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Cannery Workers, Local 146 (Napoleon, Ohio) - MS 146

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The records of the Cannery Workers Local 146 of the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butchers Workmen of North America, AFL-CIO date from 1944-1974. The history of this labor organization is reflected in a single linear foot of minutes (regular and executive board), dues, accounts, correspondence, and grievance reports.

The records of the Cannery Workers Local 146 were donated to the Center for Archival Collections in the summer of 1980 through the cooperation of David Gray of the Ohio Historical Society and Paul Yon, Director of Center for Archival Collections. Literary and property rights have been dedicated to the public and duplication is permitted for the purposes of preservation and scholarly research. The register was prepared by Jill Morse and modified by Jennifer Barner, graduate students at the university.

Agency History

The Cannery and Allied Workers, Local 146, in Napoleon, Ohio, existed and was a member of the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workman of North America, American Federation of Labor, as early as June 1948. In 1968, they were involved in a strike against the Campbell Soup Company, also of Napoleon. Materials documenting the further history of Local 146 are not available at this time.

Workers at the Lutz Canning Company in Defiance, Ohio, had organized Federal Labor Union #23229 by January 1942. A new agreement with Lutz Company in 1950 showed that the Union had become Local 626 of the Amalgamated Meat Cutters. On April l5, 1953, the decision was made to admit the Defiance Union into Local 146 of Napoleon.

Scope and Content

A series of regular minutes spans from June, 1948 to April, 1960. These contain brief descriptions of all of the Local's activities as well as decisions made during the meetings and a recording of the voting. Minutes from the Executive Board and Stewards Meetings exist between 1959 and 1960.

Limited correspondence between the Union and the Lutz Canning Company introduces negotiations including price limitations and wage increases. Also in this folder are lists of rules for female workers.

The incoming and outgoing correspondence of Mr. Arthur Homer, secretary of the Local Union 146 for the year 1957 concerns official union business such as taxation, official forms, dues, contracts and regulations.

Financial reports cover only two years but list all of the Local's expenses.

Agreements between Local 146 and both the Lutz Canning Company and Campbell Soup detail considerations of wages, hours and conditions for limited years.

Two folders of grievance forms are predominately from workers seeking back pay or who have been laid off, but also contain a wide range of complaints.

Miscellaneous printed material includes a 1968 strike bulletin against Campbell Soup, a folder of press releases and memos from the Executive Board and a blank affidavit of nonaffiliation with the Communist Party.

Series Description


June, 1948 - 1960.
Arranged chronologically
Record contains name of chairman and signature of recording secretary. Includes motions, agreements, financial reports, resolutions, and election results.

Arranged chronologically
Record contains same type of information as regular minutes.

Arranged chronologically
Record contains discussion of grievances, contracts, wages, and legislative activity.


CORRESPONDENCE - Lutz Canning Company - Defiance, Ohio
Arranged chronologically
Record contains incoming and outgoing correspondence related to contract negotiations.

CORRESPONDENCE - Secretary Homer
Arranged chronologically
Record contains both the incoming and outgoing correspondence of Local 146's secretary treasurer at the time, Arthur Homer.


Arranged chronologically
Record contains member name, address, date of initiation, age, security number, and dues paid. One volume also functions as an expense account for these years with a record of receipts and expenditures.

December, 1957-July, 1958
Record contains monthly records of total expenses, total receipts, and balance. Signature of financial secretary.

Record contains specific itemized monthly entries for all expenses.


1942, 1943, 1946, 1950, 1951, 1957-1960
Arranged chronologically
Record contains date, name of agreeing parties, all articles and sections agreed upon, and any supplemental arrangements. Only the 1957-1960 agreement is between Campbell's Soup and Local 146, the rest are between the Lutz Canning Company and a Defiance local.

Record issued from National Labor Relations Board for members to swear ts notary that they are not Communists. Executive Board Minutes of 1959 mention their being signed.


September, 1957-October, 1958
Arranged chronologically
Record contains date grievance occurred, date report filed, name of grievance filer and corresponding company representative and union steward, and grievance itself.


Contains names of members running for union office and number of votes received.

NEWS RELEASES - Executive Board 146
Record contains print-outs issued to the Local from its Executive Board concerning general news, political information, policy committee members, and a list of steward duties.

Published by Industrial Union Department, AFL-CIO entitled "Strike Publicity Guide for Local Unions".


Box 1

  1. Minutes, regular, June, 1948-May, 1955
  2. Minutes, regular, April, 1955-Dec. 1957
  3. Minutes, regular, 1958
  4. Minutes, regular, 1959-1960
  5. Minutes, Executive Board, 1959-1960
  6. Minutes, Stewards, 1959-1960
  7. Correspondence-Lutz Canning Company, 1944-1953
  8. Correspondence-Secretary Homer, 1957
  9. Financial Reports-Monthly, Dec. 1957-1958
  10. Financial Report, 1957
  11. Agreements between 23229 and Lutz Co., 1942, 1943, 1946
  12. Supplemental Agreements - Lutz & 626, 1950, 1951
  13. Agreement - 146 & Campbell's Soup Co., 1957-1960
  14. Grievance Forms, Sept.-Dec. 1957
  15. Grievance Forms, March-Oct. 1958
  16. Statistical Contract Comparisons, 1950-1957
  17. Tally Sheets, 1968
  18. Union Strike Bulletin, Aug. 1968
  19. Communications from Executive Board, 1974
  20. Noncommunist Affidavit
  21. Pamphlet - Strike Publicity

Wrapped Volumes

  1. Expense Account, 1949-1957
  2. Dues Register, 1948-1951
  3. Dues Register, 1948-1954
  4. Dues Register, 1957

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