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American Agriculture Movement, State Headquarters - MS 40

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On-third linear foot of newspaper clippings, correspondence, bumper stickers, press releases, and booklets documenting the National Farm Strike were deposited at the Center for Archival Collections in May 1978 by Debra Bernhardt, Co-Director of the Ohio Labor History Project, with the cooperation of the American Agricultural Movement with State Headquarters in Spencerville, Ohio. The material covers the months from September 1977 through February 1978, and documents some of the activities of the American Agricultural Movement. Materials were inventoried and processed by Joanne Passet, a graduate assistant employed by the Ohio Labor History Project. Literary and property rights have been dedicated to the public and duplication is permitted for preservation and scholarly research.

Agency History

The American Agricultural Movement was organized to preserve the family farm system and to seek 100% parity for all agricultural products. The strike resulted when farmers demands were not met by midnight, December 13, 1977. The strike subsided by March 1978 without the farmers accomplishing their goals.

Scope and Content

The material in this collection documents the activities of the American Agricultural Movement during the months from September 1977 to February 1978. Newspaper clippings, the major component of the collection, are arranged alphabetically by the name of the city and title of newspaper. These newspaper clippings will enable the researcher to determine each local town or city's reaction to the strike. The correspondence includes photocopied letters written by agencies such as the National Catholic Rural Life Directors Conference; the J. I. Case Company; Northrup, King and Company; Allis-Chalmers Company, and others directed to the President, senators, and congressmen in support of the farmers' efforts and demands. Press releases and bulletins shed additional light on the progress of the strike. The collection also includes a few bumper stickers.

Series Description


September 21, 1977-November 23, 1977
Xeroxed copies of letters written to government officials by companies supporting the farm strike. Arranged chronologically.


Bumper Stickers
Three bumper stickers in favor of American Agriculture


Press Releases
Spring 1978
Two items discussing the American Agriculture Movemen


Information Bulletin
Lists the demands of the American Agriculture Movement


"Parity: The Key to Prosperity Unlimited"


Ohio Agriculture Prices
January 4, 1978
Price indexes published by the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center


Clippings, Magazine
November 1977-January 1978
Clippings from Newsweek and US News and World Report

Clippings, Newspaper
September 1977-February 1978
Arranged alphabetically by city


Box 1

  1. Correspondence, September 21, 1977-November 23, 1977
  2. Bumper Stickers, 1977-1978
  3. Press Releases, Spring 1978
  4. Information Bulletin, n.d. (1978)
  5. Booklet: "Parity: The Key to Prosperity Unlimited" 1978
  6. Ohio Agricultural Prices, January 1978
  7. Clippings. Newsweek, December 1977-January 1978
  8. Clippings. US News and World Report, November 1977
  9. Clippings. Akron Beacon-Journal, November 1977-January 1978
  10. Clippings. The Alliance Review, November 1977-January 1978
  11. Clippings. Amarillo Daily News, November 26, 1977
  12. Clippings. Archbold Buckeye, January 11, 1978
  13. Clippings. Ashland Times-Gazette, January 9, 10, 1978
  14. Clippings. Bedford Times-Register, January 12, 1978
  15. Clippings. Bellevue Gazette, November 1977-December 1977
  16. Clippings. Bryan Times, December 1977-January 1978
  17. Clippings. Bucyrus Telegraph Forum, November 1977-December 1977
  18. Clippings. Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian, November 1977-January 1978
  19. Clippings. Canton Repository, December 1977-January 1978
  20. Clippings. Celina Daily Standard, November 1977-January 1978
  21. Clippings. Cincinnati Enquirer, December 1977-January 1978
  22. Clippings. Cincinnati Post, December 1977-January 1978
  23. Clippings. Cleveland Plain Dealer, November 1977-January 1978
  24. Clippings. Cleveland Press, November 1977-January 1978
  25. Clippings. Columbus Citizen-Journal, November 1977-January 1978
  26. Clippings. Columbus Dispatch, November 1977-January 1978
  27. Clippings. Dayton Daily News, November 1977-January 1978
  28. Clippings. Dayton Journal-Herald, November 1977-January 1978
  29. Clippings. Defiance Crescent News, November 1977-December 1977
  30. Clippings. Delaware Gazette, November 1977-January 1978
  31. Clippings. Elyria Chronicle Telegram, November 1977-January 1978
  32. Clippings. Findlay Republican Courier, December 1977-February 1978
  33. Clippings. Fremont News Messenger, December 1977-February 1978
  34. Clippings. Gallipolis Daily Tribune, November 1977-January 1978
  35. Clippings. Huron Daily Plainsman, November 13, 1977
  36. Clippings. Lamar Daily News, September 20, 1977
  37. Clippings. Lewiston Morning Tribune, September 10, 1977
  38. Clippings. Lima News, November 1977-January 1978
  39. Clippings. Lisbon Buckeye State, December 1977-January 1978
  40. Clippings. London, December 1977-January 1978
  41. Clippings. Lorain Journal, December 1977-January 1978
  42. Clippings. Martin's Ferry Times Leader, December 1977-January 1978
  43. Clippings. Marysville Journal-Tribune, November 1977-January 1978
  44. Clippings. Mount Vernon News, November 1977-January 1978
  45. Clippings. Napoleon, December 1977-January 1978
  46. Clippings. New Washington Herald, December 22, 1977
  47. Clippings. New York Daily News, n.d.
  48. Clippings. North Canton, January 1978
  49. Clippings. Ponca City News, November 11, 1977
  50. Clippings. St. Marys Evening Leader, January 4, 1978
  51. Clippings. Sandusky Register, December 1977-January 1978
  52. Clippings. Shelby Daily Globe, December 1977-January 1978
  53. Clippings. Spokesman Review, November 1977
  54. Clippings. Springfield, December 1977-January 1978
  55. Clippings. Steubenville, January 20, 1978
  56. Clippings. Toledo Blade, November 1977-January 1978
  57. Clippings. Wapakoneta Daily News, November 1977-January 1978
  58. Clippings. Washington Post, November 14, 1977
  59. Clippings. Youngstown, December 1977-January 1978
  60. Clippings. Miscellaneous (no town given), November 1977-January 1978

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