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International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Asbestos Workers, Local 45 - MS 156

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The records of the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Asbestos Workers, Local 45, Toledo, Ohio, date from 1916-1978. The history of this local labor union is reflected in the collection which consists of one linear foot of correspondence, agreements, and financial records.

The records of the Asbestos Workers, Local 45, were donated to the Center for Archival Collections in September 1980, with the cooperation of Jerry Hall, Business Agent for Local 45. Literary and property rights have been dedicated to the public and duplication is permitted for the purposes of preservation and scholarly research. The register was drafted by Jill Morse, a graduate student at Bowling Green State University, in May 1981, and edited and revised in July 1988, by Susan Hughes, a manuscript processor employed through a grant provided by the Ohio Historical Society.

Agency History

The purpose of the Asbestos Workers Union, according to the constitution is to: "defend by all legal and honorable means the rights of its membership, to advance their interests as working men, to develop opportunities for employment in the trade, and by education and cooperation to raise them to that position in society to which they are justly entitled.

Local 45 of the Asbestos Workers originated in the 1920's. Membership remained very small until after World War II when a marked increase in membership began.

The researcher may wish to contact Local 45, at its present (1997)office, 1837 West Alexis Road, Suite #2, Toledo, Ohio 43613-2302, for further information. Mr. Gerald R. Hall serves as Business Manager.

Scope and Content

The records of Asbestos Workers, Local 45 document the history of this labor union from 1916 to 1978. This collection consists primarily of correspondence, agreements, and financial records. The collection may be of marginal use for the labor historian or the genealogist, seeking simple verification of names or dates.

Individually, a study of the correspondence of this collection is not particularly revealing. It consists primarily of financial form letters from the International's Secretary-Treasurer acknowledging receipt of various financial reports. There is also some correspondence from the Toledo Central Labor Union consisting of meeting announcements, notices of upcoming events, or brief surveys of meetings. This collection does not include any union minutes; whether lost or destroyed, it is not certain.

Agreements between the Asbestos Workers and the Master Insulators Association are complete from 1968 to 1980. Financial records are relatively complete from the late 1930s to around 1950. This collection's use, however, is limited by the absence of important records.

Series Description

Arranged chronologically
Record consists of incoming correspondence from the International Secretary-Treasurer regarding financial matters related to dues, taxes, and monthly reports.

Arranged chronologically
Record consists of incoming correspondence from such organizations as the Toledo Central Labor Union and the Ohio State Building and Construction Trades Council dealing with upcoming events, meeting results and resolutions, and updates on Congressional legislation.


Arranged chronologically
Record contains the names of agreeing parties (all with Master Insulators Association), date of agreement, articles of agreement, signatures of agreeing parties, amendments to agreement, and appendices to agreement.

1967, 1972
Arranged by type of record
Includes a copy of the International constitution and bylaws and a revised code of workmanship.


Arranged chronologically
1937-1942, 1944-1946, 1948-1949
Records contain monthly record of nature and amount of expense. Sometimes includes exact date and check number.

Arranged both chronologically and alphabetically by last name.
Early dues records include name of member, initiation date, sometimes age and address, and record of dues paid. Later records just contain members name and amount of dues paid, along with a record of other expenses.

Arranged chronologically
Record consists of quarterly financial statements detailing all incoming and all outgoing monies, with resulting balance.

1923-1929, 1979
Arranged by type of record.
Includes dues stamps, pay rates, and membership cards.


Box 1

  1. Correspondence-Finances, 1927-1935
  2. Correspondence-Finances, 1936
  3. Correspondence-Finances, 1937
  4. Correspondence-Finances, 1938
  5. Correspondence-Finances, 1939
  6. Correspondence-Finances, 1940
  7. Correspondence-Finances, 1941
  8. Correspondence-Finances, 1942
  9. Correspondence-Finances, 1943
  10. Correspondence-Finances, 1944
  11. Correspondence-Finances, 1945
  12. Correspondence-Finances, 1946
  13. Correspondence-Finances, 1947-1948
  14. Correspondence from Toledo Central Labor Union, and Building Trades Association, 1937-1945
  15. Agreement - Master Insulators Association, 1968-1971
  16. Agreement - Master Insulators Association, 1971-1973
  17. Agreement - Master Insulators Association - Amendment, 1972
  18. Agreement - Master Insulators Association, 1974-1977
  19. Agreement - Master Insulators Association - Amendment, 1975-1976
  20. Agreement - Master Insulators Association, 1977-1980
  21. Agreement - Master Insulators Association - Amendment, 1978
  22. Financial Statements - Quarterly, 1937-1948
  23. Dues Stamps, 1923-1925
  24. Traveling Card and Withdrawal Card, 1929
  25. Code of Workmanship - Revised, 1967
  26. Constitution and Bylaws International, 1972
  27. Pay Rates, 1979
  28. Expense Book, 1937-1942
  29. Expense Book, 1944-1946
  30. Expense Book, 1948-1949

Box 2

  1. Dues Book, 1916-1926
  2. Dues Book, 1926-1930
  3. Dues Book, 1931-1937
  4. Dues Book, 1937-1943
  5. Dues Book, 1944-1947
  6. Dues Book, 1948-1949
  7. Dues Book, 1949-1952

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