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Sandusky Business College - MS 248

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The Sandusky Business College, from Sandusky, Ohio is a collection comprised of student records, financial records and published material regarding the school, dating from 1907-1949. A financial ledger from a Dry Goods and Grocery Store, in Flat Rock, Ohio 1851-1868, is also included in this collection. It was later used as a scrapbook for newspaper clippings. The collection was acquired by two donations; the first by the Sandusky Public Library on June 22, 1982, and the second by, Martha Loudenslagel Carver on February 4, 2003.

No restrictions exist on the research use of this collection and duplication is permitted for the purposes of research and preservation. The collection was processed by Cynthia Clark, archives intern, in February 2003.

Agency History

The Sandusky Business College, was founded by Professor E. A. Hall in September, 1865. Originally known as the Buckeye & Great Western Business College, the college has had a number of owners over its history, and has been known by as many different names. Despite the name changes the school's main goal was to provide training in a business area for young adults in the surrounding counties. The Business College was accredited by the National Association of Accredited Commercial School, and provided courses in: penmanship, arithmetic, bookkeeping, English grammar and punctuation, business correspondence, calculations, shorthand, typing, salesmanship, spelling and trading.

Despite the quality of education, and staying open through World War II, the school's last owner and principal W.O. Loudenslagel was forced to close the building in 1949 because of a decline in enrollment.

Scope and Content

The Sandusky Business College collection is comprised of student records, financial records, and printed material from the school. The entire collection is not complete, with any material pertaining to the school unavailable before 1907, and gaps in the student and financial records. The student records are comprised of student academic and financial records, grade records and attendance records. The student academic and financial records include information on the students such as: name, address, and phone number, courses, credits, grades, and financial records. These records range in dates from c.1920 till 1945. The grade books contain the grade information for students that attended the school, with the date of the student attending varying. The attendance records include the attendance information for students in the bookkeeping and shorthand departments, along with the attendance of students in some unknown courses. There is also a file containing loose paper work that includes, order sheets, applications, notes, and spelling lists.

The financial records, from 1917 until 1949, contain information of the receipts and expenditures of the school, along with financial information about students. The records are not complete and are missing records from February 1926 through till August 1930. There are also loose papers to be found in a file at the end of the section. The printed material is from two catalogs about the school for interested and incoming students, and also from a. educational journal that was publishes by the college.

The oversized financial ledger is from a Dry Goods and Grocery Store located in Flat Rock Ohio. The dates range from 1851 until 1868, when it is believed that the store was then bought by Samuel Hormer in 1868. It is then believed that someone in the Hormer family married into the Loudenslagel family, where the book was then made into a scrapbook containing numerous newspaper articles, some even pertaining to the family. The book is connected to the Sandusky Business College, by way of the last principal of the school, who was also a Loudenslagel.

Series Description


Arranged alphabetically
c. 1920-1945
Includes personal and scholastic information on students. These records can contain student name, age, address, courses, day or night classes, day entered school, phone number, parent or guardian name, credits, grades and payment records.

Arranged alphabetically
Includes the grades of students attending the school.

Arranged chronologically
Includes the attendance records of students taking classes in Shorthand, 1907 through 1911, and Bookkeeping, 1909 through 1939. There are also four books from unknown classes ranging from 1940 until 1944. These records provide name of students, each student's attendance record for the class, and if the class was conducted during the day or night.


Arranged chronologically
Contain information on the expenditures and receipts pertaining to the Sandusky Business College.

1851-1868 Oversized account ledger from a Dry Goods and Grocery Store, located in Flat Rock, Ohio. The book was turned into a scrapbook containing numerous newspaper articles.


Includes two catalogs describing the school for interested students and a journal publication by the school.


Box 1

  1. Student Records, A-G, c.1920 - 1945
  2. Student Records, H-R, c.1920 - 1945
  3. Student Records, R-Z, c.1920 - 1945
  4. Student Records, c.1945 - 1950
  5. Student Records, c.1923 - 1927

Box 2

  1. Grade Book, A-He/Hw
  2. Grade Book, Ho/Hz-Pi/Q
  3. Grade Book, Ra/Ri-XYZ
  4. Attendance Records (Shorthand), 1907-1911
  5. Attendance Records (Shorthand), 1911-1914
  6. Attendance Records (Shorthand), 1914-1919
  7. Attendance Records (Shorthand), 1919-1924
  8. Attendance Records (Shorthand), 1924-1928
  9. Attendance Records (Shorthand), 1928-1934
  10. Attendance Records (Shorthand), 1934-1939
  11. Attendance Records (Bookkeeping), 1909-1913
  12. Attendance Records (Bookkeeping), 1915-1921
  13. Attendance Records (Bookkeeping), 1921-1926
  14. Attendance Records (Bookkeeping), 1926-1934
  15. Attendance Records (Bookkeeping), 1934-1939
  16. Attendance Records (Unknown), 1939-1941
  17. Attendance Records (Unknown), 1940-1941 (?)
  18. Attendance Records (Unknown), 1941-1943
  19. Attendance Records (Unknown), 1941-1944
  20. Loose Papers

Box 3

  1. Payment Books, A-H
  2. Payment Books, I-Z
  3. Financial Ledgers
  4. Financial Ledgers, September 1917 - May 1922
  5. Financial Ledgers, June 1922 - January 1926
  6. Financial Ledgers, September 1930 - December 1935
  7. Financial Ledgers, December 1935 - February 1939

Box 4

  1. Financial Ledgers, February 1939 - October 1941
  2. Financial Ledgers, November 1941 - 1949
  3. Loose Papers
  4. Catalogs & Journal, 1890,1905,1915


  1. Dry Goods and Grocery Store Ledger, Flat Rock, Ohio, 1851-1868

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