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National Weather Service (Toledo, Ohio) - GLMS 107

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The 30 cubic feet of records from the National Weather Service office in Toledo, OH were donated to the Historical Collections of the Great Lakes by Charles A. Spicer of the National Weather Service Office in Cleveland, OH on May 9, 1996. These files date from 1870 to 1994.

No access restrictions have been placed on these files. Literary and property rights have been dedicated to the public. Photocopying is permitted for purposes of conservation and research. This collection was processed in April 1997 by Mark J. Barnes.

Agency Sketch

The National Weather Service opened an office in Toledo, OH on November 1, 1870 in a building on Water Street. Observations were made from this location through February 1871. On March 1, 1871, a new office was opened in the Toledo Chamber of Commerce Building on the corner of Summit St. and Madison Ave. These quarters were used for only one month. A move to a new office in the same building occurred in April 1871. This office was used until February 1, 1888.

The Government Building on St. Clair St. and Madison Ave. became the operations center and remained so until July 1906. Office space was acquired in the Nicholas Building at Madison Ave. and Huron St. Several offices in this building were used until June 1932 when a move was made into the new Federal Building at Ontario St. and Spielbusch St.

In February 1943 offices were transferred to the Toledo Municipal Airport southeast of Toledo near Moline, OH. Some functions were still performed in Toledo until 1949 when all operations were located at the airport. An office was opened at the new Toledo Express Airport near Swanton, OH in January 1955. This office housed National Weather Service operations for Toledo until it was closed in 1996.

Scope and Content

This collection contains meteorological observations recorded at the Toledo, OH office of the National Weather Service for the years 1870-1994. The 30 cubic feet of records contain several series of reporting forms used during daily weather observations. Temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, precipitation, wind conditions and other sky data were recorded from 1901 to 1948 in the Original Monthly Record of Observation (6 c.f.) and from 1948 to 1989 in the Surface Weather Observations records (21 c.f.). These two series form most of the collection and contain the entries made daily by Weather Service staff.

Two smaller series extend weather data back to 1871. The Climatological Record, 1871-1910, 1951-1970, 1983, (.5 c.f.), contains summaries of data taken from daily observation records. The Meteorological Summary, 1871-1950 (.5 c.f.), also is a summary derived from daily observations records. These two series of summaries provide "typical" weather conditions for morning, afternoon and evening observation times by noting the mean weather conditions at specific times on each day of the year.

A subject file (2 c.f.) for 1870-1994 completes the collection. Within this series specialized logs of weather data step beyond the daily records and summaries of the first four series. Significant weather events in the Toledo, OH area appear in files on the tornadoes of June 1953 and April 1965. A file on the blizzard of late January 1978 is also present. The network of local observers who report severe conditions is recorded in an index of members. Specialized logs on wind data, 1873-1880, 1954-1958, and precipitation, 1870-1950, report on meteorological phenomena of a single type over lengthy periods.

Series Description

Series 1: Original Monthly Record of Observations, 1901-1948, Boxes 1-6, 6 cubic feet.

Series contains forms used to record meteorological data compiled during daily observations. Separate forms for each feature recorded pertain to barometric pressure, temperature, precipita tion and wind. Monthly summary sheets are included. Arrangement is chronological.

Series 2: Surface Weather Observations, 1948-1989, Boxes 7-27, 21 cubic feet.

Series contains weather reporting forms as modified in 1948 to replace those used in series 1. Relative humidity readings have been added. More detailed sky conditions for cloud patterns also appear. Arrangement is chronological.

Series 3: Climatological Record, 1871-1910, 1951-1970, 1983, Box 28, .5 cubic feet.

Series contains tables designed to provide summarized reports of weather data extracted from daily observation records for individual months and years. Tables for wind conditions, precipita tion, temperature and relative humidity are present. Mean readings are extracted from daily reports and recorded for each day of the year to form a profile on typical conditions for each day. Series 3 volumes are arranged by subject. Series 4 volumes contain the same information arranged chronologically.

Series 4: Meteorological Summary, 1871-1950, Box 28, .5 cubic feet.

Series contains a monthly summary of selected meteorological data compiled from daily observa tions made at the National Weather Service station at Toledo, OH. The summaries give character istic conditions for each day based on mean readings throughout the reporting period of each volume.

Three observations were made each day and the average reading for each time and day was recorded in the summaries. For example, all 7:00 am readings on all the July 1st days from 1871-1950 were averaged to give the typical readings to be expected on each July 1st at 7:00 am. Temperature, relative humidity, wind conditions, precipitation and barometric pressure are recorded. Annual summary information also appears on the tables. Arrangement is chronological.

Series 5: Subject File, 1870-1994, Boxes 29-30, 2 cubic feet.

Series contains scattered weather data forms and files on meteorological subjects. Storms, ice conditions and annual information on Toledo, OH are included. Arrangement is alphabetical.


Box 1

  1. Original Monthly Record of Observation, 1901-1908, 8 volumes

Box 2

  1. Original Monthly Record of Observation, 1909-1918, 10 volumes

Box 3

  1. Original Monthly Record of Observation, 1919-1928, 10 volumes

Box 4

  1. Original Monthly Record of Observation, 1929-1936, 8 volumes

Box 5

  1. Original Monthly Record of Observation, 1937-1942, 6 volumes

Box 6

  1. Original Monthly Record of Observation, 1943-1948, 6 volumes

Box 7

  1. Surface Weather Observations, 1948-1950, 3 volumes

Box 8

  1. Surface Weather Observations, 1951-1952, 2 volumes

Box 9

  1. Surface Weather Observations, 1953-1954, 2 volumes

Box 10

  1. Surface Weather Observations, 1955-1956, 2 volumes

Box 11

  1. Surface Weather Observations, 1957-1958, 2 volumes

Box 12

  1. Surface Weather Observations, 1959-1960, 2 volumes

Box 13

  1. Surface Weather Observations, 1961-1962, 2 volumes

Box 14

  1. Surface Weather Observations, 1963-1964, 2 volumes

Box 15

  1. Surface Weather Observations, 1965-1966, 2 volumes

Box 16

  1. Surface Weather Observations, 1967-1968, 2 volumes

Box 17

  1. Surface Weather Observations, 1969-1970, 2 volumes

Box 18

  1. Surface Weather Observations, 1971-1972, 2 volumes

Box 19

  1. Surface Weather Observations, 1973-1974, 2 volumes

Box 20

  1. Surface Weather Observations, 1975-1976, 2 volumes

Box 21

  1. Surface Weather Observations, 1977-1978, 2 volumes

Box 22

  1. Surface Weather Observations, 1979-1980, 2 volumes

Box 23

  1. Surface Weather Observations, 1981-1982, 2 volulmes

Box 24

  1. Surface Weather Observations, 1983-1984, 2 volumes

Box 25

  1. Surface Weather Observations, 1985-1986, 2 volumes

Box 26

  1. Surface Weather Observations, 1987-1988, 2 volumes

Box 27

  1. Surface Weather Observations, 1989, 1 volume

Box 28

  1. Climatological Record, 1871-1910, 1951-1970, 1983, 3 volumes
  2. Meteorological Summary, 1871-1950, 1 volume

Box 29: Subject File

  1. Blizzard of 1978.
  2. Ice Reports-Great Lakes, 1954.
  3. Minimum Daily Temperature, 1873-1939.
  4. Monthly Precipitation and Temperature Data, 1871-1960.
  5. National Weather Service Employees Organization, 1952, 1979.
  6. News clippings, 1951-1962, 1973.
  7. Ottawa National Wildlife Reserve Weather Data, 1950-1990.
  8. Photographs, 1965, no date.
  9. Severe Weather Spotters Index.

Box 30: Subject Files

  1. Special Precipitation Data, 1870-1950
  2. Toledo Annual Summary, 1919-1975
  3. Toledo Blade Weather Data, 1949-1994
  4. Tornado Information, 1965
  5. U.S. Department of Agriculture Weather Codes, 1907
  6. WHO Toledo Station Operation Log, 1973
  7. Wind Data, 1873-1880, 1954-1958

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