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Bertha M. Carter Papers - Hood/Pargellis Families - MS 151

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The Bertha M. Carter Papers were donated to the Center for Archival Collections by Mrs. Bertha Carter in July 1980. Additional donations were made in September 1985 and August 1991. The Papers are divided into three main family collections; the Hood family, the Pargellis family, and the Carter family. The Pargellis and Carter families are related, but there are no direct ties between them and the Hood family. All the families lived and farmed in the Hull Prairie area of Wood County, Ohio. Alexander Pargellis inherited the Hood family papers when the last Hood family member, John Hood, died in 1905. Mrs. Carter is the granddaughter of Robert Pargellis.

The Hood family papers date inclusively from 1818-1911 and includes correspondence, diaries, legal and financial papers, all documenting the farming and business interests of the Hood family. The Pargellis family papers date inclusively from 1819-1943 and includes extensive correspondence, legal and financial papers, photographs and printed items. These papers include some church records, organizational records, and township records maintained by the Hood or Pargellis family members, who usually were founding members of the organizations or township officials. The Carter family papers date from around 1900 through 1945, primarily dealing with the activities of J. Richard Carter, brother of Earnest W. Carter, who married Bertha Carter.

No restrictions exist on the research use of these papers. The Collection was processed by Ira Daly, graduate assistant, in 1981, and the register prepared by Ann Bowers, Assistant Director and University Archivist, in 1985, with additions by Marilyn Levinson, Curator of Manuscripts, in 1991.

Biographical Sketch

Henry Hood and his wife, Elizabeth (Douglas) Hood, emigrated from Edinburgh, Scotland to the United States, in 1832, and directly settled at Hull Prairie, Wood County, Ohio. The Hood's had seven children: James, George, Henry, William, Thomas, Jane, and John. All died without heirs; thus the family papers were inherited by Alexander Pargellis upon the death of John Hood in 1905. Henry Hood and his children successfully developed and farmed land in Hull Prairie and also assisted in the development of the area, specifically the local school and the appropriately named, Hood Presbyterian Church.

Andrew Pargellis, Sr. was a stationer in Glasgow, Scotland at the time he decided to bring his family to the United States in 1843. Andrew, his wife, Elizabeth (Wright) Pargellis, and children also settled in the vicinity of Hull Prairie, Wood County, Ohio. The couple had seven children: Alexander, Andrew Jr., Duncan, who died as a child, Oswald, Margaret, Robert, and another who died in infancy. Robert married Emily Crook and one of their daughters, Margaret, married Leslie F. Robertson. One of the children of Margaret and Leslie is Bertha Carter. The Pargellis family farmed in the Hull Prairie area and assisted in the development of Middleton Township schools, churches, and local organizations.

Richard Carter, one of nine children of Reuben and Bennett Carter, was born in Kent, England in 1816. After a brief career as a sailor, Richard Carter and his wife Nancy also settled in the Hull Prairie area of Wood County, arriving in the area around 1845, along with a brother, Edward. The Carter Family consisted of children Bennett C., Franklin F., Darius B., Samuel F., Caroline H., Lovina, Nancy T., George R., and Mabel. Samuel F. was married to Mary Fox Carter. Among their children were sons John Richard and Earnest W. (who married Bertha Carter).

Scope and Content

The Bertha M. Carter Papers are subdivided into three categories: the papers of the Hood Family, the papers of the Pargellis Family, and the Carter Family papers. Included with the collection are manuscript and public records documenting the activities of these three families.

The Hood Family Papers present a sketchy portrait of two generations of one family. The correspondence (1836-1867) largely pertains to the European trip of George Hood and farm business. Of interest are the travel journals; one maintained by Henry Hood in 1832 and he searched for an area in which to settle, and the others maintained by George Hood as he traveled throughout Europe, Egypt, and parts of Africa. Also of interest are diaries (1882-1904) maintained probably by John Hood, which document daily weather conditions. Also included in the papers are legal documents such as land records and citizenship papers, and account books and ledger sheets document the farming interests.

The Pargellis Family Papers are much more extensive, especially the correspondence, which dates from 1827-1938. The correspondence is arranged by the name of the person receiving the letters and then by the name of the correspondent. This correspondence generally details family events and the farm business in Wood County. Of interest is correspondence to Andrew Sr. and his wife, Elizabeth, documenting their preparation for their trip to the United States and their settling in Wood County. Correspondence to Alexander (Co. K, 49th O.V.I.) and Robert (Co. C, 21st O.V.I.) documents their military service during the Civil War. Later correspondence to Alexander and Margaret describes their business dealings in Florida, where they owned grapefruit and orange groves. A few diary entries also document Andrew Sr.'s trip to the United States and the Civil War experience of Co. H, First Ohio Militia of Middleton Township. Legal documents include citizenship papers, land records, and Civil War pension and discharge papers. The account books document the stationer business of Andrew Sr. while in Scotland and also the farm business in Hull Prairie. The section of Pargellis Papers also includes public records and manuscript items which document the Pargellis and Hood family members' participation in the development of Middleton Township, Hull Prairie, and Wood County, Ohio. Middleton Township school records and account books date from 1842-1885. The records of the Hood Presbyterian Church, 1860-1907, reflect the interest and monetary assistance of Henry Hood, Sr. Various agricultural and educational organizations are reflective of the interests of both the Hood and Pargellis families and include the McKinley Club, the Garfield Club, Temperance Unions, the Lyceum, and the Grange. Printed material, newsclippings, and photographs complete the Pargellis Family Papers.

The Carter Family Papers form the final component of the collection. Representing two generations of the Carter Family, the material spans the period from the early 1900's through 1945. The bulk of the collection concerns the life and activities of John Richard Carter, an electrical engineer, who worked for the Isthmian Canal Commission at Gatun, Canal Zone, and served during World War I with Co. F, 37th Engineers. His correspondence includes a series of letters written from Gatun during 1914, describing work testing new water power houses for the Canal and general life in the tropics. During military service, he sent numerous postcards depicting army life at Camp Sheridan, near Montgomery, Alabama, as well as scenes around Europe. Returning to the United States in 1919, Carter died aboard ship, two days before landing. Several items in the collection, including an obituary, card of thanks, and newsclipping, reflect the tragic end of his life. The remaining items are connected to Earnest W. Carter, the other son of Samuel Carter. Also serving in Europe during the war, his papers include a series of postcards, a family photograph album, and an article about the oil and gas industry in Wood County.

Series Description



Arranged by Hood family members and alphabetically by receiving correspondent's name.
Includes letters written by George Hood to his brothers which detail his European trip, and letters written by James Hood to brother, George, pertaining to the farm.

1864, n.d.
Arranged by correspondent's name, if given
Includes letters written by Henry Easton and his mother as well as unsigned letters.


1836-1891 (scattered)
Arranged chronologically
Includes notes on major events of Hood family; also, death dates of many family members are given.

Unsigned and incomplete sermon or speech--handwritten.

1832, 1856-1858, 1863-1864
Arranged chronologically
Includes a journal (1832) on the travels of Henry Hood, Sr., as he searched for a place to settle. Also includes travel journals of George Hood providing accounts of his trips to Europe, Africa, and Egypt.

1882-1888, 1897-1904
Arranged chronologically
Includes daily entries describing weather conditions. Also includes a few scattered notations as to visitors, deaths, etc.


1841, 1861, 1862
Arranged chronologically
Includes contracts to sell land owned by Hood family and a land claim made by Henry and John Hood.

1839, 1843, 1847, 1862
Arranged chronologically
Includes naturalization papers for Henry Hood and various citizenship papers for James Hood.

1854, 1901
Arranged by type of documents
Includes a cemetery deed and a copy of a Perrysburg Village ordinance.


1841-1858, 1863-1864, 1874-1878, 1903, 1911
Arranged chronologically and by type of account book
Includes account books of Henry Hood (1841-1858) detailing expenditures and receipts by account name, an estate account book of Henry Hood (1874-1878), travel account book of George Hood (1863-1864) and a farm account ledger (1903-1911).

1818-1819, 1824
Arranged chronologically
Includes miscellaneous sheets detailing the accounts of the Hood family.

1838-1855, 1873-1904 (scattered)
Arranged by type of receipt and chronologically
Includes receipts from Henry Hood's estate, receipts for funeral expenses of Henry, Isabel and Thomas Hood, land and miscellaneous receipts of John and Henry Hood and receipts of J.H. Rheinfrank.



1827-1949, n.d.
Arranged by receiving correspondent's name and then by sending correspondent's name
Includes letters written to Andrew Pargellis, Sr., his wife, Elizabeth, their children and grandchildren, most of which pertain to family, travel and business matters. Of special interest are letters writ ten to Andrew and Elizabeth from Elizabeth's parents in Scotland, and letters written during the Civil War to Robert and Alexander Pargellis who were serving in the Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Also includes correspondence and files on the Master Farm Homemaker Award to Margaret Pargellis Robertson.


1819-1890's (scattered), n.d.
Arranged chronologically
Includes letters and typed copies certifying Andrew Pargellis and Elizabeth's marriage, church affiliation, business standing in Glasgow to assist in a move to the United States. Also includes information on John Taylor and Robertson family.

1843, 1847, 1848, 1863, 1914-?, 1927-1928
Arranged by name of person keeping the diary
Includes scattered entries from Andrew Pargellis, Sr. diary, proceedings of Co. H, First Regiment of Ohio Volunteers, travel diary kept by Gertrude Pargellis and diaries kept by Robert Pargellis.

1877, 1887
Arranged chronologically
Includes wills of Elizabeth Pargellis.

1819, n.d.
Arranged alphabetically by type of document and within, chronologically
Includes power of attorney for Andrew Pargellis, Sr. and a sample ballot for Wood County elections.


1820-1923 (scattered), n.d.
Arranged by type of account book and within, chronologically
Includes account ledgers and loose account sheets of Andrew Pargellis, Sr., as a stationer in Glasgow and as a newly established farmer in Wood County, Ohio; farm and personal account ledgers of Alexander, Andrew, Jr., and Robert Pargellis; one account book of E.W. Carter and one unidentified account book and sheets.

1850-1916 (scattered)
Arranged chronologically
Includes receipts for payments for food supplies, dry goods, newspapers and loans.

Includes a printed listing of land owners, acres of land owned, valuation of land for 1913 and 1914.


(October 10, 1844), (September 7, 1855), (1911), (1927), (1945)
Arranged by subject of clipping
Includes obituaries of Duncan Pargellis and Andrew Pargellis, Sr., and information on an American tour of Scotland sent to Margaret Pargellis. Also included are clippings on Emily Pargellis' death and Alexander Pargellis' death.

March 23, 1858, 1859, n.d.
Arranged chronologically
Includes one dated essay on happiness written by A.E. Pargellis, one in the year 1859, and several essays for which no author or date is given. Subjects included in this group of essays are spring, language, history and temperance.

Arranged by family name
Includes genealogical notes on the Moore, Wright and Pargellis families.

(1864), (1867), n.d.
Arranged alphabetically by subject of the writing
Includes eulogy of Harry Carter, a history of Hull Prairie, comments on the Grand Army of the Republic, a program by students at Kalamazoo College an various sermons and religious writings.


1851, 1857, 1880
Arranged chronologically
Includes naturalization papers of Alexander, Andrew and Robert Pargellis.

1863, 1864
Arranged alphabetically by type of paper and within, chronologically
Includes election of Robert Pargellis as First Lieutenant of "H" Co., discharge papers of Alexander Pargellis and pension papers of Robert and Alexander Pargellis.

1831, 1832, 1856, 1879
Arranged alphabetically by type of certificate and within, chronologically
Includes guildmaster and Merchant's House membership certificates for Andrew Pargellis, Sr., Justice of the Peace certificates of Robert Pargellis and teaching certificate of Alexander Pargellis.

1882, 1908, 1917, 1919, n.d.
Arranged alphabetically by type of land record and within, chronologically
Includes land claims, leases, mortgages of Pargellis lands.


1860, 1861/1862, 1881, 1918, 1943, n.d.
Arranged alphabetically by type of printed material
Included foreign currency, exhibition program for the Fostoria Academy, invitation to 111th Regiment O.V.I., Kalamazoo College catalog, a Liberty Bond, World War II ration books, and poetry.


Includes postcards, some of which depict scenes from Scotland. No writing appears on the back of any of the photographs.

1850-1851, n.d.
Arranged by subject
Includes printed lithographs of Leamington, England and the Glasgow cemetery.

1800's, early 1900's, n.d.
Includes three albums; one of S. Emily Crook Pargellis, depicting the Davenport and Crook families, one of the Pargellis family, and one depicting the Rheinfrank family and hospital in Perrysburg. Also included are individual photographs of the Pargellis family.


1842-1888, n.d.
Arranged by type of record
Includes enumeration of youth (1885), account book (1843-1859), school registers (1842-1888), a petition listing males in the township (n.d.), a petition requesting a special election to vote on prohibition (n.d.), and a notice to owners of stock regarding enforcement of a local law (1872).


Arranged by type of church record
Includes minutes, list of members, histories, statistics, letters of dismission, petitions and correspondence.

November 23, 1865
Includes a membership ticket for Catharine Crook.

Includes organizational meeting minutes.

Arranged chronologically
Includes constitution and minutes of the Lyceum. Located in the back of the volume is a document nominating Andrew Pargellis, Sr. to the Merchant's House, Glasgow.

January-March 1870
Arranged chronologically
Includes the organizational minutes of the Farmers Club. Located in the back of the volume are Pargellis accounts, 1871-1879.

August 20, 1880
Includes the minutes of one meeting.

1890-1892, 1898
Arranged chronologically
Includes the minutes of this organization.

July 8, 1871, June 6, 1874, n.d.
Arranged chronologically
Includes the minutes of this organization.

Arranged chronologically
Includes the minutes of this organization.

n.d., 1911-14, 1916-17, 1919, 1921-27, 1929, 1932
Includes the constitution of this organization and the Secretary's annual report of losses.

Includes the constitution and by-laws of this organization and minutes of August 10 and 22, 1877.



1917-1919, 1939
Arranged chronologically
Postcards, primarily written during period of service in Europe during World War I.

Arranged chronologically
Includes letter from senior year at University of Michigan, job related correspondence, professional vita, and correspondence while working in the Canal Zone.

Condolence letters from War Mothers Association, and from Army comrades in the 37th Engineers, on the death of J. Richard Carter.

1908-1910, n.d.
Primarily Christmas package cards and postcards.

Letter to "Paul & Margaret" from "Mother".


Draft of text for obituary of J. Richard Carter, and text for a "Card of Thanks" from family members after the funeral.


Probate settlement papers to Grace and Earnest Carter from the estate of their great aunt.


1919, n.d.
Newspaper clipping on the return of the body of J. Richard Carter, after a mix-up by the army, and the obituary of Leslie Robertson (Bertha Carter's father).


Photocopy of book chapter, "Stanley Pargellis, Newberry Librarian, 1842-1962" by Ray Allen Billington, from unidentified book.

Article on Wood County petroleum industry, "Oil's Well That Ends Well" by Earnest W. Carter, appearing in Farmland News, Feb. 13, 1979.

Ohio Dry Fall-in-Line County Auto Tour poster, with notes on verso describing the event. Oversize and encapsulated.

University of Michigan pictorial calendar, probably belonging to J. Richard Carter.

1919-1920, 1941-1945, n.d.
War-savings certificate with several $5 stamps affixed; commemoration certificates honoring the war service of J. Richard Carter, issued by the U.S. War Department and the University of Michigan (his alma mater); and certificates recognizing the service of Leslie F. Robertson on the local Selective Service Board during World War II.

"Reverend George Athearn Adams, December 21, 1821-December 25, 1903: In Memoriam".

J.A. Scott Company, Lightning Conductor System. Lightning rod company product booklet.

Handbook for Local Unions: Ohio W.C.T.U.


Picture postcards, from either Earnest W. or J. Richard Carter, depicting scenes from Colorado, Camp Sheridan near Montgomery, Alabama, and around Europe during World War I.

1906?, 1914-1915, 1918-1919, n.d.
Photographs of the area around Gatun, C.Z., where J. Richard Carter worked for the Isthmian Canal Commission; a portrait of Richard Carter; a group of young men (possibly engineering students at University of Michigan) including Richard Carter; scenes of army life at Camp Sheridan, near Montgomery, Alabama; and two pictures of the Interurban Bridge at Waterville, Ohio, under construction.

Earnest Carter and family album, with farm scenes around Ohio, pictures from unknown location in Texas, and portraits of family members, primarily unidentified.

1900, 1918-1920
Large format scenes and group portraits, including Samuel Carter farm threshing scene; Co. H at Camp Sheridan; Co. E, 37th Engineers at Ft. Myer, Va.; Co. F, U.S. Infantry at Akron, Ohio; and the U.S.S. Maui, returning from Brest, France. Oversize and encapsulated.


Box 1

  1. Correspondence from George Hood to Miss Bassaro, August 27, October 8, 1857
  2. Correspondence from George Hood to Charles Easton, July 30, September 1, October 10, December 4, 1856
  3. Correspondence from George Hood to Charles Easton, January 21, May 7, June 27, July 27, September ?, October 20, October 22, October 28, 1857
  4. Correspondence from George Hood to Charles Easton, January 4, 9, February 4, 1858
  5. Correspondence from George Hood to Charles Easton, June 11, 1863, June 12, June 24, July 4, 1864
  6. Correspondence from George Hood to Henry Hood, May 9, 1836
  7. Correspondence from George Hood to Henry Hood, April 14, 1856
  8. Correspondence from George Hood to Henry Hood, May 25, July 10, September 10, 1862
  9. Correspondence from George Hood to Henry Hood, February 26, March 25, April 22, April 26, 1865
  10. Correspondence from George Hood to Henry Hood, December 17, 1866
  11. Correspondence from George Hood to Henry Hood, February 28, April 5, September 28, 1867
  12. Correspondence from George Hood to James Hood, March 7, July 29, 1847
  13. Correspondence from George Hood to James Hood, November 9, 1850
  14. Correspondence from George Hood to James Hood, January 5, March 26, April 7, April 12, May 3, July 21, August 2, September 2, September 7, September 21, October 15, October 30, November 19, 1855
  15. Correspondence from George Hood to James Hood, April 22, May 6, May 29, 1856
  16. Correspondence from George Hood to James Hood, January 3, May 12, June 7, July 20, August 19, August 29, September 11, September 22, October 1, October 4, October 14, October 31, December 13, 1857
  17. Correspondence from George Hood to James Hood, July 3, 1858
  18. Correspondence from George Hood to James Hood, January 10, March 2, May 5, May 20, June 14, September 20, December 29, 1859
  19. Correspondence from George Hood to James Hood, April 26, May 18, July 14, October 20, December 7, December 20, 1860
  20. Correspondence from George Hood to James Hood, January 21, February 25, April 11, November 21, December 7, December 18, 1861
  21. Correspondence from George Hood to James Hood, January 11, April 4, 1862
  22. Correspondence from George Hood to James Hood, June 15, June 25, October 14, October 21, October 31, 1864, n.d.
  23. Correspondence from George Hood to Mary Hood, August 3, October 12, October 22, November 21, November 23, November 28, December 11, December 21, 1863
  24. Correspondence from George Hood to Mary Hood, January 1, January 8, January 15, March 12, April 13, April 29, May 9, May 13, June 2, June 13, 1864
  25. Correspondence from George Hood to William Hood, March 29, 1847
  26. Correspondence from George Hood to Mikershaw, October 8, 1863
  27. Correspondence from George Hood to Steam Boat Office Agent, September 25, 1863
  28. Correspondence from Mary Hood to George Hood, June 20, July 2, July 13, August 12, August 21, September 8, October 9, November 10, November 21, 1863
  29. Correspondence from Mary Hood to George Hood, January 1, January 29, March 4, April 15, 1864
  30. Correspondence from James Hood to George Hood, January 22, March 20, 1857
  31. Correspondence from James Hood to William Hood, May 1, June ?, 1847
  32. Correspondence from Henry Hood to his brothers, May 21, 1843
  33. Correspondence from Mrs. Easton to son, Henry, April 29, 1864
  34. Correspondence from Henry Easton to ?, January 15, ?
  35. Correspondence-unsigned, January 10, 1864, n.d.
  36. Invitation to Independence Ball to Mr. H. Cook, 1841

Box 2

  1. Notes on major events of Hood Family history, 1836-1891 (scattered)
  2. Sermon/Speech, n.d.
  3. Henry Hood, Senior-Travel Journal, July-August 1832
  4. George Hood-Travel Journal, May 1856-May 1858
  5. George Hood-Travel Journal, June 1863
  6. George Hood-Travel Journal, July 1863
  7. George Hood-Travel Journal, August-September 1863
  8. George Hood-Travel Journal, October-November 1863
  9. George Hood-Travel Journal, February-July 1864
  10. George Hood (?) - Travel Journal, June 1863-February 1864
  11. Weather diary, 1882-May 1888
  12. Weather diary, June 1897-April 1900
  13. Weather diary, April 1900-May 1903
  14. Weather diary, May 1903-March 1904
  15. Henry and John Hood-papers on land, 1841, 1861, 1862
  16. Citizenship papers of James Hood, 1839, 1847, 1862
  17. Citzenship papers of Henry Hood, 1843
  18. James and William Hood - cemetery deed, May 18, 1854
  19. Perrysburg Village Ordinance sent to John Hood, July 12, 1901
  20. Henry and John Hood-land claim, September 4, 1843
  21. Account book of Henry Hood, 1841-1847
  22. Account book of Henry Hood, 1848-1858

Box 3

  1. Inventory of estate and account book of Henry Hood, 1874-1878
  2. John Hood and Amelius Robertson - receipts as executors of Henry Hood estate, 1875-1877
  3. Account record of trip to Europe, 1863-1864
  4. Account sheets-miscellaneous of Hood family, 1818-1819, 1824
  5. Account ledger (butter, eggs, accounts), 1903-1911
  6. Receipts for funerals of Henry, Isabel and Thomas Hood, 1838-1855
  7. John Hood-receipt, 1875-1904 (scattered)
  8. John Hood and Henry Hood-receipt for land, August 30, 1855
  9. J.H. Rheinfrank-receipts, April 29, December 15, December 24, 1873

Box 4

Correspondence to Andrew Pargellis, Sr.
  1. From Glasgow Bank, June 16, 1843
  2. From Alex Brodie, July 1843-December 1854 (scattered)
  3. From Alex Cowan, August 1830-May 1844
  4. From Alex Cowan, June 1845-November 1850, n.d.
  5. From Robert Hill, January 17, December 24, 1830
  6. From Duncan and M. Wright (parents of Elizabeth Pargellis), April 1845-July 1851 (scattered)
  7. Memorandum/agreement between Andrew Pargellis, Sr. and Quill McWhirtey (Caracas Hardware Business)/Agreement on booking passage to New York, 1827, June 13, 1843

    Correspondence to Elizabeth Pargellis

  8. From Margaret Johnstone, July 6, 1844
  9. From Alex Brodie, July 8, December 5, 1855
  10. From Amelia McIsaac, July 1850-1869 (scattered), n.d.
  11. From Alexander Pargellis (son), March 1862-February 1864
  12. From Alexander Pargellis (son), May 1865-October 1868 (scattered)
  13. From Alexander Pargellis (son), n.d., (1860's)
  14. From Robert Pargellis (son), n.d.
  15. From Margaret Pargellis (daughter), August 1866-June 1867
  16. From Mrs. McDonald, July 8, 1867

    Correspondence to Alexander Pargellis

  17. From Bliss and Hubbard Bankers, June 29, 1853
  18. From William Connochie, December 4, 1857
  19. From H.M. Brown, May 2, May 18, June 22, 1861
  20. From Elizabeth Pargellis (mother), October 5, 1863, February 14, 1864
  21. From Robert Pargellis (brother), September 1859-May 1861, January 1863-March 1864, April 1873, n.d.
  22. From R. Zammaus, February 21, 1863
  23. From Frank, June 22, 1860, May 22, 1864
  24. From J.W. Powell, 188?
  25. From W.H. Daniels, October 25, 1885
  26. From R.W. Duncan, August 9, 1884, October 13, 1885
  27. From Adam Rankin, August 1884-April 1888 (scattered)
  28. From James Lyons, March 8, 1886
  29. From Margaret Pargellis (sister), July 2, 1897, December 10, 1914, n.d.
  30. From miscellaneous correspondents, August 1860-March 1888 (scattered)

Box 5 Correspondence to Andrew, Jr. and Margaret Pargellis, Robert Pargellis

  1. To Andrew, Jr. from Milo Stevens and Company - war claim attorneys, May 2, 1884
  2. To M. P. from Elizabeth Pargellis (mother), March 8, 1867
  3. From Alexander Pargellis (brother), June 1862-January 1883 (scattered) n.d. (1860's)
  4. From Emily Pargellis (sister-in-law), January 6, May 12, 1867
  5. From Ettie, January 13, 1867
  6. From Maggie Connochie (cousin), December 1897-June 1900
  7. From Nellie Cassady (classmate at Oberlin), March 1869, n.d.
  8. From Theo Schermerhorn, December 27, 1878
  9. From Annie Beach, May 16, 1886
  10. From C.W. Beckham, manager of BG Creamery, May 23, 1888
  11. To Robert Pargellis: from Alexander Pargellis (brother), September 1859-December 1862
  12. From Alexander Pargellis (brother), February-September 1863
  13. From Alexander Pargellis (brother), n.d. (1860's)
  14. From Alexander Pargellis (brother), November 1907-March 1910
  15. From Alexander Pargellis (brother), June 1911-December 1916 (scattered)
  16. From Alexander Pargellis (brother), November 1917-January 1920
  17. From Alexander Pargellis (brother), n.d.
  18. From Andrew Pargellis (brother), November 10, 1862, August 6, 1863, 1863, May 12, 1864
  19. From Margaret Pargellis (sister), January 19 (1866 or 1867), July 14, 1884
  20. From Margaret Pargellis (sister), January 1907-March 1910
  21. From Margaret Pargellis (sister), July 1911-February 1915 (scattered)
  22. From Margaret Pargellis (sister), November 1916-December 1918
  23. From Margaret Pargellis (sister), January 1919-May 1920
  24. From Margaret Pargellis (sister), n.d.
  25. From Fred Pargellis (son), May 19, 1918
  26. From Gertrude Pargellis (daughter), January 22, 1921
  27. From Emily Pargellis (wife), December 1, 1905
  28. From Stanely Pargellis (grandson), April 1, 1920, July 27, 1925, April 5, 1926
  29. From D.W. Fraser, March 29, 1862
  30. From W.F. Barr, October 12, 1862
  31. From F.C. Powers, June 6, 1863, n.d.
  32. From miscellaneous correspondents from Civil War, 1861-1863 (scattered)
  33. Legal correspondence, January 10, 1894, May 29, 1918
  34. From Maggie Connochie (cousin), September 12, 1897
  35. Invitation to OVVI reunion, September 1923
  36. From Vinnie and Elmer Thornton, July 31, 1925
  37. From Charles and Elizabeth Browne, November 17, 1926
  38. From Robert Haynes, March 28, 1927

Box 6 Correspondence

  1. To Emily Pargellis Christmas greeting from Sarah Davenport 1881
  2. From Sarah Davenport, February 14, 1893, July 15, 1896, May 4, 1907, January 20, 1913, October 29, 1917, n.d.
  3. From Ilo Horton (granddaughter), October 7, 1903
  4. From E. Daniels, August 10, 1926
  5. From Etta Horton (daughter), October 31, 1897, September 1903-March 1904
  6. From Laura Horton (granddaughter), December 20, 1903
  7. From Gertrude Pargellis (daughter), October-November 1905, January 1909, October-December 1920
  8. From Gertrude Pargellis (daughter), January-March 1921
  9. From Angela Crandall, June 27, 1911
  10. From Papa, January (1909)
  11. From Robert Pargellis (husband), September 4, 1899, November (1906), n.d.
  12. From Margaret Pargellis (sister-in-law), n.d.
  13. To Gertrude Pargellis from Margaret Pargellis (aunt), November-December 1907, December 1909, December 1910-August 1911, January 1914
  14. From Alexander Pargellis (uncle), September-November (1908), n.d.
  15. From Helen (niece), July 13, 1923, July 18, 1927, December 21, 1936
  16. From Henrietta (niece), July 18, 1927
  17. From Ella Hoile (sister), August-December 1927
  18. From Ella Hoile (sister), January, July, September 1928, March, October 1933, February 1938
  19. From Bertha Horton (niece), July 26, 1938
  20. From Robert Pargellis (father), August 19, 1927, March 5, 27, 1928
  21. From Stanley Pargellis (nephew), August 18, 1927, August 30, 1935, December 23, 1949
  22. From Margaret Robertson (sister), September 19, 1898
  23. From Fred Pargellis (brother), May 18, 1928
  24. From miscellaneous correspondents, June 9, 1902, November 30, 1938, n.d.
  25. To Fred Pargellis from Gertrude Pargellis (sister), February 1886-February 1888 (scattered)
  26. From Margaret Robertson (sister), 1887-1889 (scattered), n.d.
  27. From Alexander Pargellis (uncle), January 5, 1908, December 30, 1909
  28. From Ella Hoile (sister), August 31, (?)
  29. From unidentified family members, 1887, 1926, n.d.
  30. To Henry Pargellis from Emily Pargellis (mother), November 8, 1903, January 23, 1921
  31. From Alexander Pargellis (uncle), November 13, 1907, July 20, 1911
  32. From Maggie Connochie (includes letter to Wright Pargellis), n.d.
  33. From unidentified correspondent, August 14, 1927
  34. To Margaret Robertson from Fred Pargellis on father's death, September 14, 1928
  35. Correspondence to Adam Rankin from Alexander Pargellis, October 15, 1887
  36. Correspondence to Harry, George and James from Alexander Pargellis, October 18, (?)
  37. Correspondence to David Main from Alexander Pargellis, July 14, (?)
  38. Correspondence to Major Reese-Paymaster from Alexander Pargellis, March 20, 1864
  39. Correspondence to Frank from Alexander Pargellis, n.d. (1863?)
  40. Request to allow Alexander Pargellis a leave of absence, February 23, 1863
  41. Correspondence to brother from A. Pargellis, June 18, (1863)
  42. Correspondence to Henrietta Robertson from Margaret Pargellis, July 19, 1911
  43. Correspondence to Ella Pargellis Hoile from Margaret Pargellis, June 24, 1897, December 30, 1909
  44. Postcards/telegrams on death of Oswald Pargellis, February-March 1883
  45. Correspondence to Mr. Spencer from Oswald Pargellis, January 26, 1881
  46. Correspondence to family members from Oswald Pargellis, March 1872-December 1880, December 24, (1882) (scattered)
  47. Correspondence to James Carter from Robert Pargellis, n.d.
  48. Correspondence to Elmer from Robert Pargellis, March 5, 1927
  49. Appointment of Robert Pargellis as legal agent for Robert Crook, December 16, 1895
  50. Correspondence to Margaret Robertson from Etta Horton, April 3, May 8, 1904
  51. Correspondence to Sarah Davenport from Mary Lathrop, July 1, 1872
  52. Correspondence to Aaron Moore from Peter Moore, February 28, 1858
  53. Correspondence to William Connochie from F.R. Miller and Company, February 20, 1866
  54. Miscellaneous unidentified correspondence n.d.
  55. Master Farm Homemaker Award to Margaret Pargellis Robertson, 1930-1931, 1936
  56. Correspondence/memorials on death of Margaret Pargellis Robertson January, March 1947

Box 7

  1. Biographical information-Andrew Pargellis, Sr., 1819-1843 (scattered)
  2. Biographical information-John Taylor, 1804-1892
  3. Biographical information-Robertson family 1890's, n.d.
  4. Diary-Andrew Pargellis, Sr. (entries), 1843, 1847, 1848
  5. Diary-proceedings of Co. H, First Regiment of the Ohio Volunteers, Wood County, 1863
  6. Diary-Gertrude Pargellis (travel), 1914-?
  7. Diary-Robert Pargellis, 1927, 1928
  8. Essays (one dated March 23, 1858 by A.E. Pargellis on happiness and one on pens, the rest unknown authors and not dated)
  9. Eulogy of Harry Carter (1864)
  10. Grand Army of the Republic-comments, n.d.
  11. Genealogy notes-miscellaneous, n.d.
  12. Genealogy notes-Moore family, n.d.
  13. Genealogy notes-Pargellis family, n.d.
  14. Genealogy notes-Wright family, n.d.
  15. History of Hull Prairie, n.d.
  16. Program (handwritten) performed by Kalamazoo College (1867)
  17. Sermons and religious writings, n.d.
  18. Citizenship papers-Alexander, Andrew and Robert Pargellis, 1851, 1857, 1880
  19. Discharge paper-Alexander Pargellis, September 17, 1864
  20. Election of Robert Pargellis-First Lieutenant, July 20, 1863
  21. Estate of Donald Bethune-power of attorney to Andrew Pargellis, Sr., August 11, 1819
  22. Guildmaster Certificate-Andrew Pargellis, Sr., December 3, 1831
  23. Justice of Peace Certificate-Robert Pargellis, November 10, 1876, October 21, 1879
  24. Land claim-Andrew Pargellis, Jr., September 7, 1882
  25. Land ownership map (Middleton Twp.), n.d.
  26. Lease of part of Pargellis farm to Don Brown, October 3, 1919
  27. Merchant's House-membership certificates for Andrew Pargellis, Sr., February 20, 1832
  28. Mortgages-Pargellis, February 27, 1882, September 25, October 2, 1917
  29. Pension papers-Robert Pargellis and Alexander Pargellis, 1902, 1906, 1908, 1913, 1918, 1921, 1926
  30. Sample ballot-Wood County, n.d.
  31. Teaching certificate-Alexander Pargellis, 1856
  32. Will-Elizabeth Pargellis, 1877, 1887

Box 8

  1. Account book-Andrew Pargellis,stationer with British Linen Company, 1830-1835
  2. Account book-Andrew Pargellis, stationer with British Linen Company, 1839-1842
  3. Price List-Andrew Pargellis, stationer and in back of volume, farm account ledger n.d., 1861
  4. Account book, Andrew Pargellis, stationer and includes setting up farm in Wood County, 1820-1848
  5. Account sheets-Andrew Pargellis, Sr., 1829-1831, 1834, 1842, 1843, 1853
  6. Account sheets-Andrew Pargellis, Sr., n.d.
  7. Account book-Alexander Pargellis and includes some of Andrew Pargellis, Sr., 1844-1861
  8. Account book-Andrew Pargellis, Jr.includes diary entries and recipes, 1879-1882 (?)-
  9. Account book-Robert Pargellis-includes school house accounts, 1859-1873
  10. Account book-E.W. Carter, 1887-1889, 1922-1923
  11. Account book-unidentified, 1855-1860, 1885-1886
  12. Account sheets-unidentified, 1900, n.d.

Box 9

  1. Account book of Olathe Coal Company, Olathe Kansas-includes family newsclippings, recipes, writings, 1867-1872
  2. Receipts-Pargellis family, 1850-1916, (scattered), n.d.
  3. Wood County assessment list, 1914
  4. Newsclippings-American Tour of Scotland sent to Margaret Pargellis/clippings on Charlotte Ruegger, 1911, 1945
  5. Newsclipping-obituary of Duncan Pargellis, Newsclippings-obituary of Andrew Pargellis, October 10, 1844, September 7, 1855
  6. Newsclippings-obituary of Alexander Pargellis, Newsclippings-obituary of Emily Pargellis, March 26, 1927, July 23, 1927
  7. Foreign currency, n.d.
  8. Fostoria Academy-exhibition program, June 15, 1860
  9. Invitation to 111th Regiment OVI, October 6, 1881
  10. Kalamazoo College Catalog, 1861-1862
  11. Liberty Bond, 1918
  12. Poetry-from published book, n.d.
  13. World War II ration books-Henry and Gertrude Pargellis, 1943
  14. Postcards n.d.
  15. Lithographs of Leamington, England 1850-1851
  16. Lithographs of Glasgow cemetery, n.d.
  17. Photograph album of S.E. (Emily) Pargellis, most of the photographs are not dated or identified, the few that are, are of Davenport and Crook families

Box 10

  1. Photograph album-Pargellis family, 1800s
  2. Photograph album-Rheinfrank family and hospital (both newsclippings and photographs) also includes postcards of Perrysburg scenes, early 1900s
  3. Photographs of Alexander, Andrew, Robert, Margaret, Elizabeth Pargellis, and Pargellis home in Perrysburg and farm on Pargellis Road, late 1800s
  4. Emily and Robert Pargellis and children and interior of home, late 1800s
  5. Ann Taylor Robertson, n.d.
  6. Miltonville Cemetery, 1932
  7. Postcards-Rheinfrank Hospital in Perrysburg and Toledo Beach, n.d.

Box 11


Local Government Records

  1. Enumeration of Youth-Middleton Township (in back of volume-accounts of Pargellis family), September 1885
  2. Petitions (including list of men in Middleton Township, request for special election, and notice for enforcement of local law), n.d., 1872
  3. Middleton Township account book, 1843-1859
  4. Middleton Township school register 1862-1864, n.d.
  5. Middleton Township school register 1870-1871
  6. Hull Prairie Common School District #4 record book-includes minutes (1855-1872) and list of pupils (1842-1888, scattered), 1842-1888

    Manuscript material

  7. Hood Presbyterian Church, Hull Prairie minutes and list of members, 1876-1907
  8. Hood Presbyterian Church, Hull Prairie-histories, petitions, statistics, letters of dismission, correspondence, 1860-1907
  9. Methodist Church membership ticket Catharine Crook, November 23, 1865
  10. McKinley Club-minutes of organizational meeting, n.d.
  11. Middleton Lyceum-constitution and minutes (in back includes document nominating Andrew Pargellis to Merchants House, Glasgow), 1856-1868
  12. Middleton Township Farmers Club organizational minutes (in back includes Pargellis accounts, 1871-1879), January-March 1870
  13. Middleton Township Garfield Club-minutes, August 20, 1880
  14. Hull Prairie Association #2274, Husbands of Industry-minutes, 1890-1892, 1898
  15. Hull Prairie Grange #746-minutes July 8, 1871, June 6, 1874, n.d.
  16. Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Hood Church-minutes, 1893-1899
  17. Wood County Farmers Mutual Protective Association-constitution and Secretary's report, n.d., 1911-1932
  18. Young Men's Temperance Union-Hood Church constitution, by-laws, and minutes, 1877

Box 12

  1. Correspondence - Earnest W. Carter, 1917-1919, 1939
  2. Correspondence - J. Richard Carter, 1913-1919
  3. Correspondence - Condolence letters, 1919
  4. Correspondence - Anne Robertson, 1908-1910, n.d.
  5. Correspondence - Miscellaneous, n.d.
  6. Draft of Obituary for J. Richard Carter, 1919
  7. Draft of Card of Thanks re J.R. Carter funeral, 1919
  8. Hannah E. Bashare estate papers, 1925
  9. Clipping on death of J.R. Carter, 1919
  10. Clipping of obituary for Leslie Robertson, n.d.
  11. Billington, Ray Allen, "Stanley Pargellis", 1962
  12. Carter, Earnest W. "Oil's Well That Ends Well", 1979
  13. Calendar, University of Michigan, 1913
  14. War savings certificate, 1919
  15. U.S. War Dept. Service certificate for J.Richard Carter, 1920
  16. University of Michigan. Memorial certificate for J. Richard Carter, n.d.
  17. Reverend George Athearn Adams, 1903
  18. J.A.Scott Co. Lightning Conductor System, c.1910
  19. Handbook for Local Unions: Ohio W.C.T.U., 1919
  20. Postcards - Colorado, 1914?
  21. Postcards - Camp Sheridan, Montgomery, Alabama, 1918
  22. Postcards - Europe, 1918-1919
  23. Photographs - Loose, 1906?, 1914-15, 1918-1919, n.d.
  24. Photograph album, 1910's-1920's

Oversize Material

  1. Broadside - Ohio Dry Fall-in-Line County Auto Tour poster (encapsulated), 1914
  2. Certificates - Selective Service Board Recognition of Leslie Robertson, 1941-1945
  3. Photograph (oversize) - Samuel Carter farm, threshing scene, c1900
  4. Photograph (panorama) - Co. H in camp near Montgomery, Ala. (encapsulated), 1918
  5. Photograph (panorama) - Co. E, 37th Engineers, Ft. Myer, Va. (encapsulated), 1918
  6. Co. F, Infantry at Akron, Ohio (encapsulated), 1918
  7. U.S.S. Maui (encapsulated), 1919
  8. A.J. McColl Ranch, McAllen, Texas (encapsulated), 1920

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