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International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen, Local 46 - MS 56

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The records of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen, Local 46, were donated to the Center for Archival Collections and transferred in August 1976, by Stephen P. Geitschier, Co-Director of the Ohio Labor History Project, with the cooperation of business agent Dale Mareches. The collection consists of one linear foot of minutes and financial records generated by Local 2 (Fostoria), Local 19 (Fremont), and Local 26 (Tiffin); locals which merged along with Local 37 (Sandusky) in 1975 to form Local 46 (Fremont).

The collection (1891-1975) includes minutes, financial records, a roll book, and a photograph of the Seventh Annual Ohio State Conference of Bricklayers (1912). Literary and property rights have been dedicated to the public and duplication is permitted for the purposes of preservation and scholarly research. Joanne Passet, a graduate assistant employed by the Ohio Labor History Project, inventoried and processed the collection.

Agency History

On February 1, 1975, Fostoria Local 2, Fremont Local 19, Sandusky Local 37, and Tiffin Local 26 merged to form the International Unioin of Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen, Local 46. Information and history of these locals currently is not available.

Local 46's business manager (1997) is Mr. Steve Shively, and the office is located at 1310 Siler Street, Fremont, Ohio.

Scope and Content

The International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen, Local 46, collection is comprised of the records from three of four locals which merged to form Local 46. Included in the collection are the minutes (1900-1919, 1929-1959, 1970-1975), membership records (1891-1900, 1914-1915, n.d.), and financial papers (n.d.) for Local 2; the minutes (1956-1968) and a financial ledger (1938-1957) for Local 26; and minutes (1947-1964) and a monthly report (January 1964) for Local 19. Also included in the collection is a photograph of the Seventh Annual Ohio State Conference of Bricklayers (1912).

The minutes of the locals provide information on the daily business of these unions and their relationships with other locals and state and national organizations. Some chronological gaps do occur, however, especially with Local 2, and the lack of minutes for Local 37 (Sandusky) result in weakening the overall strength of this collection.

Series Description


January 1947-May 1964.
Arranged chronologically
Includes financial reports, membership business, committee reports, communications and bills, nominations and elections of officers, conference reports, local work and employment reports, apprenticeship business.

October 1900-June 1919; January 1929-May 1959; March 1970-January 1975.
Arranged chronologically
Includes same type of information as found in Local 19's minutes.

July 1957-April 1968
Arranged chronologically
Includes same type of information as found in Local 19's minutes.

1891-1900, 1914-1915, n.d.
Arranged chronologically
Includes roll book with names and dates and miscellaneous papers concerning applications for membership, complaints, statistics, and correspondence regarding apprenticeships.


August 1938-January 1957
Arranged chronologically
Includes itemized listings of receipts and expenditures, amounts and balances.

January 1964
Includes statistics on membership and dues along with amounts due International Union.


Box 1

  1. Minutes-Local 19, January 1947-January 1949
  2. Minutes-Local 19, February 1949-February 1955
  3. Minutes-Local 19, December 1955-June 1961
  4. Minutes-Local 19, July 1961-May 1964
  5. Monthly report-Local 19, January 1964

Box 2

  1. Roll Book-Local 2 (Includes minutes, May-June 1925), 1891-1900
  2. Minutes-Local 2, October, December 1900-February 1917
  3. Minutes-Local 2, March-June 1917, February-June 1919
  4. Minutes-Local 2, January 1929-December 1938
  5. Minutes-Local 2, January 1939-February 1947
  6. Minutes-Local 2, March 1947-July 1950
  7. Minutes-Local 2, August 1950-May 1959

Box 3

  1. Minutes-Local 2, March 1970-January 1975
  2. Membership papers-Local 2, 1900, 1914-1915, n.d.
  3. Financial paper (hall rent)-Local 2, n.d.
  4. Minutes-Local 26, July 1956-April 1968
  5. Minutes-Local 26, May-November 1968
  6. Ledger-Local 26, August 1938-December 1957

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