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College Women's Club (Sandusky, Ohio) - MS 227

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The College Women's Club, Sandusky, Ohio collection consists of minutes, yearbooks, financial records and scrapbook material, dating from 1915 to the present. The programs and financial reports were donated by the Sandusky Public Library and transferred to the Center for Archival Collections on March 11, 1982. The minutes and scrapbooks were donated directly by the Club and were transferred on April 18, 1983. Periodically, the Club transfers additions to the collection.

No restrictions exist on the research use of this collection and duplication is permitted for the purposes of research and preservation. The collection was processed and register drafted by Tammy Weith, student assistant, in July 1982. The register was updated by Ann Bowers, Assistant Director, in October 1994, with further additions in 2005 and 2006.

 Agency History

On November 19, 1915, a meeting of all women college graduates in Sandusky, Ohio and vicinity was held. Mr. Chambers of the Federated Commercial Club addressed the women and discussed how an organization of women college graduates could help with the civic improvement of Sandusky. By January 1916, the College Women's Club had organized with elected officers and a written constitution. The Club's purpose, according to the constitution was "to unite the alumnae and former students of different universities and colleges, residing in Sandusky and vicinity, in order to promote social intercourse and to make work of college women an effective factor in Sandusky." Women who were college graduates or had completed two years in an approved university, college, technical school or conservatory were eligible for membership. The objectives and eligibility requirements have changed little throughout the Club's continuous existence.

The College Women's Club continues to meet monthly September through April. Educational programs are held during the meetings and money is raised through a variety of activities to support a local scholarship fund and several civic improvement and philanthropic projects. The Club operates through an Executive Board and standing committees.

 Scope and Content

The College Women's Club collection is comprised of minutes, yearbooks, financial reports and scrapbook material. The minutes are complete from November 1915, when the Club first organized, through January 1994. The minutes include constitutional changes, business conducted at general meetings and executive board meetings, programs held, membership and dues records and financial statements. The yearbooks, complete for the years 1920 through the present, except for 1922/23, 1923/24, 1925/26, and 1976/77, contain a listing of members' names and addresses, officers for the year and the monthly programs.

The financial records include a listing of receipts and expenditures, membership dues records, and bank account balances, and are complete from 1936 through 1984. Also included with the financial records are the statements and reports for the Student Loan Fund, which date from 1928 to the present. For earlier financial records, please refer to the minutes. The Sandusky/Erie County Community Foundation, College Women's Club Designated Fund is part of the permanent endowment funds managed by the Sandusky/Erie County Community Foundation. The principal of this fund is invested in the stock market. Each year, a percentage of the total fund value is available to be distributed as scholarships.

The scrapbook material includes constitutions, news clippings, correspondence, histories of the club, and a president's pin, dating from 1915 to 1976. The documents have been removed from the scrapbook for preservation purposes and filed in order of appearance in the scrapbook. Also included with the scrapbook materials is the 75th anniversary celebration file, dating from 1990-1991. Altogether these records provide a comprehensive and detailed study of this twentieth-century women's educational and civic organization.

 Series Description


November 1915-January 1994
Arranged chronologically
Includes proceedings of executive and general meetings, constitutional changes, financial reports, programs and money-raising activities, reports and membership records.


1933-1984, 1993-1998
Arranged by type of record and chronologically
Includes statements of receipts and expenditures, membership dues, bank account balances, and documentation of the designated fund agreement.

Arranged by type of records and chronologically Includes reports of loans awarded, expenditures and receipts, payment records and reports of the student loan fund committee.


1920-2006 (missing 1922/23, 1923/24, 1925/26, 1976/77)
Arranged chronologically
Includes listing of members, elected officers and programs planned for the year.


Documents removed from scrapbook and arranged as placed in the book- mostly in chronological order
Contains news clippings, constitutions, club histories, correspondence and programs.

Arranged chronologically
Includes photographs, press releases, news clippings regarding club activities during the 75th anniversary year.


n.d., 1976
Pin, inscribed on verso to Mrs. Mae Rosino, and decorative ceramic trivet, produced in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Sandusky Women's Club, 1916-1976


Box 1

  1. Minutes, November 1915-May 1922
  2. Minutes, September 1922-September 1932
  3. Minutes, October 1932-May 1940
  4. Minutes, August 1940-September 1943
  5. Minutes, September 1943-May 1951
  6. Minutes, September 1951-May 1961

Box 2

  1. Minutes, September 1961-January 1972
  2. Minutes, February 22, 1972-June 5, 1984

Box 3

  1. Minutes, Sept 22, 1984-January 22, 1994

Box 4

  1. Financial reports, September 1936-May 1939
  2. Financial reports, September 1939-May 1941
  3. Financial reports, May 1941-May 1943
  4. Financial reports, May 1943-May 1945
  5. Financial reports, May 1945-June 1947
  6. Financial reports, July 1947-July 1948
  7. Financial reports, July 1948-July 1949
  8. Financial reports, July 1949-July 1951
  9. Financial reports, July 1951-July 1953
  10. Financial reports, July 1953-July 1955
  11. Financial reports, July 1955-July 1957
  12. Financial reports, July 1957-July 1962
  13. Itemized Account of Deposits, 1933-1965
  14. Treasurer's Account Book, 1965-1979

Box 5

  1. Treasurer's Account Book/Ledger Sheets, 1979-1984
  2. Student Loan Fund Account Records/Reports, 1928-2002
  3. Student Loan Fund Account Payment Book, 1925-1958
  4. Student Loan Fund Account Ledger, 1962-1992
  5. Treasurer's Information, 1993-1994
  6. Treasurer's Information, 1994-1995
  7. Treasurer's Information, 1995-1996
  8. Treasurer's Information, 1996-1997
  9. Treasurer's Information, 1997-1998
  10. College Women's Club Charitable Fund Designated Fund Agreement, 2001

Box 6


  1. Yearbooks, 1920/21, 1921/22, 1924/25, 1926/27, 1927/28
  2. Yearbooks, 1928/29-1932/33
  3. Yearbooks, 1933/34-1937/38
  4. Yearbooks, 1938/39-1942/43
  5. Yearbooks, 1943/44-1947/48
  6. Yearbooks, 1948/49-1952/53
  7. Yearbooks, 1953/54-1957/58
  8. Yearbooks, 1958/59-1962/63
  9. Yearbooks, 1963/64-1967/68
  10. Yearbooks, 1968/69-1975/76
  11. Yearbooks, 1977/78-1981/82
  12. Yearbooks, 1982/83-1987/88
  13. Yearbooks, 1988/89-1993/94
  14. Yearbooks, 1994/95-2005/06
  15. Yearbooks, 2006/07

Box 7


  1. Scrapbook material, 1915-1976
  2. 75th anniversary file, including photographs, news clippings, press releases, 1990-1991
  3. Annual dinner meeting program, April 25, 1995
  4. Pin & Commemorative trivet, n.d., 1976

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