born in Muncie, Indiana, in 1888. At the time of Albert Bartlett's birth, Willard Bartlett was Principal of the Shanghai American School.

A cholera outbreak in Shanghai in 1923 induced Willard Bartlett to send his wife and son to the United States when Albert was about three months old. Mrs. Bartlett took Albert to a relative's home in Franklin, Indiana to await her husband's return.

During Albert Bartlett's infancy, his father was the assistant to the president of Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. In 1927, Willard Bartlett became president of Rio Grande College in Rio Grande, Ohio. The family lived in Gallipolis temporarily before moving to a home on the campus of Rio Grande.

In 1929, the Bartletts, now with a second son, moved to Columbus, Ohio where Willard Bartlett began studies leading to a doctorate in education. Upon graduation, Willard Bartlett became a professor and head of the Department of Education at Otterbein College in Westerville, Ohio. Albert Bartlett completed much of his primary and secondary education in Columbus and Westerville. His graduation from high school in Westerville occurred in 1940.

Albert Bartlett enrolled in Otterbein College for the fall term of 1940 and continued an interest in photography begun in high school. After completing the academic year, Bartlett obtained employment on the iron ore freighter PONTIAC. Many of the photographs in this collection were taken from June through December 1941 on the PONTIAC.

Bartlett continued briefly at Otterbein College in the spring of 1942 and then transferred to his father's alma mater, Colgate University. After working on the PETER WHITE into August 1942, Bartlett began fall term classes at Colgate. Photographs taken on the PETER WHITE complete this collection.

Physics became Albert Bartlett's primary field while at Colgate. Upon graduation in 1944, Bartlett began working as a member of the Manhattan Project team at Los Alamos, New Mexico. Through the remainder of World War II, Bartlett conducted mass spectrometer tests at Los Alamos.

Nuclear research became a further component of Bartlett's early career through membership on the project team conducting tests at Bikini Atoll. These tests were conducted in 1945 and 1946.

Bartlett returned to the United States and began his own family by marrying his wife Eleanor on August 24, 1946. In the fall of 1946 the Bartletts moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where Albert enrolled for graduate work at Harvard University. Bartlett received a masters degree in physics in 1948 and a doctorate in 1951.

Before completing the work leading to his Ph.D., Bartlett was hired as a professor of physics by the University of Colorado. The Bartlett family included one year old Caroline as they arrived in Boulder, Colorado for the fall term of 1950.

Albert Bartlett remained at the University of Colorado through his retirement on January 1, 1988 Bartlett is currently a professor emeritus in physics at the Boulder campus. During their years at Boulder, the Bartletts added daughters Jane in 1952, Lois in 1955, and Nancy in 1957.

Professional highlights beyond numerous publications include teaching summer courses in physics at Harvard in several different years. In 1963, the Bartletts began a year in Stockholm, Sweden, where Albert taught at the Nobel Institute for Physics. In 1970, Albert Bartlett became chair of the University of Colorado Faculty Council and became a member of the Boulder Campus planning council. Today, Albert Bartlett remains active in the National Association of Physics Teachers. Bartlett served as president of this organization in 1978.

 Scope and Content

The collection contains photographs compiled in a scrapbook documenting Albert A. Bartlett's employment on the iron ore freighters PONTIAC and PETER WHITE in 1941 and 1942. All 208 photographs are in black and white. Bartlett was the photographer for each image, other than those few in which he appears as a subject. Daily events for crew and officers are presented for examination in this 1.5 cubic foot collection.

Accompanying the photographs are seven hours of recorded reminiscences by Bartlett regarding his work as a lake vessel porter. The six audio tapes have been transcribed to a typescript format also.

A photocopy of Bartlett's scrapbook offers readers the captions written by Bartlett as evidence of his analysis of work patterns on the lake vessels. The original scrapbook remains with Albert Bartlett.

A small clippings series presents memorabilia regarding lake activities for scattered years from 1940 to 1975.

 Series Description


Boxes 1-2
Series contains 208 black and white photographs taken by Albert A. Bartlett while he worked on the iron ore freighters PONTIAC and PETER WHITE in 1941-1942. Recorded are daily events regarding the operation of these Great Lakes cargo vessels. Activities include food preparation, where Bartlett worked, vessel maintenance, loading and unloading procedures, leisure pursuits, and recording views of passing vessels.

Most of these photographs were placed in a captioned scrapbook that identified crew members and ports of call. The original order of appearance within the scrapbook provides the basis for the arrangement of the series. Page number sequence is used to place these items in order. Items appearing on page 1 are followed by those on page 2. The copy of the scrapbook in this collection is made from the original in the possession of Albert A. Bartlett.

Negatives are inventoried and listed in an appendix for this guide. These negatives are stored separately from the collection in the HCGL negative file under the collection name.


Box 3, Folders 1-2
Series contains six audio tapes recorded by Albert A. Bartlett from September 28-30, 1992. These tapes describe the photographs in the collection and elaborate on other aspects of Bartlett's service on iron ore freighters in 1941-1942. Tapes 1-4 are 60 minutes in length. Tapes 5-6 last 90 minutes. All tapes are BASF Ferro Extra I products. An index accompanies the transcription made from the tapes. Arrangement is by tape number. Researchers are requested to use the available copies of the tapes rather than the originals.

Box 3, Folder 3
Series contains a 166 page typed transcript of Albert A. Bartlett's seven hours of taped reminiscences about working on the iron ore freighters PONTIAC and PETER WHITE in 1941 and 1942. An index is included. Arrangement is by page number.


Box 3, Folder 4
Series contains a photocopy of Albert A. Bartlett's scrapbook pertaining to his 1941 work on the PONTIAC entitled: A Summer Aboard the PONTIAC and on the 1942 trip on the PETER WHITE. Arrangement is by page number.

Box 3, Folder 5
Series contains six clippings on scattered Great Lakes subjects for the years 1940-1941, 1944-1945, 1950 and 1975. Arrangement is chronological.


Box 1: Photographs, 1941-1942

Folders 1-53: Images for pages 1-53 of Albert A. Bartlett scrapbook

Box 2: Photographs, 1941-1942

Folders 1-38: Images for pages 54-91 of Albert A. Bartlett scrapbook
Folder 39: 9 photographs not used in the scrapbook
Folder 40: Photocopies of pages with missing negatives

Box 3: Audio Tapes, 1992 and Scrapbook, 1941-1942


  1. Original 6 audio tapes, September 28-30, 1992
  2. Use copies of audio tapes
  3. Transcriptions of audio tapes
  4. Scrapbook photocopy, 1941-1942
  5. Clippings, 1940-1941, 1944-1945, 1950, 1975
  6. Recollections from time on the PONTIAC & PETER WHITE & Crew Lists, 2009
  7. Articles on Population & Sustainability by A. A. Bartlett, 2006-2009

 Appendix--Negative Inventory

Abbreviation example: 7-1-7 means Page 7, Box 1, Folder 7

  1. Larry Fraser, First Mate (7-1-7)
  2. Ray Morrison, Second Mate (7-1-7)
  3. Fred Schaufele, Third Mate (7-1-7)
  4. Jim Gifford, Wheelsman (8-1-8)
  5. Arnold Branstrom, Wheelsman (8-1-8)
  6. "Alaska" Charlie, Wheelsman (8-1-8)
  7. Donald "Scottie" Martin, Watchman (8-1-8)
  8. Frank Walters, Watchman (8-1-8)
  9. Phillip Bergeron, Watchman (8-1-8)
  10. Ivan Staneff, Deckwatchman (9-1-9)
  11. Larry Beaupre, Deckwatchman (9-1-9)
  12. Steve Dellerba, Deckwatchman (9-1-9)
  13. Donald "Scottie" Martin, Watchman and Ivan "Yehudi" Staneff, Deckwatchman (9-1-9)
  14. Larry "Beau" Beaupre, Deckwatchman and Frank Walters, Watchman (9-1-9)
  15. Steve Dellerbra, Deckwatchman and Phillip "Frenchie" Bergeron, Watchman (9-1-9)
  16. Stanley Yonkers, Deckhand (10-1-10)
  17. Alvin Mosher, Deckhand (10-1-10)
  18. Frank Marshall, Deckhand (10-1-10)
  19. P. J. Stipek, Chief Engineer (11-1-11)
  20. Charles Stoeber, First Assistant Engineer (11-1-11)
  21. Jack McCroskey, Second Assistant Engineer (11-1-11)
  22. Jim Sturdevant, Third Assistant Engineer (11-1-11)
  23. Clarence Hanger, Oiler (12-1-12)
  24. Gust Demski, Oiler (12-1-12)
  25. Peter Rostant, Oiler (12-1-12)
  26. James Welden, Fireman (12-1-12)
  27. Matt Kaczoroski, Fireman (12-1-12)
  28. Gale McCanna, Fireman (12-1-12)
  29. Ward Miller, Coal Passer (13-1-13)
  30. Bob Gere, Coal Passer (13-1-13)
  31. Unidentified Coal Passer cleaning boiler (13-1-13)
  32. Unidentified Coal Passer painting coal bunker (13-1-13)
  33. Unidentified Coal Passer cleaning propeller blade (13-1-13)
  34. Ray Morin, Steward (14-1-14)
  35. George Hughson, Second Cook (14-1-14)
  36. Frank Glowacki, Porter (14-1-14)
  37. "Junior" (Albert A. Bartlett), Porter (14-1-14)
  38. Jack McCroskey, Second Assistant Engineer and Jim Sturdevant, Third Assistant Engineer (15-1-15)
  39. Henry Murphy, Captain; Ray Morin, Steward; Peter Stipek, Chief Engineer (17-1-17)
  40. PONTIAC unloading at Republic Steel Corporation Dock in Buffalo, New York (18-1-18)
  41. Tug ALABAMA (US 214376) assisting PONTIAC in navigation channel at Buffalo, New York (18-1-18)
  42. Grain elevator at Buffalo, New York (18-1-18)
  43. View of Buffalo breakwall as PONTIAC leaves harbor (18-1-18)
  44. View of bow wave as PONTIAC enters Lake Erie from Buffalo harbor (18-1-18)
  45. Port view of CYCLO-WARRIOR (C. 160731) as it passes the PONTIAC in the Detroit River (20-1-20)
  46. Port view of ERNEST T. WEIR (US 222830) as it passes the PONTIAC in Lake St. Clair (21-1-21)
  47. Henry Murphy, Captain (21-1-21)
  48. Port view of SOUTH AMERICAN (US 212244) as it passes the PONTIAC in Lake Huron (21-1-21)
  49. View of seagulls (21-1-21)
  50. Fred "Joe" Schaufele, Third Mate, and Larry Beaupre, Deckwatchman, serving as a Wheelsman (21-1-21)
  51. Coast Guard Lookout Station in St. Mary's River (22-1-22)
  52. Unidentified Columbia Line boat viewed from port side as it passed the PONTIAC in the St. Mary's River (23-1-23)
  53. Night view of Carbide plant at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan (24-1-24)
  54. Fred Schaufele, Third Mate, on duty at Pilot House as J. H. SHEADLE (US 202542) passes the PONTIAC in Lake Superior (24-1-24)
  55. PONTIAC approaches an ore dock at Marquette, Michigan (24-1-24)
  56. PONTIAC docked at Marquette, Michigan ore dock, bow view (24-1-24)
  57. CADILLAC (US 117134) and PRESQUE Isle (US 150786) viewed from port side wating for space at ore dock at Marquette, MI (24-1-24)
  58. CADILLAC (US 117134) and PRESQUE ISLE (US 150786) viewed from stern in Marquette, Michigan (25-1-25)
  59. PONTIAC loading ore at Marquette, Michigan (25-1-25)
  60. Unidentified crew member battening a hatch cover on the PONTIAC after ore loading has been completed at Marquette, Michigan (25-1-25)
  61. Two crew members haul up lifeline (25-1-25)
  62. Frank Walters, Watchman, painting rail as the E. J. KULAS (US 224662) passes the PONTIAC (25-1-25)
  63. Steve Dellerba, Deckwatchman and Phillip Bergeron, Watchman rinse deck after loading has been completed (26-1-26)
  64. Unidentified crew members chip paint on hatches as the PONTIAC passes the Port Huron Lightship (29-1-29)
  65. View from deck of PONTIAC as boat approaches bridge at Port Huron, Michigan (29-1-29)
  66. Port view of MERTON E. FARR (US 220683) as it passes the PONTIAC in the Detroit River (29-1-29)
  67. Port view of submarine chaser PC-453 (29-1-29)
  68. View of Cleveland, Ohio harbor area from the PONTIAC (31-1-31)
  69. Unloading of ore from the PONTIAC to lighten load to allow PONTIAC to enter shallower channel near Buffalo (31-1-31)
  70. Starboard view of the GREATER BUFFALO (US 223663) as it passes the PONTIAC at Buffalo, New York (31-1-31)
  71. Crew members removing tarps from hatch covers in preparation for unloading at Buffalo, New York (31-1-31)
  72. PONTIAC anchored behind breakwall waiting for tugs to assist in navigation of channel (31-1-31)
  73. View of unidentified self-unloader unloading gravel at Buffalo, NY (31-1-31)
  74. Larry Fraser, First Mate, and Ray Morrison, Second Mate supervise docking activities at Buffalo, NY (32-1-32)
  75. Ray Morrison, Second Mate, throws heaving line during docking at Buffalo, NY (32-1-32)
  76. View of Wickwire-Spencer Steel plant at Buffalo, NY (32-1-32)
  77. Hewlitt unloader lifting ore from hold (32-1-32)
  78. Crew members in cargo hold to empty the last of the ore (33-1-33)
  79. Electric cart used in cargo hold to clean out remaining ore (33-1-33)
  80. Unidentified crew in their quarters celebrating the end of the trip (33-1-33)
  81. Repair crew brought onboard to fix broken hatch leaves (34-1-34)
  82. Niagara Falls viewed from below rim (36-1-36)
  83. View of honeymoon bridge at Niagara Falls (36-1-36)
  84. View of Niagara Falls with bridge in background (36-1-36)
  85. View of Niagara Falls looking across to Goat Island from Canadian bank of Niagara River (36-1-36)
  86. View of Niagara Falls looking over rim to river below (36-1-36)
  87. View of rapids upstream from Niagara Falls (36-1-36)
  88. View of crew members playing ping pong in the dark hold (37-1-37)
  89. Frank Walters, Watchman (37-1-37)
  90. View of Lake Superior (37-1-37)
  91. Ray Morrison, Second Mate, in Pilot House (37-1-37)
  92. Crew member being treated for foot problem (37-1-37)
  93. Crewman hauling up the lights (37-1-37)
  94. Inside view of an ore dock at Duluth, MN (38-1-38)
  95. PONTIAC viewed from starboard side loading ore at Allouez, WI (38-1-38)
  96. Raft of pulpwood logs in harbor at Ashland, WI (38-1-38)
  97. Pulpwood loading pier at Ashland, WI (38-1-38)
  98. Bum boat MARINE TRADER (US 238999) tied to PONTIAC at Duluth, MN (38-1-38)
  99. PONTIAC at Duluth, MN ore dock (38-1-38)
  100. Port stern view of LAKE INAHA (US 217971) (39-1-39)
  101. Empty car return at coal loading dock (39-1-39)
  102. Control cab on coal loader (39-1-39)
  103. Coal loading device for tipping over railroad car to dump coal into cargo hold (39-1-39)
  104. Scene of coal car that was derailed (39-1-39)
  105. Donald "Scottie" Martin, Watchman, operating deck winches (39-1-39)
  106. Bow view of PONTIAC unloading coal at Superior, WI (41-1-41)
  107. Barge sunk in Buffalo harbor during storm (42-1-42)
  108. Frank Walters, Watchman, and "Alaska" Charlie, Wheelsman, splicing cable (42-1-42)
  109. Sunrise view from deck of the PONTIAC (42-1-42)
  110. Ray Morin, Steward, and George Hughson, Second Cook (45-1-45)
  111. Ray Morin, Steward, feeding seagulls (45-1-45)
  112. Albert A. Bartlett, Porter, ringing dinner bell for crew (45-1-45)
  113. George Hughson, Second Cook, presenting birthday cake to Frank Glowacki, Porter (45-1-45)
  114. George Hughson, Second Cook, playing cards (46-1-46)
  115. Albert A. Bartlett, Porter, peeling potatoes (46-1-46)
  116. Ray Morin, Steward (46-1-46)
  117. Frank Glowacki, Porter (46-1-46)
  118. Ray Morin, Steward and "Tex" fixing the stove (46-1-46)
  119. Ray Morin, Steward; "Tex; Albert A. Bartlett, Porter; Frank Glowacki, Porter, celebrate "Tex's" promotion to steward (46-1-46)
  120. Larry Fraser, First Mate and 2 unidentified crew splicing cables (48-1-48)
  121. Unidentified crew painting in the chain locker (49-1-49)
  122. PONTIAC and ROBERT L. IRELAND (US 212078), after drifting into each other at anchorage at Buffalo, NY (49-1-49)
  123. GEORGE F. BAKER (US 204225) being unloaded at Conneaut, OH (49-1-49)
  124. Frank Walters, Watchman, cleaning pilot house windows (49-1-49)
  125. CALUMET (US 204447) and tug IOWA (US 213566) at Toledo, OH (50-1-50)
  126. Passengers boarding the PONTIAC on a ladder (54-2-1)
  127. Dining room table with decorations for 1941 Thanksgiving dinner (54-2-1)
  128. George Hughson, Second Cook, carving a turkey (54-2-1)
  129. Mess Room table prepared for dinner (54-2-1)
  130. George Hughson, Second Cook, and Ray Morin, Steward, prepare to serve dinner (54-2-1)
  131. Crew at Thanksgiving dinner in mess room (55-2-2)
  132. Crew at Thanksgiving dinner in mess room (55-2-2)
  133. Officers at Thanksgiving dinner in dining room (55-2-2)
  134. Officers at Thanksgiving dinner in dining room (55-2-2)
  135. Henry Murphy, Captain, and guests at Thanksgiving dinner (55-2-2)
  136. Frank Glowacki, Porter, in humorous pose with Captain Murphy's coat and hat in the Captain's office chair (56-2-3)
  137. Frank Glowacki, Porter, and George Hughson, Second Cook, in humorous pose in Captain Murphy's office (56-2-3)
  138. George Hughson, Second Cook, in humorous pose seated at Captain Murphy's desk. (56-2-3)
  139. Albert A. Bartlett, Porter, in humorous pose seated at Captain Murphy's desk (56-2-3)
  140. Frank Glowacki, Porter, signs payroll sheet on pay day (56-2-3)
  141. Starboard bow 3/4 view at Ashland, WI of the PONTIAC. Deckwatchman Steve Dellerba is washing debris off the anchor with a hose (58-2-5)
  142. Small boat dock at Marquette, MI (61-2-8)
  143. Unidentified crewman painting the base of the stack (61-2-8)
  144. Jim Sturdevant, Third Assistant Engineer, repairing machinery (63-2-10)
  145. Crewmen standing near unloading bucket in Buffalo, NY (63-2-10)
  146. The Presque Isle land formation at Marquette, MI (63-2-10)
  147. The Presque Isle land formation at Marquette, MI (63-2-10)
  148. Tug VERMONT (US 212455) towing the PONTIAC into Conneaut, OH harbor (63-2-10)
  149. The WF WHITE (US 213555) viewed from starboard stem (63-2-10)
  150. Unloading machines at Cleveland, OH in use on the CAPTAIN THOMAS WILSON (US 127469) (64-2-11)
  151. Seagull in flight (65-2-12)
  152. Convoy of seagulls passing vessel mast (65-2-12)
  153. Shipboard gambling in crew quarters (65-2-12)
  154. Crew seated on deck due to heat in cabins while crossing Lake Erie (65-2-12)
  155. Frank Marshall, Deckhand, with camera (65-2-12)
  156. Phillip "Frenchy" Bergeron, Watchman, climbing forward spar (65-2-12)
  157. Burned remains of small wooden boat at Ashland, WI (67-2-14)
  158. Larry Fraser, First Mate (69-2-16)
  159. Albert A. Bartlett, Porter, allowed to have limited time at the wheel (69-2-16)
  160. Jim Gifford, Wheelsman (69-2-16)
  161. Jim Sturdevant, Third Assistant Engineer, in engine room (70-2-17)
  162. Larry Fraser, First Mate, and Ray Morrison, Second Mate, repairing a running light (72-2-19)
  163. Donald "Scottie" Martin, Watchman, repairing canvas (72-2-19)
  164. Member of unloading gang from the dock sleeping on the dock (72-2-19)
  165. Unidentified fireman sleeping on deck (72-2-19)
  166. Ray Morin, Steward, and Frank Glowacki, Porter, in galley (74-2-21)
  167. Pilot house and forward cabins of PONTIAC viewed from port side at dock (75-2-22)
  168. Tapping a blast furnace at the Hanna Furnace plant in Buffalo, NY (75-2-22)
  169. Charles Stoeber, First Assistant Engineer, and an unidentified Oiler repair the main engine valve (75-2-22)
  170. Albert A. Bartlett, Porter; Frank Glowacki, Porter; "Tex"; and Ray Morin, Steward, on deck (75-2-22)
  171. George Hughson, Second Cook; Frank Glowacki, Porter, Albert A. Bartlett, Porter; and Ray Morin, Steward, in galley (76-2-23)
  172. Washing walls of cargo hold at the layup dock in Toledo, OH (76-2-23)
  173. Boats layed up with the PONTIAC at Toledo, OH; SAMUEL MATHER (US 225409) and six other unidentified vessels (76-2-23)
  174. PONTIAC at layup dock viewed from starboard bow (76-2-23)
  175. Unidentified night view of lake from shore (77-2-24)
  176. Coast Guardsman on the PETER WHITE (US 202368), summer 1942 (79-2-26)
  177. W. S. Ansbary, Captain in pilot house of PETER WHITE (US 202368) (79-2-26)
  178. Presque Isle land formation at Marquette, MI (79-2-26)
  179. Morry Anderson, officer on the PETER WHITE (80-2-27)
  180. Bill Ritchie, Steward, on the PETER WHITE (80-2-27)
  181. Night view of unloading operations at Corrigan and McKinney plant in Cleveland, OH (80-2-27)
  182. Albert A. Bartlett, Night Porter, baking a cake (81-2-28)
  183. "Johnnie", Coal Passer (81-2-28)
  184. Coal passer loading coal into furnace (81-2-28)
  185. Early morning view of dock area (81-2-28)
  186. Albert A. Bartlett, Night Porter, demonstrating how to shovel coal (82-2-29)
  187. Bill Ritchie, Steward on the PETER WHITE (82-2-29)
  188. William Lukkala, Third Assistant Engineer, and an Oiler (82-2-29)
  189. Richard Black, Deckhand, and "Ed", Deckhand (82-2-29)
  190. George Di Maggio, Coastguardsman assigned to PETER WHITE (82-2-30)
  191. View from aft deckhouse area looking forward along port side of the PETER WHITE on Lake Superior (83-2-30)
  192. John J. Hafford, Second Cook; Frank Traviglia, Porter; Alan A. Bartlett, Night Porter; and Bill Ritchie, Steward, on PETER WHITE (83-2-30)
  193. James Lynch, First Assistant Engineer (83-2-30)
  194. Bernard Fisher, Oiler (84-2-31)
  195. John J. Hafford, Second Cook, and Bill Ritchie, Steward (84-2-31)
  196. Unidentified Wheelsman (84-2-31)
  197. Bernard Fisher, Oiler, and James Lynch, First Assistant Engineer (85-2-32)
  198. Frank Traviglia, Porter (85-2-32)
  199. Norval L. Donner, First Mate (85-2-32)
  200. View of bridge across Niagara River (unpaged-2-39)
  201. Possibly Thanksgiving dinner, 1941, on the PONTIAC (unpaged-2-39)
  202. Unidentified wheelsman at sheel in pilot house (unpaged-2-39)
  203. Unidentified deckhand painting (unpaged-2-39)
  204. Unidentified officer on deck (unpaged-2-39)
  205. Unidentified Oiler in engine room (unpaged-2-39)
  206. Unidentified crew member on deck (unpaged-2-39)
  207. Blast furnace at Hanna Furnace plant in Buffalo, NY (unpaged-2-39; see also #168 in Box 2, Folder 22)
  208. Wickwire-Spencer Steel plant at Buffalo, NY (unpaged-2-39)
  209. Photocopies of pages with missing negatives (unpaged-2-40)

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