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David Karmol Collection - MS 207

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The papers of Ohio State Representative David Karmol date from April 1979 to June 1981. They consist of 1 linear foot of correspondence, legislation, newspaper columns and news releases.

Representative Karmol's papers were donated to the Women's Studies Archives Project (WSAP) of the Center for Archival Collections (CAC) in October 1981 at the same time his mother's papers were donated. This donation was made possible through the cooperation of David Karmol and Ann M. Bowers, Curator of Manuscripts of the CAC. Literary and property rights have been dedicated to the public and duplication is permitted for the purposes of preservation and scholarly research. The register was prepared by Mark Daymude in September 1991.

Biographical Sketch

David Karmol served in the Ohio General Assembly from 1979 to 1982. He was appointed to fill the seat vacated by the death of his mother, Irma Karmol. Mr. Karmol served the 44th District, which consists of southwest Toledo, Ottawa Hills, and parts of Sylvania and Springfield townships. He completed his mother's term and was reelected on his own. He did not pursue reelection in 1982.

Mr. Karmol served on the Conference, Judiciary, and Human Resource committees. Like his mother, he was interested in child abuse, health care, energy conservation. Also, he was very interested in criminal corrections.

Scope and Content

David Karmol's papers cover the period just after his appointment until the middle of 1981.

The bulk of the correspondence is between Mr. Karmol and his constituents. Most pertains to Mr. Karmol's position or a constituent's opinion on various legislative matters.

The legislation covers topics such as abortion, the death penalty, and Criminal insanity. A part of the legislation was begun by his mother, Irma, which was passed during his term.

The news releases and newspaper columns date from the first seven months of Mr. Karmol's term. They are helpful in establishing Mr. Karmol's position on various issues.

Series Description


April 1979-December 1979.
Arranged chronologically
Includes correspondence with constituents, letters of recommendations, and correspondence on political matters.


April 1979-June 1979.
Arranged alphabetically by topic.
Includes bills that Mr. Karmol was working on, personal notes, correspondence, publications, precedents, and statistics.

June 1979-January 1980.
Arranged chronologically
Includes original columns written by Mr. Karmol, which pertain to his stand on various legislative matters.


Box 1

  1. Constituent Correspondence, April - May 1979
  2. Constituent Correspondence, June 1979
  3. Constituent Correspondence, July 1979
  4. Constituent Correspondence, August 1979
  5. Constituent Correspondence, September 1979
  6. Constituent Correspondence, October 1979
  7. Constituent Correspondence, November 1979
  8. Constituent Correspondence, December 1979
  9. Legislation - Abortion HB 879, February 1980
  10. Legislation - Abortion, Margaret Sanger, Center of Ohio, Cincinnati, (February 1980?)
  11. Legislation - Athletic Eligibility in High Schools, HB 1127, January - May 1980
  12. Legislation - Auto Theft Penalties, January - March 1980
  13. Legislation - Death Penalty Sub SB1 (#1), July 1978 - June 1981

Box 2


  1. Legislation - Death Penalty Sub SB1 (#2), (1981?)
  2. Legislation - Driver Training for Emergency Vehicle Drivers, September 1979
  3. Legislation - Energy, Requesting Exemption for Ohio From Building Temperature Restrictions, June-September 1979
  4. Legislation - Highway Patrol Bill, HB 837, June 1979 - July 1980
  5. Legislation - Homestead Exemption Certificate HB 894, November 1979- March 1980
  6. Legislation - Insanity, Criminal HBs 274, 893, April 1979-February 1980
  7. Legislation - Ohio Youth Commission HB 440, May 1981
  8. Legislation - Prison Industries HB654, 1979
  9. News Releases/Newspaper Columns, June 1979 - January 1980

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