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Community League (Sylvania, Ohio) - MS 54

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The Community League of Sylvania, Ohio, collection was transferred to the Center for Archival Collections, Bowling Green State University, in March 1978 through the cooperation of Alcy Downing, Sylvania Township Secretary, and Gordon Deye, Sylvania Township Clerk. The collection (1957-1961) consists of the minutes, correspondence, committee files, and financial data of this organization.

These records are considered public and the property of Sylvania Township. The register was compiled by Donna Christian, Graduate Assistant, History Department, in 1979, and completed in May 1981.

Agency History

The Community League of Sylvania was organized by residents of Sylvania Township, Lucas County, Ohio, in January 1957. Its purposes, as stated in its constitution, were "to work toward the betterment of the community,...endorse the maintenance and development of adequate facilities for, help maintain good relations between the citizens of the community and (its) governmental units...(and) betwen the community's governmental units and other governmental units...(and) to assemble facts, evaluate and disseminate information..." The League was to remain non-partisan, non-sectarian, and non-profit.

The League admitted residents of Sylvania Township of voting age to membership. It was governed by a Board of Trustees. Each precinct was represented on the Board by one resident, elected by the membership.

The Board established four committees and four study committees in 1957. The four committees were: Incorporation; Bylaws; Public Relations; and Projects. The four study committees, based on answers to a questionnaire of the general membership, were: Telephone; School; Sewers and Water; and Taxes. By 1958, two additional committees on Government and Utilities were organized. The League apparently became inactive in 1961.

Scope and Content

The Community League of Sylvania, Ohio, collection (1957-1961) consists of the minutes of the Board of Trustees, the annual membership meetings (1957-1960), and minutes and reports of various committees appointed, such as the School Planning Committee (April 1957 - November 1959), the Government Committee (May 1958 - April 1959), the Utilities Committee (October 1957 - January 1959), and the Tax Committee (April 1960). The Community League's constitution, by-laws, and articles of incorporation are included in this collection, which with the minutes and reports provide the rationale and administrative history of this organization.

Correspondence which pertains to business among members and committees and outside agencies, such as the Sylvania and Lucas County Boards of Education and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, is available from 1957 to 1960. Treasurer's reports (1957-1961) and a receipts and expenditures ledger (1957-1961) provide financial background on the organization.

The collection also contains documents by outside bodies which relate to specific concerns of the League. Thus, the papers of the School Planning Committee include statistics and reports from the Sylvania Exempted Village Schools Board of Education. The League was concerned also about the service from the General Telephone Company of Ohio. Consequently, testimony and reports of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio on General Telephone's request for a rate increase are included.

Series Description


Arranged by group and within chronologically.
Contains meeting minutes of the Board of Trustees, annual membership, Government Committee, Utilities Committee, and the School Planning Committee. Minutes include information on business conducted, members present, financial reports, project reports, and elections held.

1957, n.d.
Arranged chronologically
Includes governance documents establishing the Community League of Sylvania's goals, operational procedures, duties of officers, and its non-profit status.

Arranged chronologically
Includes name, address, and precinct representing of trustees and names of members in League.


Arranged by record type within case.
Contains case file material presented when General Telephone Company of Ohio requested a rate increase.


Arranged chronologically
Includes progress reports of the committee as well as statistical reports, policies, and publications from the Sylvania and Lucas County Boards of Education.

April 1960
Includes report of the Tax Committee on Sylvania, Ohio, Village and School District Taxes.


Arranged chronologically
Includes itemized listing of receipts and expenditures for the Community League of Sylvania, Ohio.

Arranged chronologically
Includes monthly reporting of receipts, expenditures, and balances.


Box 1

  1. Board of Trustees and annual meeting minutes, April 1957-September 1960
  2. Utilities Committee (telephone committee) minutes, October 1957-January 1959 (scattered)
  3. Government Committee minutes/reports, May 1958-April 1959
  4. School Planning Committee minutes, April, August 1957; May 1958
  5. School Planning Committee reports, October 1957-May 1958
  6. School Planning Committee reports, June 1958-November 1959
  7. Tax Committee report, April 1960
  8. Membership and Board of Trustees lists with precinct map, 1957-1961
  9. Candidates for trustee, n.d.
  10. Membership cards (blank), n.d.
  11. Lists of votes in Precinct #12, n.d.
  12. Notices of meetings, September 1957-October 1960
  13. Constitution and by-laws, 1957, n.d.
  14. Articles of Incorporation, 1957
  15. Correspondence (incoming), September 1957-April 1960
  16. Correspondence (outgoing), January 1957-September 1960
  17. Treasurer's Reports, May 1957-September 1961
  18. Receipts and expenditures, 1957-1961
  19. State House Conference on Education Committee--organizational records/reports, September-October 1958; January 1959
  20. Financial data concerning school districts lying principally in Lucas County, January 1958
  21. Sylvania Schools--enrollment and financial statistics and Superintendent's annual statement to the Board of Education, September 1957-February 1959
  22. An Evaluation of the Education Programs of the Sylvania Exempted Village Schools (prepared by teachers and principals), (1958)
  23. Operating Policies and School Code for Sylvania Schools, 1959
  24. Live and Teach in Sylvania, Ohio--leaflet prepared by the Board of Education, n.d.
  25. Leaflet from the Committee for the Preservation of Status Quo in Washington and Sylvania Townships, n.d.

Box 2

  1. Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) Case #28,168: entries, orders, application for hearing, 1959-1961
  2. PUCO #28,168: testimony and exhibit of Earl L. Carter--witness for the applicant, n.d.
  3. PUCO #28,168: testimony of W. Chester Fitch--witness for the applicant, and exhibit #1 (General Telephone of Ohio--recommended accrual rates), n.d.
  4. PUCO #28,168: testimony of C. E. Williams--witness for applicant, n.d.
  5. PUCO #28,168: Williams exhibit #1 (maps and charts), n.d.
  6. PUCO #28,168: Williams exhibit #2 (construction report), 1948-1958
  7. PUCO #28,168: Williams exhibit #3 (service accomplishments by exchange), 1959
  8. PUCO #28,168: report of the Secretary of PUCO, 1960
  9. PUCO #28,168: finding relative to the Case of General Telephone Company of Ohio rate increase, 1961
  10. General Telephone of Ohio: news articles, 1959; n.d.

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