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National Association of Letter Carriers, Branch 100 - MS 80

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The records of the National Association of Letter Carriers, Branch 100, Toledo, Ohio, date from 1896 to 1969 and consist of four linear feet of regular meeting minutes, attendance books, correspondence, account ledgers, newsletters, entertainment organization material, and convention programs.

The records of the Letter Carriers 100 were donated to the Center for Archival Collections in 1975 through the efforts of Steve Gietschier, Co-Director of the Ohio Labor History Project. Literary and property rights have been dedicated to the public and duplication is permitted for the purposes of preservation and scholarly research. The collection was processed and register prepared by Peter Lundskow, CAC volunteer, in March 1982.

Agency History

Toledo Branch 100 was an early member of the National Association of Letter Carriers. The National Association was organized in August 1889 with the impetus from the Letter Carriers of Milwaukee. The following year many attempts were made in Toledo to organize a local chapter. Durign a year of continuous effort the letter carriers met with little success until December of that year when they were granted a charter.

The Letter Carriers' experiences reflected those of many other labor unions of the era. The branch struggled to survive at the start of its first decade. Many monthly meetings of those years were adjourned for lack of a quorum representing the thirty-two members. No actual records remain except the Chapter's biographical sketch, found in an 1896 convention program. Fortunately, from 1896 on, extensive minutes were kept of all regular meetings. Also from 1896, it appeared that the Branch was becoming more powerful as membership increased, an in 1898 the Branch hosted the national convention in Toledo.

During the first half of the twentieth century, the Union continued to strive for better working conditions, higher pay, and supported other pro-labor causes in the United States. Highlights of the era were: the suspension of Sunday mail service; contributions ot the Sacco and Vanzetti defense; boycotts of non-union consumer goods; and the drive to end twice daily delivery service. The membership of the Local in 1975 consisted of over 500 active members and over 150 pensioned retirees. In 1966, Branch 100 purchased a building which houses its current offices at 602 Dearborn, Toledo, Ohio 43605.

Scope and Content

The records of the National Association of Letter Carriers, Branch 100, of Toledo, Ohio, document the history of a governmental service labor union and its members from 1896 to 1969. These records contain minutes, correspondence, reports, financial records, newsletters, and programs.

Regular meeting minutes document the years 1896-1969. The minutes contain regular business information, reports of committees, special meeting reports, and monthly financial reports. Also included are minutes from the entertainment organization of the union from 1941-1947 and membership roll books for 1924-1963. Branch 100 correspondence is very minimal. The best of these letters is a file which embodies the campaign for increased salary in 1942, the first substantial increase since the early 1930s.

Reports contain those of the entertainment organization ("Boo Hum Ditt Dum"), conventions, and an 85th anniversary report of Branch 100 (1975). The latter report contains a history of the Branch, its parent organization, and the history of the wives' auxiliary.

Financial records include expense and receipt ledgers (1898-1969) and dues books (1921-1948). From 1899 to 1969 the general and convention funds were kept and audited. Beginning in 1946 building fund records were kept along wtih the latter, which culminated in the purchase of a union hall in 1966. The dues books are kept monthly. They are alphabetical records of each member and the amount of union dues paid. From 1948 the dues are automatically withdrawn from paychecks.

In May of 1964, a union newsletter was created with the intention of keeping members informed on both local and national union news and, also as an organ in which the executive committee could address its members. Completing the collection are three convention programs, the two most important being: the program for the national convention in Toledo in 1898 and the state convention program which took place in Toledo in 1971. The former contains the only information on the early years (1889-1896) of the union in the collection.

Series Description


December 13, 1896-November 5, 1969.
Arranged chronologically
Minutes contain names of executive board present, motions, amendments, financial reports, acquisition or discipline decisions of members, news of general labor interest and discussions on their ramifications to members.

1927-1968 (scattered).
Arranged chronologically
Includes listings of all members running for executive office, and as delegates to state or national conventions with the amount of votes received by each.

1941-1947 (scattered); rental ledger in front of volume for 1909.
Arranged chronologically
Contains inductions of members, planning and allocation of funds for social gatherings, and amendments to entertainment constitution.

Arranged chronologically
Records of the attendance of all Branch 100 members to monthly meetings, according to station house, and alphabetized.


Arranged chronologically
Includes both incoming and outgoing correspondence. Miscellaneous letters between Branch 100 officers and other locals.

Arranged chronologically
Includes only incoming correspondence. Letters from the US Guarantee Company concerning the bonding of union members.

1939-1947, n.d.
Arranged chronologically
Contains both incoming and outgoing correspondence. Communications between Branch 100 entertainment organization and others concerning policy and conventions.

Arranged chronologically
Includes both incoming and outgoing correspondence. Letters between the Branch President and the "Salary Raise Campaign" headquarters.


1941-1946 (scattered).
Arranged chronologically
Contains the national convention reports of "Boo Hum Ditt Dum," the national entertainment organization.

Includes extensive history of Branch 100, photographs of Union activities, public service projects, history of the Toledo Post Office, health and service benefits, membership list, and a history of the National Union. Also includes a history of Ladies' Auxiliary and photographs depicting it.


Notes taken from past monthly minutes from 1905 to 1961, also includes a list of past presidents.


Arranged chronologically
Several volumes of varying sizes. Includes exact dates and amounts paid "in" or "out" of the General, Sick, Building, and Convention funds.

1921-1933, 1938-1948.
Arranged chronologically
Two volumes. Includes names of all members and monthly recording of amount paid into union dues.


May 1964-December 1971.
Arranged chronologically
The Branch 100 newsletters include information about past monthly meetings, messages from the president, and other national union news.

1942-1948 (scattered).
Arranged chronologically
The "Boo Hum Ditt Dum" newsletters contain entertainment organization news, social events planned, and jokes.

No date.
Advertisement flyer for national convention fez (hats).

1898, 1943, 1971
Arranged chronologically
One copy each of national convention in Toledo, "Boo Hum Ditt Dum" convention in Denver, and the state convention in Toledo.


Box 1

  1. Minutes/attendance, December 13, 1896-February 16, 1898
  2. Minutes/attendance, March 2, 1898-January 7, 1905
  3. Minutes/attendance, February 3, 1905-November 7, 1915
  4. Minutes/attendance, December 7, 1915-October 4, 1924

Box 2

  1. Minutes, November 1924-December 1925
  2. Minutes, January-December 1926
  3. Minutes, January-December 1927
  4. Minutes, January 1928-December 1929
  5. Minutes, January 1930-December 1931
  6. Minutes, January 1932-December 1933
  7. Minutes, January 1934-December 1935
  8. Minutes, January 1936-December 1937
  9. Minutes, January 1938-December 1939
  10. Minutes, January 1940-December 1941
  11. Minutes, January 1942-December 1943
  12. Minutes, January 1944-December 1945

Box 3

  1. Minutes/attendance, January 1946-December 1946
  2. Minutes/attendance, January 1947-December 1947
  3. Minutes/attendance, January 1948-December 1948
  4. Minutes/attendance, January 1949-December 1949
  5. Minutes/attendance, January 1950-December 1950
  6. Minutes/attendance, January 1951-December 1951
  7. Minutes/attendance, January 1952-December 1952
  8. Minutes/attendance, January 1953-December 1953
  9. Minutes/attendance, January 1954-December 1954
  10. Minutes/attendance, January 1955-December 1955
  11. Minutes/attendance, January 1956-December 1956
  12. Minutes/attendance, January 1957-December 1957

Box 4

  1. Minutes/attendance, January 1958-December 1958
  2. Minutes/attendance, January 1959-December 1959
  3. Minutes/attendance, January 1960-December 1960
  4. Minutes/attendance, January 1961-December 1961
  5. Minutes/attendance, January 1962-December 1962
  6. Minutes/attendance, January 1963-December 1963
  7. Minutes/attendance, January 1964-December 1964
  8. Minutes/attendance, January 1965-December 1965
  9. Minutes/attendance, January 1966-December 1966
  10. Minutes/attendance, January 1967-December 1967
  11. Minutes/attendance, January 1968-December 1968
  12. Minutes/attendance, January 1969-December 1969
  13. Ballot tallies--officers/delegates, 1927-1968 (scattered)

Box 5

  1. Minutes entertainment organization, 1941-1944 (scattered)
  2. Minutes entertainment organization (rental ledger in front for 1909), 1945-1947
  3. Amendments to entertainment constitution, 1941
  4. Applications for membership--entertainment organization, 1943-1946, n.d.
  5. Roll Book, 1924-1938
  6. Roll Book, 1939-1942
  7. Roll Book, 1943-1951
  8. Roll Book/Visitors Book, 1952-1963

Box 6

  1. Correspondence, 1911
  2. Incoming correspondence, January-July 1927
  3. Incoming correspondence--entertainment organization, 1939-1947, n.d.
  4. Outgoing correspodence--entertainment organization, 1940, 1945, n.d.
  5. Incoming and outgoing correspondence--salary raise campaign, July 1942
  6. National convention reports--entertainment organization, 1941-1946 (scattered)
  7. 85th Anniversary report, 1975
  8. Notes from past minutes/presidents list--taken from minutes, 1905-1961
  9. Receipt and expense ledger/sick fund, 1898-1939/1899-1900
  10. Receipt and expense ledger/building fund, 1939-1951/1944-1951
  11. General/building/convention fund ledger, 1952-1958

Box 7

  1. General/building/convention fund ledger, 1959-1964
  2. General/convention fund ledger/building fund ledger, 1965-1969/1965-1967
  3. Building fund ledger, 1967-1969
  4. Dues Book, 1921-1933
  5. Dues Book, 1938-1948

Box 8

  1. Newsletters, May 1964-December 1965 (missing July 1964)
  2. Newsletters, January 1966-July 1967 (missing May 1967)
  3. Newsletters, August 1967-March 1969 (missing November 1967; April and September 1968; January-February 1969)
  4. Newsletters, April 1969-June 1970 (missing January 1970)
  5. Newsletters, July 1970-December 1971
  6. Entertainment organization newsletters, 1942-1948 (scattered)
  7. Entertainment organization news, 1946-1948 (scattered)
  8. Ad flyer on convention fez (hats), n.d.
  9. National convention program/Toledo, September 5-12, 1898
  10. Entertainment convention program/Denver, September 6-11, 1943
  11. State convention program/Toledo, August 19-22, 1971

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